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No one panic, it’s FRIDAY. For anyone with small kids at school just starting out can we say it together: AMEN! Every week is getting busier by the second, notes and routines and work and helping out at school and stuff, dates and deadlines…my goodness it is busy being a grown up. For us we have had tears only 1/4 mornings (with this morning yet to come) I’m taking that as a victory! Later this morning I’m on canteen at school, then we have a bloody working bee at school this afternoon, then I have to hightail it over to the school of arts to set up for our annual trivia night that’s on tomorrow night, then I plan to pick up some pizza, change immediately into a soft pant and do NOTHING for as long as possible.  I’ve said it before: small towns require so much volunteered time and if you are a doer like us, funnily enough you find yourself very busy all the time.


Speaking of busy, on Tuesday night this week I was invited along to a cooking class down here in Bowral by an old friend & connection who I used to know from years ago when my Mum had a cafe in Sydney who has recently moved down to the Highlands. Anna has been working in the food industry for over 30 years – styling, creating cooking classes, doing recipe books and has decided to start a series of classes down here for locals. We went to her first: Salads and ancient grains held at 2 Park Rd Cafe in Bowral. I had so much fun – meeting some people (I knew no one there) eating some delicious and healthy food, learning a few tricks along the way and watching every one get stuck into lots of wine (OK that bit wasn’t so fun). And don’t get me started on that little oven thingy pictured up there (amazing baking, roasting and steaming in no time at all…found a new gadget that I need!)

IMG_5685 IMG_5686 IMG_5691

Anna is running some more classes in the next few months and for anyone down here I would highly recommend to go along for a fun night to meet people (or go along with a friend and eat and drink the night away). 4-5 recipes are covered (that’s 4-5 things you get to eat) plus wine for $90 which is great value.

Mexican Street Food 1 – Monday 16th March 11.00am -2.00pm (location Burradoo Rd)
Mexican Street Food 1 – Wednesday 18th March 6.00pm – 9.00pm (location 2 Park Rd The Local Corner Store)

Soups and Slow Cooking – Wednesday 29th April 11.00am – 2.00pm (location Burradoo Rd)
Soups and Slow Cooking – Tuesday 5th May 6.00pm – 9.00pm (location 2 Park Rd The Local Corner Store)

All details can be found online here.


Speaking of eating, can we discuss GBBO last night? PASTRY! Can’t say that I venture into the world of pastry very much or at all but I certainly do like to eat the stuff. Pasties, puffy things and ECLAIRS for the show stopper, dead set this has become the highlight of my week.

Speaking of TV I’d also be interested to know if anyone has watched Gogglebox? The TV show that is people watching TV? I did NOT want to watch it. Thought that this was the ultimate jumping of the shark and rolled my eyes at the very prospect of it. I heard the critics on 702 discussing it this week and then watched an ep on Wednesday night and I have to say….I liked it. It was hilarious watching these people, watching TV. It also meant I didn’t have to sit through 90 minutes of My Kitchen Rules to get to the good bits. Maybe I am a complete voyeur, but it appealed. There, I said it.

PicMonkey Collage

I’ll tell you what else is appealing! The new Autumn/Winter 2015 collection that was launched earlier this week from Bohemian Traders. Emily from The Beetleshack has obviously been working her backside off creating some really great pieces from Sports Luxe to Modern Boho…loved so many of the pieces (just not worth it for me right now). You can view the entire collection here. Congrats and well done Em!


Speaking of congrats and well done thank you for all the entries into the giveaway for this hot little bag. So many great entires and comments and stories (I have NO idea how we will pick a winner) but make sure you head over to this post to enter now. Giveaway ends Sunday afternoon 5pm. One of the best bits of it was the reaction from Lucie from Il Tutto, she was so excited and blown away by all the support…I love that!


I also LOVE these shoes that I was lucky enough to receive in the mail a few weeks ago from Frankie 4 shoes. My pregnant little trotters couldn’t be happier getting around in these bad boys that were a sneaky peak of the new Autumn collection. I’m not exactly sure of the dates of when their new range is being launched but if these are anything to go by, then it will be a cracker! I’ve been singing the praises of the merits of good fitting, well supported shoes to anyone who will listen. Am officially an old lady.


Speaking of not being an old lady, but merely a younger one, I came across this very funny and very tongue in cheek article last week from Funny or Die website. WARNING: this will not appeal to everyone, but I thought it was hilarious. It’s called (which should give you a pretty good indication of what it will be like) “I got the swimsuit issue cover by making it look like I’m about to show you my pussy” an interview with Hannah Davis and is well worth a laugh and read if you had rolling eyes this week over the fact that women’s mon pubis made the news this week. I haven’t seen my mon pubis in MONTHS now. Sheesh. You can read the Funny or Die article (or not) here.


I also loved reading this blog post this week from stalwart blogger Maxabella on putting yourself into family photos. I am SO bad at this, 1 or 2 in every couple of hundred and I will be there…this was a great reminder to get #inthepicture thanks Bron!


