Il Tutto Anais GIVEAWAY {worth $129}


You know what I love? Women in business, creating great products or services while juggling motherhood and life. I LOVE THAT SHIT. There’s not much a woman can’t do. And you know what I else I love? You guys! Because you come here, read my stuff, laugh at my jokes (sometimes) and tell me the things that I think are pretty are pretty too! Or if you don’t, you politely tell me so. Well, most of you at least. Life can be tricky and hard and mundane and exhausting and BUSY and we all deserve to be told that we are doing a good job. So today, I’m here to tell you, YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB.


I was reading this blog post yesterday from Lucie and Il Tutto which I just loved – the honesty mostly and also because I am a huge fan of what Lucie does. Have you seen the new range of HOT handbags that she has come up with? No? Here, allow me to show you.

There’s no surprises for anyone who knows me why I would love this. DER. Yellow.


I mean have you EVER seen anything so cute? And how about that bag?!

I decided I would shout someone, like you! Or you! One of these bags {worth $129}. Because I love them, and Lucie and you guys and why not. LIFE IS HARD HERE IS SOMETHING PRETTY AND FREE. And it’s on me. The least I can do!

PicMonkey Collage

So all you have to do is leave a comment, telling me about you, or why you like the colour yellow…or anything really and somehow I will choose a winner and send out one of these bags to you. The only thing is that it’s going to be a yellow one because I like yellow and you have to have what I choose you because I’m paying and DON’T MAKE ME PULL OVER. SO if you don’t fancy this bag, this exact yellow bag, then please don’t enter because there are conditions to my generosity, and choosing yellow is one of them this time.

Il tutto

That is SO going to be me in a little while. Well, without the heels. SHIT!

So tell me something, anything, and I will send this hot bag your way. Make sure you check out the full range in Lucie’s new collection because they really are gorgeous.

Giveaway is open until Sunday 22nd FebruaryΒ at 5pm AEST and then the winner will be announced on the blog shortly after. You can read all the T&C’s here.

Tell me something…go!
And do you love this bag or LOVE IT?


  1. Allyson Wolhuter says

    I like Yellow just because I do…… I can’t wear it cause I have red hair but still love it anyway….. No corny cause it’s sunny or anything else….. I just like it and a yellow bag won’t clash with the hair colour. Thanks Beth for the chance!!!’

  2. I love this bag! Especially the bright yellow! I am hopeless at choosing handbags, I always end up choosing something ‘safe’ and boring. This would be perfect for me ….I would love love love this bag!!!!

  3. What a funky bag!! I am a fan of yellow – you can’t help but smile when you see it – my sort of colour. I think it would would rather fetching with my black outfit as I walk to my new job this year. At 44, I’m going back to full time work in my little village. The 4 children are old enough that I don’t need to be constantly around and I have chosen a total career change from teaching to cooking/cafe/hospitality work and I couldn’t be happier! I can just see this little yellow bag and I skipping off to work each morning after putting the kids on the bus…..

  4. I love this bag especially the colour!! I’m normally a safe colour person always choosing neutral colours but have decided lately to go out of the square and go bright and beautiful…. this would be perfect for me πŸ™‚

  5. Yellow is my favourite colour! Good on you for sticking to your guns Beth. Amarillo all the way!

  6. I would love a bright yellow handbag to off set my oxygen tubing that I require 24/7 to get around, its such a happy well colour!

  7. I’m 28 and a first time mum-to-be so clearly am loving the Preggo Files! You’re a few weeks ahead of me so it’s nice to see what I am in for in a way πŸ™‚ I was originally sent this way by the lovely Mrs Woog, who I have followed for years, upon hearing you were ‘in the family way’ way back when. Have enjoyed the ride ever since (particularly the birthday cakes of days past! Such a cool tradition!)

    Yellow for me takes me fondly back to my grandmother’s kitchen. She loved the colour yellow because to her, it represented happiness and sunshine. ‘It’s a happy colour, you can’t look at yellow without feeling happy’ I can hear her say still now! She had sweet little curtains in the window with little yellow baby chicks and sunflowers on them, and the yellow kitchen benches are where she taught me to bake on a little stool with yellow seat. Together we would enter school fete competitions (runner up to the head tuckshop lady – nanna said it was a conspiracy haha!) and I cannot see yellow without remembering how lucky I was to have her create these memories for us. She has plenty of grandchildren (15 and still counting), yet I feel through baking in her sunny kitchen we have a pretty sacred and special bond, and to this day I cannot whip out the flour and eggs without thinking of her.

    Probably more than you were after, but writing it down made me feel happy and nostalgic all the same πŸ™‚

  8. I love yellow! I love this bag! I love mamas in business doing it for themselves! And I love the fact that after coming to this blog after you had already had your two girls (I was a little late to the party) I am now getting the chance to read all about this most exciting time in your life as you await the arrival of a new little bundle of joy to your family.

    Your preggo file update posts complete with pictures and comments from Kate are seriously cracking me up!

    I am with you all the way!

  9. Love the bag. Love the spotty lining too. Lately i have developed a yellow obsession… It still takes me by surprise as I have spent the last 30 years as an inner-city rock chic, wearing nothing but black (& the occasional purple or red accent). I blame the hormone shift that came along when my 4 year old was born – that shit is some powerful stuff!

  10. Because big bird is my spirit animal.

  11. I ADORE IT!!! SUNNY, SASSY, SOPHISTICATED & SHARP!! How could it not brighten a mothers day….. or at least remind us of the sunny side in that moment.

  12. I Love Il Tutto, they are just gorgeous. I would never choose yellow myself, I’d go with a boring “safe” colour probably, so you need to put some sunny bright yellow in my day for me!

  13. Yellow is the best colour and the beet choice to go with any outfit. I still remember your yellow fossil bag that you got second hand a few years ago – do you still have it?
    The size of this bag is perfect too – I have a 9 year old, a 7 year old and a 1 year old and I am over baby bags and trailing junk with me – this would be a me bag!!!

  14. Be-eth?
    Can I nominate someone for you to consider gifting the ‘shoulder sunshine’, to?

    As soon as I saw your divine poster at the start of this post, I immediately thought of Rosie Batty. I know that she is a very busy woman and perhaps it would be difficult to physically get it to her – but don’t you think such a glorious piece of yellow happiness would look lovely hanging from her arm?

    It’s just a thought.

  15. Yellow was my Pa’s favourite colour, it is bright & cheerful & reminds me of him. The one handbag I own now was sewn by my sister for me. Although I absolutely adore it & it was made with love after many years of wear love is not holding it together very well any more.

  16. Yvonne Duke says

    I just love the yellow bag !! Yellow always makes me feel better !!

  17. I LOVE yellow. And I love an over the shoulder number BUT as I am built like a fridge and 6’1 they literally sit under my armpit when worn across the body. That will make any hand bag yellow. SO I would give this most beautiful ray of handbag sunshine to the most loveliest of Mum group mums who is going through a Shitty McShit time. Seriously. I won’t go into details because, just like I have to remind my mother in law, it’s not my story to tell. Suffice to say she is due in June and would probably cry/feel all the hormonal cry/feels (in a good way) were you to bestow such a gracious gift.

  18. Shazziebazzie says

    Loving the colour. I would love it for my friend Tiff at because she has been having a tough time lately and the colour reminds me of sunshine. Despite everything she has going on, I can see she is the sunshine in her 7 kids lives, as they are to hers πŸ™‚

  19. I love the bag. I think yellow goes well with grey and well…I live in Melbourne where there’s a whole lotta grey going on outside all year round.

  20. tell you anything you say, well ok then . Today I discovered that I have frickin HEAD LICE, yes that’s right at the grand old age of 40+ I have HEAD LICE. How I hear you ask, well I work in Childcare & this is only the second time in over 15 years doing this “job” that I have had them. I don’t really give a rats arse about the bag, just needed to vent.

  21. Stop it! Yellow handbag. I have always wanted to paint my front door yellow. I’ll do it if I win this bag. And send you a photo of my loving myself sick in front of my yellow for with my yellow bag! Thanks Beth. You are the business. No need to pull over. I love yellow.

  22. Yellow! Why yellow?!?

    To match my yellow bugaboo bee hood of course.

    Thanks Beth!

  23. Lucinda Cullen says

    This bag is gorgeous! It would compliment everything in my wardrobe with a fun pop of colour and my family (4 daughters) and family day care children would love it! It would make my days brighter πŸ™‚

  24. Hi Beth, love your blog, love your recipes, I’m a relatively new stalker to your blog. I enjoy your writing, recipes and interior style so much. This is my first comment here, and I love, love, love this bag! Thanks so much for the chance to add this to my handbag obsession!

