Summer hols: The recap episode

We’re home from the very last bit of our summer School holidays. I’m feeling tired. And happy. And a little reflective. We are now coming into the stage of having big School kids, with the year punctuated with holidays just as I remember my own years were not that long ago (except it actually is). The time we have had together has been really wonderful – lovely catch up’s with friends and family before Christmas, 10 wonderful days at the farm over Christmas, some wonderful quiet weeks at home doing not much, plenty of fabulous local social occasions, a family wedding in Sydney and a few days by the beach.

Sure, there have been fights. And screaming matches. I’ve called Daisy a shithead twice (and felt bad about it once). I have screamed at Rob in the middle of the night and kicked him up to make sure he was awake more than once as I dealt with sleep issues from Harper. I’ve eaten too much. Drank too much. Probably had way too many sneaky ciggies. Not exercised enough. I have been woken up 1378 times at night and walked Harper back to bed 1378 times. Did I mention I’m tired? But we are getting there! We are!

But of all the bits that I will remember it will be these ones. Long, warm days filled with good people and good things.

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What’s been your favourite thing/part of these holidays?
Ready for routine and mundane to begin? Me too!


  1. Sharni Montgomery says

    oh my god that is a trip, I called my son a “Shithead” too!! hahaha! I couldn’t believe it, and can’t quite believe someone else used the same term. It is so apt, and so so wrong

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      SO wrong. But the moment it comes up the levels of frustration are such that stupid words like this are said!!

  2. I have loved the school holidays so much. Taking time to wake up, no rushing, lots of swimming, lots of time spent with wonderful friends and family and time to enjoy my children. I didn’t call them shitheads, but thought about it on more then one occasion. I went back to work today and now I get to look after other people’s shitheads, lucky I love it.

  3. Mandi Jones says

    Have loved the holidays – haven’t done an awful lot as chemo dates seem to rule our world, and I feel bad about that but the awesome grandparents have the kids while I’m chemo-ing and they have taken them to the movies and on picnics and swimming at the lake so that helps – but have loved lazy mornings and not worrying too much about bedtimes, special treats like banana splits, and lots of cuddles with the kidlets.
    In bad mothering moments I’ll admit that I called my 11 year old a dick. He gasped,then laughed long and loud and while I apologised like a crazy person he agreed that actually, he had been one. Oops!

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Ha! You’re not alone there Mandi. Take it easy…and soak up these last few days of these lazy holidays x

  4. ahoy.jenni says

    Shithead! That is very funny (sorry daisy!) I don’t use that term but trollop seems to spurt out of my mouth on occasion. And the ciggies, tsk tsk! No I am not ready for mundane and routine. I love January, it’s my favourite month, I am not ready for it to end ..

  5. I’d like to say I have had a good holiday, but in all honesty, it’s been the shittest holiday ever. Sit back and I will tell you a tale!!!!

    I have had 4 trips to the ED since Christmas, 3 via ambulance. Finally admitted last Tuesday to get a pacemaker fitted. Yay, a diagnosis (Bradycardia, or slow heart rate) 4 days languishing in hospital waiting for private health fund to pony up the dough to do it privately (since I pay for it, I should be able to use it right?) only for them to deny it because it was deemed “pre exisiting” (we only upgraded our insurance to full private cover in June last year, and have to do the waiting periods again, but it should have covered it because Bradycardia is not pre-existing) this was despite 3 doctors at the hospital treating me have provided paperwork saying it is NOT pre existing.

    So, long story short, I have been sent home over the long weekend because I am not critical, and will go back on Tuesday for it to be fitted and home Wednesday. The thing that pisses me off the most is that if I went public in the first place, it would have been done last Wednesday, I would have been home Thursday and on the road to recovery for work to start next week. Now I have to take the first day of school of, possibly the second (its a quick recovery apparently, but we’ll see) Luckily kids don’t return to school in the ACT until the 3rd, so I wont miss the kids coming back but I miss prep-time and getting shit done before they turn up.


    So, I have lived vicariously through your summer adventures. Perhaps next year! I did manage one trip down the coast, but nearly ended up in hospital again. This summer can not end soon enough! I am even missing BDO this Sunday because of it all! 🙁

    • BabyMacBlogBeth says

      Oh you poor thing!! I’ve often wondered the benefit of private when we have spent a few trips in…hope it’s sorted quickly and that the op all goes well x

  6. I love the Summer holidays, and these ones have been extra special with lots of family time. My eldest starts school next week, and I inherit my new class on Wednesday (which I am really looking forward to). A date night with the hubby tonight, BBQ with friends tomorrow, and then back to laminating and lesson prep! Enjoy your last few days x

  7. Too funny Beth. I’m home from a 40th away where I had a few too many sneaky ciggies. It’s been a good summer for us, but I’m ready to roll on the new routine now. Just a couple of haircuts (from feral summer dreadlocks to school-ready) and a little furniture-rearranging, and it’s all on…

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says

    It’s ok you can do all that and your husband and kids won’t hate you and I like the thought of someone having sneaky cigs I’m glad it’s not only me.
    I don’t get holidays anymore as my children are grown up and we don’t go away as a family anymore plus my dad decided to have a heart attack or a series of them and was in hospital and then my sister got sick and ended up in hospital too,might I add they were not even in the same hospital one in westmead and one in Gosford not a fun time I can tell you.My dad is slowly getting a bit better he had his arteries unblocked and I hope he will be around for a long time,remember the good times Beth Harper will sleep one day idk when but she will xx

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