Flat seas

When we were in Croatia last year (last year!) we’d wake up and the first thing we would do was stare out the windows of our house to the view below. And why wouldn’t you? Look at it!


We’d be looking for flat seas. Or a bonitža as it was called I think (I have NO idea if that spelling is correct). That meant good swimming and just an all round good day. It would usually just last the morning before the wind picked up, but it was a joy to say “It’s a bonitža out there. A bonitža!” and a joy to look at, and best of all, swim in. You could float in that salty, clear water for hours.

I hope that 2015 is a bonitža for you! Calm, clear seas for you to enjoy and float in. Happy New Year friends!


  1. Same to you, Beth! Happy new year! It’s not starting out too bad at all. x

  2. I could do with a bonitza year, for sure. Happy new year Beth, to you and yours.

  3. Happy New Year, Beth to you and the family. It’s a new year of new experiences for our family – one starting prep, one in kindy and me taking a career change – but hopefully a good one, with lots of calm, clear seas! xo

  4. Word of the year! See you soon x

  5. Well said Beth, love it. And thank you, wishing you a bonitza back!

  6. lovely beth!
    and same to you! … love m:)X

  7. Happy New Year!

  8. Dear Beth, all the best in the new year to you and your lovely family. And that beautiful, calm sea without any wind.. It’s called bonaca ( you would pronounce it bonatza, I guess!) I love it and miss it xx

  9. Such a good word! x

  10. Happy everythings!

  11. Wishing you and the Macs a bonitza of a year too! Hope it’s big, baby-ful and brings lots of bonhomie! Enjoy!

  12. Lovely sentiment and wish for us all. ❤️
    Right back at you Beth, 2015 is going to be a big one for the Macs. Wishing you the most wonderful 12 months. xx



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