  25. I adore yellow and this bag.
    After extremely terrible school drop offs of late (I’m your sympathetic mum from your last post) I could do with a little yellow sunshine to brighten up my otherwise sh@$ hole drop offs.

  26. The first bomb the Allies dropped on Berlin in WWII killed the only elephant in the Berlin Zoo.

  27. Wow, thanks for a great giveaway Bev πŸ™‚ What’s not to like….tassle, polka dots, sunflower yellow, messenger strap for strapped mums on the run!!!

  28. I love this sunny yellow happy bag and I am in desperate need of a new handbag after a recent incident on a “girls night out” at the local Thai restaurant. Being a mum of 4, anytime I get out is momentous. However, on this night, when the meals were being delivered to the table the waitress tripped and tipped a whole bowl of green chicken curry into my OPEN trusty tan leather handbag! Needless to say, the girls got a great laugh out of it (they still call me curry bag) and I spent the next week trying to get the chunks and the smell out of my beloved bag!
    Oh, and I’m a vegetarian, so having a chicken curry was not ideal either!
    Thanks for listening!!

  29. Oh, it’s stunning!!! AND IT HAS BLACK AND WHITE POLKA DOTS INSIDE. You don’t understand. I have black and white polka dot with yellow fever. Yellow fever? That’s not what I meant (don’t worry I’m Asian haha). This has gone to wrong town. Anyhoo…how is that not the perfect combination?! I love yellow because it’s that perfect pop of colour against the monochrome in this world. It’s summer! Vitamin D in a colour! πŸ™‚

  30. Wilma MCKENNA says

    My favourite colour was yellow when I was young as it always made me look so tanned, that is why I always bought yellow bathers. Love the yellow bag, so nice for summer. Love all your posts.

  31. I love it when one wonderful woman helps another wonderful woman! You are one classy lady Beth. I hope you got yourself one of the stunning bags too.

  32. Sorry did a weird comment from me go through to you? My three-year-old was mucking around on my keyboard and I think he sent something ???? Apologies if so.

  33. Yellow is my favourite colour! I read in a book recently that choosing yellow as your favourite colour on some psychological test means you are the most well adjusted. That made me feel a bit smug although I’m really not particularly well adjusted – ask my husband!

  34. Lemons and sunshine love these yellow bits.

  35. Wow, I love this!! I would love this yellow bag to pep me up on school drop off as my oldest has just started school too and drops offs are still a little sad. This yellow shouts happy, sassy and I got this sorted πŸ™‚

  36. I love the yellow anais and need it in my life! I love il Tutto bags! I love to use them to carry my many needs for a morning out with my 2 little girls on mummy time and I love an il Tutto to carry my bits and pieces for dinner out with friends on my me time. Yellow is the new black!

  37. yellow is such a fantastic pop of colour and sometimes you just need a pop of colour to get through the day .thanks Beth and good luck with Harps and Bub .

  38. Yellow is the colour of Sunshine. Everyone needs a bit of Sunshine.. Gorgeous bag xx

  39. Lello is my bestie Nat’s fave colour and it actually suits her. It’s always been her favourite and we have been besties a long time (30 years this year! Ahem, we are NOT old). So I would give it to her as a little pressie for being the bestest bestie.

  40. that is a lovely gesture beth!
    it’s great to help someone in business, even just to get her name out there is fantastic!
    it’s a gorgeous bag! … and what a sunny colour, especially fabulous with jeans, and the style is right up my alley! … LOVE IT hun! … love m:)X

  41. Yellow reminds me of the song “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine… you make me happy, when skies are grey….” you know the rest, so when I have a hard day when all the males in my family (including my dog) just doesn’t understand, that sometimes mummy just needs a hug and a cup of tea – I look at the sign with those words on (on a yellow canvas) and I smile, remembering how precious these days are and how lucky I am to be a mum. (I have 3 beautiful little boys, my oldest just started school and my youngest turned 1)

  42. Hey Beth I totally snorted with laughter about the bag as I’m looking for a yellow something for my wardrobe. The reason is my baby started kindy this year and he’s at the local school and his house is yellow. I have been told by the ‘in’ Mummas that I must sport yellow at every school function for the next 7 years! So this bag would be my saviour, that and it’s so dam cute.

  43. Oooooh YES yellow Ill Tutto PLEASE. REALLY hope I win this bag πŸ˜‰ x

  44. I would love this bag. It’s gorgeous. I have 8 children, which is actually an amazing thing and a blessing and I love it. 3 of them are teenagers and that’s a little scary…. And the youngest is a newborn, so I’m very sleep deprived. That’s why I need this bag, being bright yellow in my sleep deprived haze, there’s no chance of me accidental leaving this little beauty at home, the dazzling brightness will remind me “oh yes, don’t forget your bag”. Ps what an extremely generous token, this will definitely make someone’s day and that’s wonderful πŸ™‚

  45. Andreea Nicolescu says

    Cute, love the bag, would make me happy and cheery at all times, I would love to keep it but I would have to give it to one of my friends as a present, just because it is yellow, she is now in her 30s and has loved yellow since she was 3, even when it was not fashionable she would proudly prance around in yellow sunny bright tops, this would make her year!

  46. This one time, I was waiting in my car, outside my friends house. I located a stray hair and pressed the window down button to put the hair outside (I hope no one considers that littering) but only opened it a crack and without thinking, had made the switch to up on the button, without removing my hair depositing hand from the danger zone. My hand was being crushed by the window. It really hurt. And for some reason, probably cos I was blinded by the pain, I hadn’t realized that I needed to stop pressing the button. This leads me to a number of conclusions: one – those automatic windows are strong! (And should probably come with an automatic shut off for just such a scenario). two – I am not as quick witted as I like to give myself credit for. three – a yellow bag would match my bruises.

  47. I really love this bag. I can never think of anything clever or funny to say for these sorts of things. So I’ll just say this : my favourite colour is yellow. When my son was little it was his favourite colour too, which was weird because he was too young to know how much I loved it. Anyway he loved it so much he would collect little yellow things (like a bower bird – only yellow things instead of blue) and he would carry them around and makes things with them and suck on them. He had a yellow t-shirt that he wore endlessly and he sucked it so much that it started to perish. We’ve discovered since that he was/is a little bit aspergers. Anyway he hung on to his yellow shirt and he’s still got it now and he’s 15. So that’s my story about yellow. I would love a yellow bag and I think my son would think it’s pretty cool too.

  48. I read the post yesterday too as I love il tutti – my first thought was ‘good on you for your honesty’. – everyone has shit times and people (or in this case) companies that don’t deliver. Sometimes it’s not fine, it’s just shit – what better way than to create fabulous yellow and funky blue anais fold over bags. Having my very own would remind me of Lucie’s courage, honesty and knowing that crap days get better. I am sure she will have tonnes of orders for such a fab bag soon.

  49. My disabled son is absolutely in love with yellow, he is always trying to convince me I need a yellow handbag.

  50. when my daughter was born she was given a book called “yellow is my favourite colour”. It was the first colour she said and for a long time it was her favourite colour. I think we brainwashed her a little bit because I read that book so much I can still recite it.

    Anyway, I also like yellow. A yellow bag would be awesome. Fingers crossed!

  51. I love yellow because it’s a happy color! It makes me smile, it’s warm like the sun and bright like my beautiful daughter (she also makes me smile). I’m also going through a mum black / white stage where everything is black and since I’ve been loosing weight I’ve made myself a promise to add some happiness (color) to my wardrobe!!

  52. I have escaped the dinner table because no one is eating food and I have opened my emails to find this GORGEOUS yellow bag, it makes me happy when all I want to do is hide in my wardrobe instead of trying to teach my 5yo sight words, or to eat his chicken!

  53. Donna Southam says

    Yellow is my absolute favourite colour because it’s a happy colour. How could anyone possibly be unhappy with yellow in their lives. At the moment we are a family of 7 living in a small 3 bedroom Villa as Hubby is finishing his last year of Uni. Money is tight, no one has their own space, we have 4 children (2 boy’s and 2 girl’s sharing a room and the 2 year old sleep’s in my room. Because Hubby snore’s we haven’t shared a room in 7 years. So one could only imagine that happiness is very important in my life. It’s been a tough 5 years and I dream of one day owning a house of my own where I can have my sunny yellow room to be named “The happy room”. It’s the room the you are only allowed to be happy in. But until that day comes a yellow Anais would be the perfect addition to remind me that life is too short not to be happy!

  54. Ingrid Robertson says

    I love Yellow and at the age of 3 my son decided Yellow was his favourite colour. Whilst every other kids in his kindy class chose Pink or Blue, he chose Yellow. I fell in love with him just a little bit more that day:)

  55. I love yellow because…
    It’s the colour of daffodils and Wordsworth makes me smile
    It makes me realise the grey days will only last a while
    It’s as bright as a New York taxi, how I’d love to travel
    It puts me in a good mood when I start to unravel
    It’s the colour of the fingerprint on my toddler’s face
    It’s the thing I put down at night after my children’s sweet embrace.

