There was some drawing. And sorting of endless blunt pencils, dry textas and snapped crayons.

There was coffee. And slow reading on the lappy.

There was library book reading.

And colouring in.

There were some of Gourmet Girlfriends Zucchini fritters actioned. No one ate them but me. Weirdos.

And some eggplants roasted.

Some fruit eaten.

And lots and LOTS of screaming. From the kids at each other. From us to the kids. And them at us. Yes, there was lots of screaming.Β 


  1. Must try those zucchini fritters – my kids wouldn’t touch them with a barge pole just because I know they won’t! Screaming – fun screaming or fed up screaming? πŸ˜‰

  2. I hear you on the screaming… That fruit looks good!

  3. That fruit looks so delicious. Are blueberries terribly expensive over where you are? They are very dear here in Perth and I have stopped buying the frozen ones as so any are imported and they don’t tell us from which country.

  4. Love your pictures, your girls look so serene, no screaming vibe at all! Your Saturday sounds a little bit like ours, although I might have hissed rather than screamed, so as not to wake the baby… Why oh why do Saturdays sometimes seem like the hardest days ofthe week?

  5. Saw the zucchini fritters, had to try them, AMAZING! my daughter wouldn’t touch them either but my husband and I fought over the last one!

  6. Ouch! Hoping there’s a couple of wines or G&T’s happening to recover πŸ™‚

  7. Have had plenty of days like that … minus the yummy fritters, with additional books and screaming πŸ˜‰

  8. Just a normal day with the kids then? Love the food shots. I bet I would have LOVED the zucchini fritters. x

  9. Read a tip the other day: if kids won’t eat zucchini fritters / slice etc, try peeling the skin off prior to grating. Then there is no green look and they are none the wiser to the lurking vegetable content.

  10. Hehehe, I love how the lead up to that last point was all so calm and blissful… then BAM! And my word, there is WAY too much screaming around here too. My dreams of a delightful stay at home day are always shattered by screaming. Hope tomorrow is less… noisy xo

  11. Lots of screaming here too. And we don’t even have kids. Must be the moon or something. Im going in for the zucchini fritters face first *waves to gourmet girlfriend*
    T x

  12. There was screaming here too……which only briefly spoiled the rainy day ambience……;O)

  13. The pictures make it look so calm and serene…it’s hard to imagine the screaming that came next πŸ™‚
    No screaming here…but only because one was at camp and the other had the playstation all to himself!

  14. I love colouring in. Someone recommended it to me when I gave up smoking. Every time I felt like smoking, instead I would colour in. Got the hands busy and distracted the mind.

  15. Your photos never look like screaming. Your house never looks like screaming. How do you do it?

  16. how good are those fritters?! Just whipped some up for lunch and they were GOOD. Kids of course didnt like them, but that meant more for me and hubby. Even topped with some smoked salmon.

    I felt very gourmet!!!!

  17. I have an ENORMOUS zucchini in the fridge from a friend whose garden had gone all elephantiasis on itself and this is the perfect recipe! Thanks Gourmet Girlfriend (and Beth for linking)!

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