Lastly on the weekend there was much discussion amongst my family on whether Bey had bumped the shark. Has she gone too something that my brother and sister in law couldn’t quit put their fingers on the question was posed to my little sister and I (huge Bey fans). We defended her honour and then later in the week I saw this tribute to Stevie Wonder and I say to my brother: no, no she has not jumped any shark. Let us all bow down to at the altar of a Bey. A genius. And marvel at the length of her dress while we are at it. Can I get a yeeeeeeeeeeah?

A great way to start our Fridays! Now, if you will excuse me I need to get cooking for 27 kids who I will be feeding at 11am today. Give me strength and coffee to get through this day friends, I hope it is a good one for you all!

GBBO thoughts? Should the person that left been the one to go?
Enjoy an ancient grain?
Being adding to cart this week with all the new season stuff coming out?
Terrible at putting yourself into family photos?
How does Bey wear dresses that are so short?


  1. We have had a young friend staying from Sydney and she asked me to get all of the photo albums out. I was just commenting to her Mum recently how few photos there are of me with my Husband and kids. I’m always the one taking the photos. The photos that I am in are those professionally taken.
    And Frankie 4 rules. Invested in a pair recently.

  2. I love the idea of Mexican Street Food. Will pass on to the MIL. Ha! I just had to google ‘jump the shark’ thank you for teaching me something new today!! I loved that article from Maxabella too and whilst I’m not bad at putting myself in the photos with the kids… thanks god for selfies and remote timers I am vowing to do more of it! I am actually on the hunt for a good family photographer as need some family photos done!! Your day sounds exhausting!! Enjoy feet up time tonight. That side of small community living is both a blessing and a curse isn’t it!? Jx

  3. Our busy weekend has disappeared thanks to Cyclone Marcia. No sport; no sporting events (boys were off to soccer tonight and cricket tomorrow). Lots of home time and that will do me just fine as the rain is already ridiculous! Worried about those on the Coast where Cyclone Marcia is crossing.

  4. Hello!!!

    Have you deleted your instagram! you are my favourite person to follow and for some reason this morning I couldnt see any of your photos anymore or re click follow!


  5. One thing that did annoy me about Beyonce recently was the whole Kanye repeat stage storm at the Grammys. When the camera crossed to Beyonce, Jay Z and Kim it seemed to me that they were all laughing as if it was the funniest thing in the world. It kind of reminded me of the cool clique at high school who can do no wrong.

  6. That Funny or Die article had me laughing and laughing, I think it’s because “I’m a professional”!! Thank you for cheering me up in the midst of a morning where I should be getting things done and instead I’m hit by inertia, on the scrounge for food and faffing on facebook!

  7. My “baby” started high school this year. I am finding it just as hard as she is to get into the swing of a totally different routine. To look through our photos you would think that I didn’t exist, I am always behind the camera.

  8. We’re expecting back to back rain for the next week so it’s going to be a cabin fever filled few days for us. I just hope everyone up north stays safe. All the best getting things done. And I recall my parents always doing so much in our small community, especially when it come to the school and fundraising.

  9. LOVED the Hannah Davis Interview bahahahaha Thanks for that laugh xo
    Carry on…

  10. I bought the silver version of those Frankie4 sneaks recently in preparation for our trip to Spain in September (yes I’m a bit mental like that). So excited!
    All hail Queen Bey! She can do no wrong in my eyes. I wish I had 1/8 of her dancing ability. Girlfriend can shake it like nobody’s business. x

  11. I love all of the BT traders new pieces…once I am not having to pull a boob out every few hours, I am going to go on a shopping spree!

    And I remember when a mons pubis was called a FUPA (or at least that is what we used to call it…fat upper pussy area…charming). I don’t know why on earth we ever even spoke about it…I suppose we were young. I too have become such an old lady!

    I should be taking advantage of this rain to get some things done but instead Lyddie and I are watching the final season of The Newsroom. Hooray for babies who don’t know about about Dinosaur Land yet and let you watch what you want to watch!

  12. what on earth is ‘jump the shark’?!?! I feel so out of touch!!!

  13. I don’t want to be morbid, but I’m with Maxabella on getting mum into photos. My mum’s gone now, and she was a notorious photo avoider. We have so few photos with her in them, the ones we have are precious. I have solid memories of her, but my school aged kids don’t, and keeping her essence alive for them is difficult with so few pictures.
    And like Nikki, we are battening down for a weekend of rain here in (not) sunny Brisbane. 100mm so far today, with another couple of hundred expected. Great weather for an ark!

  14. I thought I was the only goggle box lover! It is so funny! Love the “I want to die happy, falling down the stairs at Prada!” comment from the guy couple and the house mate who fed the dog the chicken last night to bribe the dogs love!

  15. Ha I was already to snark on people watching people watching TV but I loved it too. But don’t get too excited my TV viewing is fairly low brow.

  16. my favourite bit on googlebox was the gay guy who said he hoped his own death would be ‘nice’, like ‘falling down the stairs at Prada’ . And thankyou for the stevie wonder bit, so good x

  17. i hope you get to see the GBBO Great Comic relief series, so funny, especially Dame Edna and Patsy from AbFab!

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