  56. I love this bag because a) it’s too small for the kids to sneak their crap into. At present I have a massive pack your life in it bag that the kids like to hide things from their siblings in and then I go to Woolworths and discover I have enough stuff in there to potentially be done for shop lifting. Special this bag would be for ME, just ME. And b) Yellow is my artistic, smart, over-emotional yet amazing daughter’s favourite colour in the whole world and she would love it if she saw me coming with this yellow bag. I love yellow too because it reminds me of sunshine and yellow daisies.

  57. Shelley Duggan says

    Im generally a pretty boring person (I don’t say that as a woe is me style comment, just a simple statement of fact), I generally wear fairly boring mundane colours, and never anything that overly attracts attention (my extra rolls make me easy enough to notice lol!).
    Whilst I always try to make sure my children are dressed nicely etc, Ive always forget about myself!
    So I recently decided it’s time to take a bit more pride in myself.
    I’ve started wearing a little jewelry, or changing from boring black shoes, to some with colour, from flat colours to patterns for my tops.
    This little bright yellow number would be the perfect accessory for me, a little bit of ‘look at me, I’m here’
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter!!

  58. I’ve just had my third child and this bag screams happiness, fun and “I’m going out without my children”. This bag would not require me to feed it, dress it or read it a story. I would not have to diet to wear it. It wouldn’t fit nappies or drink bottles it would just be for me! We’d have the best time together…

  59. I LOVE this bag and Il tutto!! To be honest I’ve never really been a fan of yellow but this bag has definitely won me over….. Yellow is my new black!!!

  60. My little boy, my youngest has started school like your little girl, Beth. Unlike his bigger brother, he has settled straight into school. I am really really happy it is going so well for him but I am a little ho hum… the house is REALLY quiet… the school bell is a lovely reminder my boys aren’t too far away and I will adjust and I am enjoying a little time to myself… Ok enough of the sad sack – so yellow handbags, happy places – love the handbag…… thanks for listening πŸ™‚

  61. Y – You smile because the sun shines
    E – Express yourself with colour
    L – Love with all your heart
    L – Live like there’s no tomorrow
    O – Offer your friendship, it’s the best gift you have
    W – Work to live, don’t live to work

  62. Y – You smile because the sun shines
    E – Express yourself with colour
    L – Love with all your heart
    L – Live like there’s no tomorrow
    O – Offer friendship, it’s the best gift you have
    W – Work to live, don’t live to work

  63. Damn straight I’m doing a great job, thanks for telling me! Husbro is 3 months into a 12 month secondment in Sydney…and I’m at home (in country Vic) with the three kidlets – 5, 3, and 6 mo. Fun!! But I got shit sorted AND I’M DOING IT! God I’m proud of myself.

    And yellow? Do you want to see a photo of my yellow front door? Yellow chairs, stools, vases? Oooh, and the bag would go with my yellow saltwaters!

    Pick meeeee, pretty please xx

  64. Yellow became my “favourite colour” by default… Hubby blue the kids red, purple and pink so mum got “yellow” and wow how it’s grown on me and is now really my Favourite colour. The bag is gorgeous and as I’m currently recovering from my second episode of perinatal depression in 3 years I’d love that bag to add some sunshine to the otherwise sometimes grey days xx

  65. That would be my first yellow thing. Never ever had anything yellow in my wardrobe or my house. And I love how this colour makes me happy πŸ™‚

  66. I’m so tired of my orange handbag, I need to wake up to that yellow! Thank you for having such a great give away.

  67. I’m with you Beth, this sunshine yellow is
    Just gorg! It would add a great pop of colour to anyone’s day and as I always say if you don’t feel bright you may as well look it!
    I hope you are feeling well x

  68. I LOVE LOVE this bag, like I love eating the last piece of cake. But the real reason I need that bag is that I can not get to the age of 40 (which is not that far away) without owning a proper bag and not a nappy bag or a backpack. Frankly it’s embarrassing!

  69. Just wanted to say what a complete rockstar you are for supporting my gorgeous friend Lucie like this. She deserves to be a massive success. Love the bag, love my friend, love your (and her) work. Make sure someone who is an equally amazing sort gets their mitts on it!

  70. Mhoraf Griffin says

    yellow can’t help but make you smile in any form, reminds me of buttercups as a kid living in UK, making daisy chains and yummy eggs to go with bacon, is there any other reason not to love yellow, can’t get enough of it. The bag is very cute you are spot on.

  71. Leeanne Boyson says

    Handbags make me happy! It doesn’t matter if I am fat or thin or tall or short or a crappy combination! Handbags, particularly sunshine yellow love me back regardless!

    If I win this gloriously happy bag of joy I swear I will march myself out and drink a very large, refreshing G&T on your behalf our pregnant leader!!!



  72. Oh, would I love you yo send this to my daughter-in-law in Brisbane! She looks lovely in most colors and works very hard and is very frugal, so it would be such a treat for her to get. We are with her and our son right now in Morocco and haven’t seen them for a year, so we are having a wonderful time although freezing our @$$es off!

  73. Im dying for this yellow handbag….yellow is bloody awesome, makes me happy and would offset the size of my expanding waistline!! Plus well I just love Lucie and her bright fancy mummy bags πŸ™‚

    Cheers for giving away some cheer!

  74. Well….Hello Yellow and tassel and navy and white and spots, why hello little spunky handbag, you are just quite a bit fab!
    I adore the size of it. I find if my handbag is too big, it becomes soooo heavy as I end up carrying all the water bottles, the rocks that get collected and all the kids titbits. You would think if my youngest is 5 and my eldest is 14, I should step away from the size of a bag that resembles an overnight nappy bag.
    Be free my shoulder from any extra weight!!!

    And so are all of us Mums as we juggle the many tasks, the hats that we wear, the many
    bags that we carry as we work and play to be the best version of us for our family.
    We just ROCK!

  75. Karina Hutchins says

    Ok, so I really need a splash of fun yellow to brighten up my life!! Hubbie is deployed for 4 months, I have a 3 year old who is mourning his absence and crying, not eating and acting up because he misses daddy, and no family support in Aus. Yes, feeling very sorry for myself because I’m so exhausted, the house looks like a hurricane went through it and I need to win this gorgeous yellow bag to cheer me up!!!!!

  76. Hi Beth,

    So nice of you to offer such a lovely gift!

    I would love this gorgeous bag. I’ve been looking for a good over the shoulder bag for ages and haven’t found any I like… Until now. This pop of sunshine is exactly what I’d like.

    Good luck everyone x

  77. Yellow is the happiest, sunshiney-est colour ever. It just says ‘HAPPY’. I love it so much I made my brideslaves… ahem i mean bridesmaids wear daffodil yellow dresses.


  78. Gorgeous bag! I didn’t realise Il Tutto had handbags as well! I’ve been eyeing off my sisters nappy bag for five years thinking I had to wait till I am a mummy! Love the colour, happiness in a handbag. Thanks Beth and Lucie for your generosity!

  79. I am attempting to embrace colour (after wearing black black and some more black) after losing 30kgs. This might be a tentative step into colour!

  80. Yellow accessories and furnishings are the best. They are happy, warm like the sun and make me smile! You can’t be grumpy when you are absorbing yellow!

  81. Simple….Yellow is just happy!!☺

  82. I read Lucie’s post yesterday and was taken aback by her honesty. I wish her and Il Tutto all the best, their bags are so, so, so beautiful!

    Now, the reason I think you should bundle that beautiful bag up and send it to me down here in the big smoke is because, after 7 years at home with the children, I’m out there job hunting and oh my, don’t I need some yellow to cheer up my life! “So, I notice your last role was in 2008, what have you been doing since then?” Um, well raising Human Beings and yes, that did take up quite a lot of time thankyouverymuch. Apparently, this is not appealing for most employers, quelle surprise! They don’t know the things I can do with 2kg of mince and a tetchy toddler.

  83. I work as an Embalmer in a mortuary so to liven the place up I have hot pink gumboots and baby blue scrubs. You know what would be the cherry on my sundae? This hot, sexy, yellow Ray of sunshine bag!

  84. because the sun is yellow. It makes you feel warm and happy. Plus it’s the colour of a totally awesome bag!

