Things I like {The 19th February 2015 edition}

There’s so much to like about this time of year don’t you think? That change of seasons cusp that has the most amazing light. The mornings a little darker, the nights a little longer. The days are sunny and warm. It’s almost Autumn, my favourite time of year.

There’s also piles of clean washing, all folded up ready to put away. I love these lazybones napkins that I bought when we were on holidays by the beach. They are the softest cotton in the world (similar to the Oh Mabel sheets, but in napkin form).


Freshly watered pots. I have a little routine. I sweep, then tend to the pots picking out weeds, dead heading, and then I water. It’s like taking a big old sip of a good gin and tonic…instant calm!


And look at those happy pots and flowers…slowly recovering from the summer holiday of neglect even my hydrangea is coming back after a good cut back. Phew.

IMG_5724 IMG_5726 IMG_5725

Graeme the hedge man came yesterday and did a good cut back of all the clematis and stuff around the house. I have clean hedge lines, sprayed weeds in the driveway…man I tell you what hearing the symphony of two hedgers going at the same time is music to the ears of a Southern Highlander in the late summer.


The last of the roses are in flower and they are inside and out the house.

IMG_5722 IMG_5720

And those trees that we planted last March are going gangbusters. So much new growth that will soon change colour and fall.


How’s this lovely phone cover that arrived in the mail today? I ordered it online from Rifle Paper Company – love their stuff.


Also in the mail, my photo books that I finished a week or so ago from our holiday and 2014. What a relief knowing these are done. It was so lovely to be able to sit down with the kids and look at them all…so many “Oh I remember that!”


Best birthday thing we got Daisy? A helium number balloon! It’s still going strong and was a great surprise waiting for her the moment she climbed down from her top bunk on her birthday morning. Just got it from a party supply shop (think it was like $25 or something).


And books! So many wonderful books she got for her birthday. There are some serious piles to get through.

IMG_5715 IMG_5708 IMG_5707

Speaking of which, I need to get cracking on the one I chose for my (in real life) book club. Have you read it? I decided to choose another by Favel Parrett after loving her first novel that I read over Christmas – Into the Shallows.


I am also loving seeing some kinder artwork coming home from school…I must say I am missing the prolific preschool barrage of paper each day…


But the quiet. In the day when the jobs have been done, the girls are at school and it’s quiet. It won’t last long, but it’s quiet.


What are you liking this fine Thursday?
Hope it’s a good one for you!


  1. Lisa mckenzie says

    Beautiful Beth I’m not fine of Thursday’s as I clean the house but I love the carnations I picked up from aldi for my dog head pretty xx

  2. Lisa mckenzie says

    it should say fond!

  3. it all looks soo lovely! … you are such a home maker beth! … hedge done, all good with the world!
    yay! … great to see you’re hydrangea with new growth! and I thought the white rose was a gardenia … me getting excited about that!:) … my mother had a green thumb and my daughter and I do too!
    glad to hear daisy had a great 8th birthday and your photo book arrived, nice to pick up and look through for memories! have a good day beth, love m:)X

  4. just love reading about your simple joys!

  5. Who do you do your photo books through? I never seem to quite get there and am hoping to change that very soon. Long live the hydrangea, so pleased it made it.

  6. Beth what kind of pen do you use to write on your splashback, and how do you clean it off? Brilliant idea!

    • That white one is actually a chalk posca pen I just got from the newsagent – it just wipes right off that glass with a damp cloth or paper towel.

  7. Fantastic post! Love the Roses, they are just so pretty

  8. Hi Beth, Where did you buy your Whiteboard? Is it glass or Perspex? ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Love it when you do one of these kinds of posts Beth. They soothe. And I love spying on all your pretty things. Can’t wait until there is a bub in a pic or two….

  10. WE have the day off today for mid-term break and I’m enjoying lazing around and not rushing off to school before the sun is up. Yesterday we had International Day at school, the biggest day of the year, and I was running around like a chook with its head chopped off from 5am until 4pm, so I’m enjoying the laziness.

  11. Oh man! That was as good as meditation for me. I feel like I’ve escaped my desk for just a few minutes of beautiful bliss. Thank you lovely lady. x

  12. The picture books look great, don’t you just love doing them! My daughter gets so much pleasure from her books.
    And I certainly did not have a lovely peaceful day like yours, I can only dream of a day at home, all alone, pottering around the house… is just a blip on the radar for me right now, but I am glad you shared yours!

  13. Loving the positivity from taking in your surroundings and appreciating the everyday!

  14. I would like you to share some birthday gift ideas for 8-9 years old girls. I have my daughters 9th birthday coming up and not sure what to buy. she loves reading but already has lots of books and we have a great library. Maybe magazine subscription? Is there any good magazines for that age (not celebrity ones)? Would really appreciate if you could help.

    • I think Horrible Histories does a magazine? I know my Daisy would like that…but maybe not if it’s not their thing. I’ll see what I can whip up!

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