Best of BabyMac 2014: June & July

I’m wrapping up my favourite posts of 2014 this week in the lead up to the new year. Not the best, or most popular, but my favourites.


June we left on our big adventure many years in the planning first to the UK and then onto Croatia for a big family 40th birthday and home via Singapore. Man did we have a good time. So many precious family memories – with us the 4 of us and then our extended family in Croatia.

I fell head over heels with Scotland and especially the Isle of Skye where I left a little of my heart before. All that rugged beauty! Someone got me onto the notion of thin places…and there were plenty.

Thin Places


And I got so many great suggestions from you guys on tips on travelling with kids on planes. I had a few tips…you guys had the rest!

Kids on long Haul flights: what I learnt


Waiting July

July was about sunshine and the BEST time for the first few weeks and then back to reality with a thud and the dead of winter back home. Lucky we had those memories to keep us warm.

I won’t ever forget


I shared another travel tip style post with my game changing packing cells that we used when we were away.

Travel Packing Tips


And one of my most popular posts for the entire year! ANNE. She’s been around a few kitchen benches since then. Bless her!

Chocolate Cake aka: Anne



  1. loved your travel stories beth!
    nothing like staying with family in an overseas location
    especially when they live there!
    I was listening to waves and going through the photos and it was very poignant for me!
    thankyou! love m:)X

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