  85. Hi Beth – I’m a full time teacher, full time wife and full time mother. My tag line could be ‘my life is a Jenga’. The teaching part is at a rural high school in the middle of NSW. I make Austen and Shakespeare relevant. I have to drive 70km each way along kangaroo infested roads. The wife part is 21 years and counting being married to a grazier called Bull (6’1.5″,120kg, hands like dinner plates). The mother part is to a 19yo boy at Ag College 1200km north and a 17yo girl at boarding school 4 hours away. My pride in them hurts in a good way. My students, my husband and my kids bring me internal joy…a gorgeous yellow bag would sparkle me up even more.

  86. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I’m not funny or have great stories to tell Beth but yellow is sunshine on a rainy day.Women that go into business and have a go are awesome!

  87. I turned 51 today and I have a 5 year old son (yes, I’m 51 and I have a 5 year old…see, you have nothing to worry about Beth !) and I also have an 11 year old daughter and they both have Down syndrome, so we get looks wherever we go, so I may as well have a bright yellow bag to give people something to actually look at ! Don’t get me wrong, people don’t look because of the Ds, they usually look because there is always something crazy happening, like my daughter is laughing uproariously at her brother, or my son is doing something that defies gravity, so I think a yellow bag would suit us because we kind of stand out already! And, the bag would match the beautiful Lazy Bones dress my dear husband bought me for my birthday πŸ™‚

  88. Beth so lovely of you to be showing support for Lucie with this competition. I read her post yesterday and was so touched by her honesty. I’d love that bag but reading so many of those responses, don’t think I’m as deserving! Really hoping once I restart my career, I can support Lucie’s business and buy a bag of my own!

  89. Handbags & yellow – two of my favourite things – other than my 3 children of course! I am concerned that potentially my 4 year old is one of my major fashion influencers – as she is awesome – so she keeps reminding me! Or it could be that yellow represents the light at the end of the tunnel that I’ve had glimpses of, in the distance… that is of course until my two year old turned completely bloody feral! So this bag would be great to hang over my shoulder as I chase my incarnation of Ussain Bolt (the 2 year old) – while my 6 year boy does a rap dance and thinks he’s from one bloody direction – oh and the 4 year old girl? Well she thinks she’s Taylor swift shaking it up in her tutu. Did I say it was my birthday on the weekend? And red wine …love red wine ….and they called her yellow…love Coldplay too….but more importantly…just what would Kate say about this…give her the bag Beth! That’s what Kate would say give her the bloody yellow bag!

  90. I love yellow! Everything good in this world is yellow… Sunflowers, Sunshine, Yellow punch buggies, yellow shoes, yellow accessories. If you where black and add yellow, you can pretend to be a bee! See… Everything it’s all good… except for snot and the good thing about yellow snot is when it isn’t green and you are or you have sick kids. πŸ™‚

  91. I just fell over and ripped a huge hole in my one and only pair of ‘good’ jeans. If I had a bag like this, I might still be able to wear them because everyone would notice my bag and not the big-ass hole in my jeans.

  92. I just love the colour yellow and this bag would light up my life!! It makes me happy looking at it!

  93. My daughter is Charlotte Anais, named after a French girl I met when was an exchange student. She had such an impact on me so years later I used her name as my daughter’s middle name.
    Years on and I find her on facebook, tell her I named my daughter after her and she blocked me!!!?? Felt like a complete stalker. I need this bag to cheer me up……x

  94. My 5 year old daughter started full time school this year and tells me she got a time out week two (turns out that wasn’t quite accurate but anyway…) So I do the whole mum lecture thing, so disappointed, blah blah, tell her if it happens again she’ll be grounded. I then ask her if she understands the consequences of it happening again and she sighs and says (with an eyeroll) “I just won’t tell you next time”!!!! FIVE!! Five!!! She’s only five. God help the teenage years.

    OH yeah the bag, it’s fucking gorgeous and I totally want it xx

  95. I love yellow. LOVE it. I have a great big yellow heart artwork on my lounge room wall… Near the tall yellow bookcase… Which is adjacent to the yellow bowl on the side table… In the kitchen there’s a yellow vase filled with yellow solidasters and (white) lisianthus.

    I love yellow as much as you, in fact I’d like to borrow your yellow line, please for Sunday brunch.

    But most of all my beloved handbag (sadly not yellow) is falling apart so I need a new one – desperately…

    Oh and lastly my yellow purse I lost (was stolen?) it and my heart is a little broken…

  96. Yellow reminds me of the schoolyard question “do you like butter?” followed by holding a buttercup flower under the chin to check if the yellow reflects (which it always does) and therefore you like butter…
    And, it’s the colour of joy.

  97. Yellow mmmmm – okkkk Beth, just between YOU and Me…..
    Yellow is my “Safe Word” you know like in 50 Shades of Grey πŸ˜‰

  98. This yellow bag will be the perfect accompaniment to my gorgeous son and life as a new mum. (Did someone say yummy mummy

  99. Every other poster is more deserving than I am. I have no idea how you’re going to choose, short of doing a random draw. And if it should come to that, I’d love to toss my name in the ring. For me, yellow is hope. It reminds me of my baby girl, who’s gone away. One day I hope she’ll come back to me. Tie a yellow ribbon and all that….

  100. Love this bag! Have been searching high and know for a great cross body bag for a few weeks now & this is perfect because its in my obsession colour – yellow! My big handbag is yellow I’d love a little crossbody yellow one to for the days I don’t want to carry my entire life πŸ™‚

  101. I L

  102. I loved Lucy’s blog post too, refreshingly honest. I love il tutto too (ha!) my baby bag is still going strong 4 years later. And I love yellow, have just purchased some yellow cushions to jus up my lounge room & make me feel happy cos that’s what yellow does. And thank you baby Mac for this competition & the opportunity to just write anything & say hello. You my friend a refreshing too & your blog posts make me happy!

  103. Hi, I loved your post about school drop offs. My oldest has started school this year, we are 3weeks in and she’s settled right in but I still have to hold back the tears as I walk away – they grow up too fast and I just wish simetimes I could hold them in a little bubble just a little longer. My youngest are 3yr old twins, they love daycare but hold on tight as we walk in of a morning and I still force myself to leave, part of me wishing I could just take them home and keep them all to myself.
    Wearing this amazing little bag to drop offs might make them a little more bearable, and if not, well at least I’ll look good being all sad and stuff lol

  104. I love Yellow, I have red hair I don’t care!
    I wore yellow on Saturday night while enjoying a FroYo (it’s not icecream, its yoghurt, therefore healthy

  105. I love Yellow, I have red hair I don’t care!
    I wore yellow on Saturday night while enjoying a FroYo (it’s not icecream, its yoghurt, therefore healthy

  106. Around here we have learned to love the colour yellow, or golden, as we prefer to call it.

    We have a fancy, prancy little girl-child with a “thing”.
    That thing is a weird and rare blood disorder, which means she gets regular transfusions.
    And the breakdown of all those plump red blood cells means she is always jaundiced.
    Or as she says: golden.

    She has just turned eight, and is now very aware of her yellow, and the funny/pitying/shocked looks she gets from complete strangers.
    She has recently taken to saying quite loudly, “I think that man/lady/kid wants to steal me- they’re staring at my golden skin.”

    I won’t let her wear yellow- it gives a buttercup effect and makes her glow and I’m just not brave enough. Not yet.

    But I reckon a yella bag would suit that fancy little kid just fine.

  107. I would so love to win this bag. Not because it’s yellow, or awesome, or soft, or lined- but because it would come from my online idol Beth Macdonald- who keeps me sane throughout the day and giggling in bed at night reading her blog.

  108. I always see this amazingly stylish mamas at the shops with the most beautiful bags. I want to be one of those mamas!!! But… I want my daughter to have shoes for school more, so I’m currently toting around a lovely beige number that I bought six years ago on sale. I would love something lovely just for me.

  109. Perfect timing, I was looking at these bags yesterday. My husband will be away for my birthday (he has already been away for 5 weeks!) and the kids what to buy me something. This gorgeous yellow number would certainly fit the bill. I read the blog post by Lucie, it just shows we never really know what is going on in people’s lives, even when their lives appear prefect.

  110. Michelle Whiting says

    Hmm…YELLOW, honestly would be the first piece of yellow in my wardrobe, have never been game to give yellow a go, will it go with my black wardrobe? …definitely …. Shoes that will match?…. Can’t see a problem there….guess then I’m all in for YELlOW.

  111. I just want it ……okay its true I am Greedy and love myself a little yellow number

  112. Gabby Howlett says

    I love yellow

  113. Pretty things make me smile, and this is oh so pretty!

  114. Short and sweet LOVE IT! It rocks my world!

  115. I like yellow (and this bag!), because 90% of the items in my closet are neutrals…and I really need to get out of my rut and explore more with colour! Seriously, you should see the black, white, and grey explosion in my closet!

