Stephanie Alexander Cook’s Companion App

I got an email from Stephanie Alexander on Friday. Actually, let me rephrase that for you. I GOT AN EMAIL FROM STEPHANIE ALEXANDER ON FRIDAY!! For those of you that may not know who this icon of Australian cooking is – she has been working in restaurants for over 40 years. She has run some of the best restaurant’s in Australia, is passionate about cooking and good food and more recently has become a go-to person in any cook’s kitchen with her cook book The Cook’s Companion which was first published in 1996 and for me is a kitchen BIBLE that I refer to almost each and every time I am planning or preparing a lunch or dinner party. It’s like calling your Mum, but in book form. Rob and I were given the Cook’s Companion as a wedding present from a group of good friends and I love that the pages are stuck together with bits of chocolate or egg from being on my bench top.


Yes, the confiscated harmonica is hidden in the cupboard with the cook books. Those things are REALLY annoying.


I almost died when Stephanie started to follow me on Instagram a little while ago. Because: STEPHANIE ALEXANDER. Each time I post a picture know, I ask myself “what would Stephanie think?”. I’ll do my best to make sure she doesn’t unfollow me, if it’s my life’s work. So Stephanie is smart and has translated her work into the brave new online world. She is taking advantage of the technologies that are available and that are becoming the norm for busy people like us. So what does that mean?

An app of course! For the Cook’s Companion!


Over 2000 of her recipes have been digitally published – ordered into various bundles like seafood, meat, Poultry & rabbit etc. The app is free to download to your smart phone or tablet and then you make in-app purchases for the various bundles as you go. For example the poultry & rabbit bundle will set you back $7.49. I think you can do an all up purchase of everything for under $50 (this came up when I went into the app for the first time).


There are video’s. An ability to add favourites so you can easily access them (which is a better method than looking for the pages stuck together in my actual book).


And you can see more about it here in this short video:

I reckon this could be a good Chrissie present for Mum’s/Dad’s/Mother in law’s with iPad’s because I know I have a few of those. Stephanie is also working on an Instagram challenge using different ingredients each day so be sure to follow her on Insta as well (@growcookeat). You can read some more on her website here.

Onto it people, especially you foodies out there.

I was not paid to write about this, I downloaded the app and paid for it myself but wanted to share it with you all because: STEPHANIE ALEXANDER.


  1. OMG!! beyond excited. Done. I agree Cook’s Companion is the go to book, but I also love the Kitchen Garden Companion. Now that you have your own vege garden.- you should have a look at it.

  2. Alli @ ducks on the dam says

    I did get excited when I saw that announcement on Friday. And we also received her book as a wedding gift. Because what else do you need? Love it. Great app. Have been playing with it over the weekend.

  3. STEPHANIE ALEXANDER!! Ahmazing!! x

  4. That is totally amazing !a) STEPHANIE ALEXANDER! b) love love that she now has an app. Going to download it now. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. GourmetGirlfriend says

    I had two AMAZING emails on Friday.
    one of them was also from Stephanie.
    after I fainted, I replied to her.
    and today you & i have written very similar posts- mostly about how much of a deadset legend Stephanie is.
    one day I dream that my book will be given as a wedding gift.
    I love both you & Stephanie- both rad gals of ace.
    (loving your vintage Mrs Beeton cuddled up next to Steph (I think I can call her that now we are on email terms dontcha think?) – so very beautiful)

  6. OMG! How awesome, a Stephanie Alexander app! Hubby and I received her Companion cookbook for our wedding too from one of my friends that I love to enjoy great food with. I also love that our favourite recipes pages are stuck together with bits of ingredients!

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says

    How very Cool Stephanie Alexander emailed YOU too cool for school you are! I am very pleased for you though and Yes I think I need this AP asap ,thanks Beth x

  8. MotherDownUnder says

    Wow…that is an email for the personal archives I am sure!
    I love a good food app! Although all those bits of chocolate and butter end up on my iPad instead of my cookbook! I think I need to start wearing an apron with a tea towel tucked in the strings.

  9. Amazeballs – totally jealous if your brush with Miss Alexander…I’ll be on that app straight away!

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