  116. I freaking LOVE Il Tutto! I have the Mia in cream which is an absolute tardis and perfect for carrying all that crap you seem to need when your bubba is little. You should get one Beth! Or maybe the Nico. That is one sexy nappy bag!!! Aaaaanyway, my ‘baby’ went and grew up and nailed that wearing knickers thing so I don’t need to haul half a box of Higgies with me everywhere I go. I could sling that little bag over my shoulder with MY stuff in it and away we’d go!!!!! I can dream right?!! πŸ™‚

  117. Leilani Byrum says

    It’s only lately that I’m appreciating the colour yellow. Most of my clothes consists of black and grey. Just wearing a yellow top is like a “pick me up” to start my day. And I love this bag! It’s like sunshine!

  118. Abby Carter says

    Well I need this bright, happy yellow bag to counteract my dark, sarcastic self!

  119. I am jumping in to say “pick me, pick me” as I just noticed 99 people commented before me and I’m hoping you select the winner by going with the 100th…you never know. This is a beautiful yellow bag and I would love to have it to replace my beautiful red bag that one of my twins got at with a blue pen.

  120. fiona arthur says

    Jeebus i love yellow bags. You have great taste Beth!!

  121. That Bag is SHIT HOT

  122. Linley Todd says

    As a busy foster mumma of 2 babies aged 16 months and 3 months, and mumma to our own 2 children – aged 15 and 9…… Most days fall into the categories of busy, amazing, stressful, amazing, tiring, amazing, long, snd did I say amazing already? Whilst I love my role, some days it can be such an exhausting challenge.
    I think a treat for me in the form of a pop of yummy yellow, would be the perfect pick me up and a reminder that the sun will go on rising and setting even if that washing basket, the sink, the to do list and my lap are never empty……. Love my life it is seriously exhaustingly but amazingly perfect…..

  123. Yellow helps calm me down & it seems to help when I’m in a depression zombie like state. It makes me feel happy because it reminds me of being outside in the sunshine.

  124. I would love a yellow bag to add to my collection of predominatley black with a sprinkling of brown bags. I would never be game enough to purchase a yellow bag (I’m not even game enough to purchase clothes that have a pattern). This one looks perfect in size too.

  125. When I was a little girl I loved yellow, and when I think back to why I loved the colour I think it was because I see yellow as a fun, happy and carefree colour and that was my personality when I was a child ( notice I only said when I was a child LOL ) . I also associated yellow to flowers and to this day I always pick yellow roses over the other colours. Now that yellow bag is just so scrumptious and I would love it to come and live with me and remind me of that happy carefree child that must be still there somewhere !

  126. alli Vainionpaa says

    Yellow is sunshine and happiness – we all need a little bit of both in our lives, me included! Love the handbag!

  127. So I’ve just surfaced & gotten the little ones sorted. Sat down to begin my morning cuppa in my favourite yellow mug, which is about a big as a bucket cause buckets of tea are needed. I happened to scroll and see that amazing yellow bag, and thought sweet baby cheeses I love that bag. Gosh, it’d just be so sweet to win it ya know!?!? Thanks BabyMac x

  128. Omg your posts make me laugh! No idea how you are going to choose a winner. All I can say is I love that bag!!!!! Been slightly obsessed with yellow over the last few years. As I look around my house this morning I can see yellow bowls, cups, cushions, chairs, sandals, yellow ducks on my shower curtain (ok that one was for the kids!) the list goes on! Such a happy colour. And thanks for the heads up on Il tuttos website. Will be checking it out.

  129. Hey Beth! I would love to win this bag and I’ll tell you for why!! I would give it to my sister – who is AMAZEBALLS! She has 2 little kids of her own and she has just offered to carry mine for me!!! Who fucking does that??? So please, I will give her a gorgeous bag, and she will carry my baby!! Fair! Xxx

  130. Holly photiou says

    Yellow is the colour of LOVE to me. My now husband bought me yellow roses for our very first Valentines Day and had continued to do so ever since! He is known as the ‘yellow rose guy’ at our local florist! It’s a beautiful tradition that we styled our wedding in yellow!!! Love love love your work, especially your honesty around morning school drop offs, I also count down the kindy mornings with my Miss nearly 2!!! The bag is divine, great find πŸ™‚

  131. I would LOVE this bag. Am currently using a bright blue Tupperware lunch bag as a handbag. Would also give me an excuse to by some yellow shoes I have had my eye on.

  132. Yellow – the happy colour!
    Sunflowers and daffodils – yellow the colour of happiness and my favourite.

    Yellow is my happy place and right now I would be absolutely delighted and thrilled to win this gorgeous bag (and go to a happy place!)
    I too am pregnant (first time) and have been experiencing the hell that is hyperemensis gravidum for the past 12 weeks – my achievement last week was being able to shower myself without being sick (too much information?? Sorry). It has been horrible (and stressful) losing huge amounts of weight, constantly being sick and worrying about the baby – which is apparently fine, thankfully.

    Thank you for your Preggo Files (and your fab blog) I love your journey with Kate and with THAT bag you be one of the most stylish new mums trotting about!! Thanks for sharing the fabulous-ness that is il Tutto!

  133. I love yellow in nature and lots of my old European neighbours have sunflowers in their front yards just like this little bag.
    The bag of course would be snaffled by my teen daughters and that’s ok, it would be like looking at them wearing a sunflower on their hip.

  134. Just moved to Tassie, saving money to start my own business, no money for goodies,

  135. Wonderful dear Beth! What a generous, lovely woman you are!
    I miss not being near.
    Actually I don’t want to win this bag for me but for a dear precious friend, whose favourite colour is yellow, who recently just lost her precious Dad. I would love to surprise her with a splash of colour to remind her that she is dear to me and all who surround her. A bit soppy huh? Oh well, that’s how it is!

  136. Yellow is the colour that divides edible snow from non-edible snow πŸ˜‰

  137. I seem to juggle life, sometimes not very well, but I continue to juggle. Being a cross over bag at least my hands would be free to keep up the juggle! πŸ˜‰

  138. oooooo!! I’m LOVING this bag! Yellow is my (mine?) and my little mans favorite colour!! Love the tan strap too- gives it a little oomph I think.
    Also we have that yellow pram- so we will be all matchy matchy… It’s an awesome pram baby Mac if you’re needing s new one for the new baby- yaaay!! How EXCITING!

  139. I LOVE THIS BAG. I know I don’t have a freaking chance of winning this thing, well maybe a tiny chance since I am entering and all, but still. I know you are going to get a gazillionty entries. But seriously yellow is my favourite colour, ever since green isn’t. Because once, when I was little my Dad told me that green was his favourite colour because in nature there are a million different shade of green. And my little kid mind thought he was so clever and amazing and I wanted to be like my Dad so all of a sudden green was my favourite colour. And it stayed that way for years and years until I realised that in nature EVERY colour has a million different shades. Take a look. It’s awesome. But Dad? Well, he’s not so clever now, is he? I love this bag. x

  140. I would love this bag not for me but for a very special friend who absolutely loves the colour yellow. This woman also has four children and runs her own business as well. She looks after all her shit very well! This bag would make a happy in her heart xx

  141. It’s so bright and lovely. I too am expecting bub number 3, smack in the middle of winter school holidays. This yellow gorgeousness would brighten up my school and kinder drop offs in the first few newborn weeks, it may well be the only thing that will look bright and chirpy, and distract others from paying too close attention to my likely otherwise disheveled state……

  142. I love yellow as it makes me happy when I am feeling down. Also it is something different from the normal black.

  143. I did not think I was trendy enough to rock yellow but I just bit the bullet and bought some new yellow birkenstocks, so yellow bag to go with the shoes? Yes please. I have been on the lookout for a new bag as my trusty brown leather bag is 5yrs old, falling apart and too small. Thanks for the chance.

  144. Mel Heinrich says


  145. I love yellow so much that when I was a kid – I had yellow bunk beds! True story! They are still in situ at mum and dads…. and timber would you believe with the grain showing through! I loved them SICK and when my parentals went on holiday, I painted a feature wall yellow (I was 16) not sure if I had their permission or not!

  146. Because I am boring and wear black.ALL.OF.THE.TIME. So atleast this would give me some colour and I will feel better about my no colour wardrobe!

  147. Last week I went to see the dirty dancing stage show and a girl jumped in front of me in the toilet queue and before I had the chance to get all shirty about it (a hugely scary sigh), I noticed that she had a watermelon hand bag. I mean she carried a watermelon!!! I was so impressed, I wanted the watermelon hand bag that much… until I saw this beauty… its like sunshine on a strap. OH YES PLEASE.

  148. Yellow= SMILES ALL ROUND! How can you not smile when you see anything yellow. Thanks for being fabulous and real Beth!! I’ve followed your blog for a few years now. Keep the real coming!

  149. I would love love love this bag! My favourite colour is yellow, however my 3yo niece Darcie has decided that her favourite colour is yellow and no one else can have yellow as a favourite colour – gorgeous and bossy to say the least lol. So I would love to have a little bit of yellow back in my life πŸ™‚

  150. Well, I don’t think I would ever choose yellow (brave choice!), but as I have been on so many handbag sites lately looking at all shades of gorgeousness to replace my 5 year old red one, and I just CANNOT DECIDE on any colour or shape, I reckon its possibly the best way to go to have someone else choose one for me!
    I too read the blog post yesterday and I thought how hard it must be to balance everything in a business like that, and hats off to her for being so open about it. Lessons will be learnt and new processes put in place to not end up there again, but with a smile and loyal customers, it will be alright! Good on you for supporting other Mums Beth.

  151. Yellow makes me happy.

  152. Samantha Stevanoski says

    The sheer sight of this fabulous bag would make rolling out of bed, getting two kids to day care and myself off to work after almost a year and a half on maternity leave ALMOST bearable! Week 1 has been a challenge to say the least!

    And might I add, what a little sweetheart you are for brightening someones day!

  153. Victoria Ashcroft says

    I would love to nominate my friend Carla Neal. She LOVES the colour yellow and this bag would look beautiful on her! She is always doing lovely things for other people so I think she’s really deserving of a treat like this πŸ™‚

  154. Yellow. It’s such a bright, sunny colour. I love it, but do not own anything in that colour as I always go with the other option i.e. black. Two things Beth, I have been looking for a bag this time for some time and I have been dealing with a 4yo starting kinder. Give me strength. First full week this week and I am up to my eyeballs in tiredness and drama. Anything for a bright, sunny bag to make me feel somewhat normal.

  155. I LOVE this gorgeous bag. Do you think it will match my khaki work shirt and black with dirty knees work trousers?

  156. Yellow is the colour of wonderful things: sunshine, Big Bird, custard, NYC taxi cabs, canaries, bananas, daffodils, Goldilocks, cheese, egg yolks, ducklings, mustard, submarines (a la Beatles), rubber ducks, the Simpsons, corn, macintoshes, capsicum, Galliano, straw, butter, sunflowers, brick roads (think Dorothy), gold, Lego people, post its and this Il Tutto Anais handbag…..

  157. Yellow for PacMan and lemons. It’s like asking, what’s better: lemons or lemonade? Get rid of lemonade, and the world doesn’t have lemonade. Get rid of lemons, and the world doesn’t have lemons or lemonade. No one wants to eat lime gelato… So yellow for lemons

  158. Kate just messaged me, she approves of yellow too

  159. I love me a yellow hand bag and this one is gorgeous!! I once borrowed my big sisters yellow hand bag, it was delicious, soft & buttery just like a leather hand bag should be alas I had to return it (she knows where I live man!) So my darling husband went shopping for my birthday present with our then 5 year old son & brought me a yellow hand bag of my very own. Unfortunately my husband let our son pick it and whilst there was a whole lotta love in that yellow hand bag it wasn’t delicious, soft & buttery! I used that bag for a whole year but it’s now been retired as its quality was questionable…. I would loooooooove this yellow hand bag please don’t make me beg Beth xx

  160. Yellow Wattle trees in full bloom make me think of a glorious flora bride in her wedding gown – such a stunning display of bloom and the fragrance!! I adore wattle, love to bury my nose in it and would LOVE it in my house except for the fact it bloody DROPS pollen everywhere after half a day – so unfortunate. And the canola fields (that were) in my backyard, well, you just have to smile when you see them littered all over the hillsides and in the paddocks, drink them in and all their beauty.
    How glorious it would be to have a spot of spring hanging over your shoulder!

  161. oooo I love the yellow!! It’s bright and the colour of happy smiles! Which would be friggen awesome right about now as I am surrounded by stinky bawling angry little toddlers that do and then do not want dinner and don’t want a tissue because mummy is a tissue. Ahhh the serenity of yellow. And the super handiness of that little gorgeous Il Tutto bag that I neeeeeeeeed (well maybe waaaaaaant) loves ya!!

  162. It’s rumoured that Chanel burn all their unsold last season handbags! I can think of better things to do with them! Would love to win this zippy little yellow number!

  163. It matches 8 wk old bub number 3’s jaundiced skin. That’s all I’ve got. Other than I just really love it. Really, it’s a miracle I have managed to type this out one handed after 3 attempts…I would love to get back some sense of style after letting it go over the past 5 years. I swore I wouldn’t but caught sight of myself in the mirror yesterday and I was just sad. Only way is up right. This seems a great way to start. And I’d tell everyone I know!

  164. So. Yellow. I have always HATED yellow. But this summer I saw a pair of sandals I adored. Only problem? They were the last pair. Heavily discounted and only in yellow. I bought them. And they HAVE.NOT.LEFT.MY.FEET. Not only are they comfy, all leather, a super cute design but the buttery yellow has made me smile every time I look down. They even encouraged the “only worn black for 20 years me” to buy a white and yellow dress!

  165. Sunshineβ˜€οΈand lollipops

  166. ohhhh so many choices about what to tell you!
    1) I’m a primary school teacher and my Year 2 class is called Sunshine! The perfect sunshiny bag for a sunshine teacher!
    2) My mum is a massive yellow fan and this bag would make her super happy
    2) It’s my birthday in a couple of weeks and this would be perfect for my husband to pretend to have chosen just for me!

  167. I love yellow and yellow loves me!

  168. Hi Beth! I do love me some yellow! I’m totally fine with it! So if you choose me I will be grateful and happy and thankful that you chose me and that you chose yellow! Xx

  169. yellow! It’s really a neutral isn’t it? Goes with everything, makes you feel a bit spesh, puts a smile on your dial.

  170. Hey grrrl… I so want this bag, in any colour, very muchly – and yellow is just so sunny and happy – I love it! I’m very lucky to have an il tutto baby bag and I still love it to bits… but my lil man is growing up and I don’t really need to use the big bag so much. Mumma needs a nice bag for mumma… am I right? puhleeese! πŸ˜€

  171. Like you, I’m pregnant, due end of March with my 2nd baby. And I’m uncomfortable and sore, and the weather is bleak and cold and grey, and I could really do with something bright and beautiful to cheer me up (much as I really am looking forward to my new arrival)… Thanks for the chance of some virtual sunshine x

  172. Hi, I’ve just recently come to love a pop of vibrant yellow to add a bit of fun to what I’m wearing. First a yellow bead bracelet (love), next a thin belt and oh my… this gorgeous bag could make a Holy Trifecta of yellow blast!! Also, it’s the colour of daffodils and that reminds me of Hope for cancer survivors xxxxx

  173. Sarah Aberdein says

    I gifted my sister a bright yellow wallet once for her birthday. She re-gifted it back to me, shamelessly and with no clue that I was the one who in fact purchased the divine, fresh leather smelling piece in the first place.

  174. Ros O'Rourke says

    Just discovered your blog on my January beach holiday, and quickly devoured the archives as my holiday reading. I am loving the colours and beautiful images you post. Really enjoying your down to earth attitude to life. I much like you love yellow! I love the little pop of sunshine it can add to a dreary outfit, or home dΓ©cor and I believe yellow matches EVERYTHING!

  175. Richie Malcuit says

    I’m posting on here because my wife likes this yellow bag and would really like for you to buy it for her. I don’t really like it but my wife does and that is all that matters. So I’m showing my wife how much she means to me by asking you to buy her this bag that I don’t really like because I love her more and her being happy is important to me. That is all.

  176. Such a happy bag! Its the colour of sand, sunshine and my hair!

  177. kate westhead says

    Working in a remote Aboriginal community my clothes are all PRACTICAL. (Read: boring.) This little bag would be great to hold a few things to go to the shop , or complete an outfit on the rare weekend away to town – with one pub. I love the black and white spotty lining against the yellow.

  178. I need this bag in my life because i wear too much black and need more colour in my wardrobe. This bag would be a beautiful pop of colour!
    Also i’m 37 weeks pregnant, totally over it & have a 23 month old who has decided to go feral. And i have gestational diabetes, so no sugar or white carbs to comfort myself.

  179. I LOVE yellow, (so happy), i LOVE bags, (who doesn’t love a bag?!), but i’m not going to lie, i would love any new handbag that was free! πŸ˜€ In the chaos that is my life right now, (3 kids, 7, 5 and 3 and full time uni), i feel like i need a little sunshine on my hip to keep me going. πŸ˜€

  180. I love yellow because it always adds happy to your day! It makes a can’t be bothered neutral ensemble pop like you planned it out, it brings a little sun to a winter day.

  181. Michelle Gray says

    Il Tutto Anais in Yellow Daisy,
    like my personality, it’s a bit crazy,
    like the sunshine is bright,
    it matches me just right.

  182. I LOVE this bag!!! Yellow is such a happy colour, adding it to any outfit would instantly bring your look to life. Definitely a colour that makes me smile, even when I’m in the most vile mood πŸ˜‰

  183. Jennifer B. says

    There’s FAR TOO MANY lemon-loving ladies here already to OUTSHINE them like a yellow sun.
    But my Twitter name and avatars (and garden!) all focus around yellow yet my handbag is black…

  184. Nicole Hanham says

    I love the colour of this bag…….It’s romantic, passionate and an instant pick-me-up! A dancing bag! Fun in a colour! Xxx

  185. Julia Mason says

    I love this bag, it’s so fun and happy, I’ve never owned a yellow bag before, so this baby would be such a treat!

  186. Janine Gardiner says

    Mmmmm handbag. Mmmmmmm yellow handbag. I love sunny days, and the beach, and laughing and gin and tonics and music and good times. They could all be improved upon with a bright yellow baby Mac, I’m sure. Nay, positive.

  187. The spotty lining totally rocks!!

  188. I have loved the colour yellow since 1996 when I choose to wear one of my mums vintage dresses to my school formal, a little yellow frock that was just so cute. it was over 30 years old but looked like new and it was so original! Saved my mum a packet in wearing it but I did truly love it. Mum passed away in 2007 and every time I see yellow I think of her. Oh, and I still have that gorgeous yellow dress.

  189. Yellow is the color of laughter and big polka dots are a giggle. Not a bad combination to carry around your shoulder!

  190. Hi Beth,
    I too have been experiencing the school drop off blues – my only baby has just started prep…
    I had to smile when I realised that I am still walking around with a “nappy bag”!!! It’s time to get a new handbag and something for me – I need a little ray of sunshine right now x

  191. Amy-Rose Malcuit says

    Wow! Sunshine yellow, happiness in a colour. Cheerful and non-judgmental. Perfect in every way. I would love this in my life. I love yellow for its antidepressant qualities. And at the moment life is getting me down a little. Thanks Beth πŸ™‚

  192. Kristy winters says

    When I was studying art and my life was a little challenging I would always run out of yellow paint, pencil, crayon anything really and the classes I used more yellow in where the ones I enjoyed the most and would leave feeling uplifted. I love having yellow daffodil flowers in the house in spring they make me feel happy that winter is ending.

  193. Yellow is the colour of happiness, sunshine…and smiley happy faces.

  194. Ok so you said comment ANYTHING!
    I watched Googlebox last night (out of curiosity) and my goodness what a ridiculous show! Watching people watch TV in their living rooms, I cant see what the hype is all about but I must say I do feel a little TOO normal now!

  195. Sandy Lowres says

    Ah yellow. Sunshine, buttercups, melting buttery moments, cats eyes, wonderment…gold and glittery yellow. Symbolic of everything shiny and new! Love.

  196. I have a lot of yellow in my house. I went for the grey/yellow theme in my living room and kitchen, with grey walls and yellow accents.

  197. What a gorgeous bag!! I love yellow because it adds a pop of colour to the dark colours I have to wear to work. Thanks for such a great giveaway πŸ™‚

  198. i always choose a neutral, safe coloured handbag, now is the time for a pop of colour. I’d love this burst of sunshine bag please Beth!!

  199. I’ve always been into pink, but just lately yellow grabs me more than it did before. I’ve been looking for a crossover bag like this one to make me feel a bit fancier than throwing my purse into the Wiggles backpack when I’m headed out with Master almost 2! This would be perfect! Thanks Beth xo

  200. yellow to just cheer a muma up, beautiful bag. Just starting to downsize in bags, have three little girls three and under and sometimes you just need to throw your purse keys and phone into something that isn’t a nappy bag. It’s nearly like the first step to not being completely mummified and the fog starting to clear!

  201. Kellie collett says

    Seriously Beth, what a hot little number that bag is! And that pop of colour is fabulous. To be perfectly honest I really just want it and can’t afford it and life seems a little poopey right now and I feel like this would brighten my day and week. Good luck all my lovelies, to the lucky winner wear it with pride and work it girlfriends

  202. its simple yellow makes me happy it makes me feel alive and want to smile when I see the colour.

  203. The school drop-off never ends. Two different universities and a high school, three times a day. ARGHHHH! 25 years doing the school run and I’m hating the school week with a passion. Feeling like Arthur Dent on a Thursday morning faced with something Yellow. Save meeeeeee!!!!

  204. Yellow reminds me of ‘FRESH HAPPINESS’ the colour is vibrant and makes even the dullest of days seem sparkley

  205. If I can’t be cute on a Monday morning, at least my bag would be!! xxx

  206. When I was growing up my mum always wanted me to wear bright colours: I’m dark so can wear the brightest of the bright. I fought against this so hard and was one of those sullen teenaged cloaked in black. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realised how lucky I am to be able to wear these colours. These days yellow is my power colour, as well as signifying JOY!

  207. I have a “thing” for yellow at the moment, may have gone a little overboard however it is a happy colour so I am going with it. Having just sent my youngest (and last little one at home) off to school this year I can now go out with a swishy handbag that does not have to hold half the pantry.

  208. Yellow… Cause is rather not be a wallflower.

  209. Amanda Oxford says

    Yellow reminds me of life. When i was bought home from the hospital i was wearing a yellow onsie. My mum said i looked like a beautiful ray of sunshine. Id love to win this for her so everytime she looked at it, it will remind her of the time she bought me home from hospital, i just know she’d love it

  210. Some girls want DIAMONDS – I want this bag !!

  211. I’m having twin girls in 10 weeks, who knows when I’ll ever get a new handbag, or even get to the shops ever again! (I have a 3 year old too) and I just love this bag! Perfect for just mummy, no nappies allowed.

  212. On 19th March I will have my 3rd boy. I am soon to be temporarily lost under sleep deprivation and surrendering myself to other people’s needs before mine. This sunshiney yellow handbag slung across my body, whilst running around after my glorious boys, will be a reminder that it is such a short precious time with a new born and that I will be back soon! πŸ™‚

  213. Danya Breman says

    Oh Beth, I have this open on my iPad currently cause I desperately want one πŸ˜‰ Lots of reasons – yellow has always been my fav colour, I mean it’s happy, warm, and sunny what’s not to love!! And since having my new little bub (eek she’s nearly 9 weeks) I’m finding it a bit of a juggle at school drop offs cause I have the baby, and my phone, and keys, and no pockets cause that dratted baby weight has not dropped off and I’m wearing comfy pants without pockets!! Hence the need for a fancy pants gorgeous cross body small scrumptious bag!!! And I do believe this is it!! So I’d love to win one and take full advantage of your generosity but if I don’t, I’m so online shopping it tomorrow! Thanks Beth x

  214. This splash of sunshine would cheer me up on the greyest of days and when the black dog comes calling. Every time I reached into the spotty dotty interior, I would smile on the inside too. Being too small for all the toddler crap I carry around on a daily basis, it would become a sanctuary of personal space – at least for my phone, purse and lip balm anyway

  215. Anita Esposito says

    i love the bag, especially the bright & happy colour. Not been the best week for me so something bright & happy would be so perfect. Divorce papers from my ex & his girlfriend & having to go to court for a dvo for a guy I was dating all on the same day…can’t even make this stuff up. I love reading your blog though, always makes me snort & laugh in a most unladylike way.
    Good luck choosing the lucky winner, it certainly won’t be easy.

  216. I would love to win this, just so I could refer to it as my “Spotto” handbag. Thanks for the competition Beth.

  217. After two drab, dark miserable years devoid of colour in the NE of England, any excuse to cart around a puff of sunshine on my shoulder would be an absolute privilege. My wee two year old daughter needs to learn more about Aussie sunshine and brightness, and fabulous accessories. Love your work!

  218. Jessica Brown says

    I love the colour yellow because the first bunch of roses my husband gave me were yellow, at the time I was disappointed as I figuredhe just wanted to be friends, turns out his Dad always gave his mum yellow roses and he wanted to continue the tradition with me, gush x

  219. Yellow is my favorite decorating & fashion colour!! The first piece of jewelry my partner bought for me had yellow beads because I ‘wore it so much’. We now have our own home & my decorating accent of choice? Yellow! From billy buttons in the loo, to linen, to a ceramic pineapple & wooden artichoke on the tv cabinet. I can’t get enough!! A yellow bag, especially with that sexy polka dot interior… Phwoar!! Xxoo

  220. I have been couch / bed (totally graduated from the bed to the couch after 1 day)
    bound for the past few days, struck down with the most horrendous of stomach bugs with my 1 year 5 month old daughter banging around completely destroying the house. Oh gosh, when will it stop!
    Sometimes ya just need it to stop, if ya know what I mean!

  221. Yellow makes me happy ….& so do polka dots. We all need some happiness in our lives & if that comes in the form of a yellow handbag then Woot Woot! Love yellow!

  222. Gorgeous colour! My mums favourite colour was Yellow and now my little girls is. I avoided all things yellow for ten years after my mum passed it now my lady baby wants all things yellow and who am I to say no to that. So this would be the first yellow thing I have to help with moving forward

  223. I love this bag as my baby days are behind me.. My youngest turns 3 tomorrow! I’ve been a fan of ‘IT’ for many years and enjoyed a bag of theirs (or two). This is now exactly what I need!!!

  224. I adore this burst of sunny funny happy apparel. My mummy bag so needs replacing by this gorgeous bag. Make it make me smile I would love to win it

  225. Bronwyn Wainwright says

    Love Il Tutto bags. I have been carrying around a beautiful Il Tutto ‘nappy bag’ for some time that I saved up for, for ages! It’s been so handy and just the right size for a mum like me who likes to take everything but the kitchen sink with me when I go out with my kids….just in case. But now I have my firstborn at school, and I am finding that I need a more ‘cute’-sized bag to pop over my shoulder for the walk to and from school each morning and afternoon, when I don’t need to take the kitchen sink..& for when I go to meetings at the school or a coffee with some other mums (this is about the extent of my adult social life at the moment as hubby works away so I rarely do night time socialising at the moment…but I will again sometime soon).
    My eight month old still needs lots of ‘bits’ but I am trying to be more ‘streamlined’ for some outings.
    Anyway, Beth, enough rambling from me – love that gorgeous bright yellow – loving your taste. All the best for the last few months of your pregnancy – enjoying reading about this and your linen obsession and the amazing recipes. Thanks for the chance to try & win!

  226. Leigh Rampellini says

    I once went on a women’s building confidence course and a lady came and showed us what colours suited out skin tones and she told us nobody suited the colour yellow. I thought she was crazy I love the colour yellow it’s so cheerful and makes you feel happy. Our house is also Minion crazy and my 3 year old loves them he calls them HAPPY’s and I just finished making his Minion birthday cake. The Ill Titto Anais bag is fabulous β˜€οΈ

  227. Because it would soooo go with my yellow polka dot ballet flats – matchy matchy!!!!! Then I can cart my stuff around stylishly and dump all those baby essentials in the HUGE nappy bag!!!!!

  228. Cathy Harding says

    This bag is so cute and bright which is exactly what I need in my life right now I’m 43 and on tues have had a turn that has caused a functional brain injury that means the left side of my body isn’t working properly and I’ll likely have to go into rehab so after a week in hospital it is very likely I will not be home with my family even longer … So a little bit of sunshine would brighten my world right now!

  229. A stay at home mum with 2 very insane and active kidlets that keep me on my tippy toes. When I am not being a duck in water kind of mum I keep busy creating paper gorgeousness with my stay at home business and all that jazz. Stars and Sunshine (yellow is a bit poetic I think) Paper Creative. I just love your zest for life. Thanks Audra x

  230. My mum n I buy yellow roses for each other. They remind us of peace and each other and with growing family’s and age and everything else that comes around that is a nice thing to have. Right. Reminders?

  231. Sathya Lawson's says

    Darling Beth, I think I’ve finally grieved all that is Lance Armstrong and “Livestrong”. The colour yellow was all everywhere in the blogging world about 8 years ago and we were all making yellow things in the honour of Lance and other cancer patients and I think if you gave me this bag I could finally put it all behind me and love yellow again!

  232. If I was wearing this gorgeous yellow Il Tutto
    Down the street I would love to strutto
    Swinging my hips and curvy butto
    Using the cool tassle to open and shutto
    So not a poet and don’t I know it… but I hope you enjoyed my rhyme as much as I would enjoy this bag πŸ™‚

  233. Years ago I went on a girls day out to the races. I made my dress and decided to match my shoes and bag. Found a yellow clutch and could not for the life of me find matching shoes. After weeks of searching I ended up finding some cream shoes and painted them the colour I wanted. Beautiful bright yellow! Of course at the end of the day, the paint I used had coloured my feet, stockings and there was minimal paint left on the shoes. But it was an awesome day and I looked smashing!!!

  234. Sharon Young says

    Yellow is the colour of bananas. True story

  235. I have notoriously always hated the colour yellow, no one close to me would be stupid enough to buy me something yellow, but over the last year, it’s grown on me, and then I see this bag and do you know what? I fell inlove, which means maybe I’m cured!!! My lifelong dislike for the colour yellow has always distressed me, what a stupid, irrational thing to hate a colour!!! So I’m really excited that maybe I’m cured, despite whether I win the bag or not! Hip hip hooray!

  236. That yellow bag is gorgeous! And HOT! And who doesn’t need a bit of that in their life?!? Pretty sure it would make my year if I won it! (I know it’s only Feb… But pretty sure it would!) anyhoo! Yay and thanks Beth! x

  237. its yellow – tick love it … But really after the last few days here on the Sunny Coast there’s been nothing doing but rain, rain and more rain. So this bright happy sunshiney yellow gorgeous bag could be just what’s needed to keep everyone’s eyes off my messy and muddy shoes n toes – you see I like alongside a little creek at Eudlo that twice broke its banks and created a new watercourse through my backyard. The only way out is to trudge through it – yuk yuk yuk! Ok I’m done cause you will pick someone else anyways – happy Sunday To you all!

  238. Wow Beth – glad it you and not me picking the winner!!! It is a funky bag and it is great to see women promoting other women that are having a go – so often it seems that women are succeeding in dragging down someone who is having a go!! Thanks for the opportunity to win the funky yellow bag!!!

  239. Yellow to remind me of the sun that has been M.I.A in Sth East Qld for the past 4 days or so!

  240. Tanya Clarke says

    Love the bag! I’ve been looking for a new crossbody bag…love them because as a mummy, I feel that my bag is safe when wrapped around me. The colour is bright and funky. I’ve been told I’m ‘mumsy’ lol, so this would be a great change for me.

  241. I have a friend who is going through a bad time, she is in a dark dark spot and I know that this sunshine bag would help lift her mind because someone does love her

  242. Nicky Ahern says

    This bag is gorgeous! Thanks for being a kind soul and thinking of us. I too love the colour yellow (who doesn’t.) It adds a splash of happiness wherever it pops up, and we could all do with happiness popping up around us during our busy days!

  243. Yellow. I adore you.

    I have yellow shoes, yellow hair (so my youngest tells me) and a yellow splash back in my kitchen.

    Oddly and perhaps rather morbidly, at around aged 10, I wrote a will requesting that my ashes are to one day be scattered through a field of beautiful yellow sunflowers in France of all places! How very ‘on trend’ was I back then!

    So, It’s clearly in my blood, hence my absolute necessity to have this beautiful yellow bag!

    Thanks Beth…. Bag or not, totally love your work xxxx

  244. kylie bryant says

    Me me!!! Because yellow is the colour of sunshine which reminds me of my most favorite time of the year SUMMER! And summer lee happens to be the name of my daughter AND all 3 of our kids b days are in summer! Yellow makes me incredibly happy

  245. Stunning! Love. Want. Need. And…….it’s YELLOW!!! My fave colour! If I won this I would be the shizzle! Let’s face it….my daughters Cotton on Kids bag is just not cutting it for me anymore!!!

  246. Oh, I love this bag. It’s like a little POP of sunshine. I would love some sunshine in my life at the moment. It is my 40th in three weeks time. I really wanted to plan something special for the big four 0, but my husband was retrenched a couple of weeks ago, so a nice quite birthday it will be. Thanks for the opportunity to win something so special. You rock Beth!

  247. Yellow reminds me of my childhood. Daisy chains, seasaw, slippery dips, slip and slide, lolly snakes and sherberts. Would love to bring those happy memories back to life!!!

  248. Your posts always cheer me up, even this one and I never win anything, I’ve got other skills, it’s cool.
    I would rather like this bag though, I’ve had a tough few weeks settling into a new teaching/leadership role in a lovely preschool. It’s been awesome, but, you know, humans are tiring. Something thus pretty, cheerful and free seems like just the thing to perk me up. And how cute I would look on my bike with this bag and my pleated skirt? Very! πŸ™‚

  249. Yellow makes the heart sing!
    Yellow makes compliments!
    Yellow is friendship!
    I love yellow! and…
    I Love that bag!!!!

  250. Reminds me of my 21st where the theme was a touch of red. So I wore yellow to stand out!


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