ANTHROPOLOGIE giveaway winner!

Thanks so much for everyone who entered this FAB giveaway…and thanks to Aussie for putting it on for me! Without waiting ANY further, the two winners are:

# 112 Stevie Lauren with this comment:

Thankyou BabyMac and Aussie for this AH-MAZE-ING opportunity! And what a fabulous reminisce about your visit with Mrs.Woog to Anthropologie. Jealous. On reflection of my own penchant for online shopping, I would have to say that up there with dreamworthy and tear-inducing Anthro, I just adore Ruche. Ruche blogs, inspires and takes you to a vintage inspired world where you can shop to your hearts content! And my heart is content. How could it not be with their range which includes all things clothing, jewellery and sweet accessories, smart items for kidlets, stock for home and office and my personal fave – the one off napery and crockery collections that I just must have! Because as if I don’t have enough measuring cup sets and trivets. Ruche is smart, sassy and often my fave time of the day is putting my feet up, logging on, scrolling around like nobody’s business and sipping on an earl grey or a g&t. Bliss.

AND # 68 Christy with this comment:

It’s net-a-porter for me
Though far too rarely
Their beautiful things
Just make my heart sing

Katrantzou and Prada
Missoni and Kors
Studs and sparkles
Florals and more

So pretty to to look at
So lovely to hold
It’s a pity they’re exy
Or you’d consider me sold

Until I win lotto
It’s sale-only for me
When my computer as always
Continues to freeze 🙁 * * *

Though I have to say, Anthropologie causes me serious problems as well – the shipping charges are the main reason my entire kitchen isn’t kitted out in their china – love the stuff!

Congratulations ladies! Can you please shoot me an email ([email protected]) with your contact details? Thanks and Happy Shopping!

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Solving the Big Issues: I bet Kim Jong-Un once hung washing out

Rob’s eyes have been rolling over the past few weeks as he’s watched me on TV and listen to me on radio talking domestic matters. And he has something to say on the matter.


  1. Rob, do you have a long lost brother? 5 11’ish, early 40’s receded hair line, likes to mountain bike? And maybe three small sons you have unwittingly provided your gene pool to and have not yet met? It’s uncanny.

  2. I have to say no it doesn’t matter if things aren’t colour coded or folded perfectly! I think women focus on these mundane issues as it gives them purpose and control of some small part of their lives. I have noticed with my friends the more inadequacies they feel the more fastidious in their home duties they are. Don’t get me wrong I think go with what ever blows your skirt up and if it makes you happy to colour code so be it. I was a mum who obssesed about these things once upon a time but I learnt to let go and accept help from my husband, rolled up sheets and all.

  3. Love it. A great post. Mu hubbyis new to lending a jand after almost 25 years of marriage. I don’t care how it is done as long as it isn’t me doing it!!

  4. It is my husband who gives ME these looks Rob … especially if I spill something on HIS newly cleaned floors.

  5. Anonymous says

    Daisy and Harper should grow up to be great writers considering the “writing gene” is so well developed in both parents. Hilarious post. Julie

  6. Dangerous ground Roberto x

  7. Sorry! I’m with Rob. I love help even if it is half assed! He he he G.x

  8. haha.. well written and factual. I am banned from the kitchen if my partner is cooking as I have a bad habit of advising like the head chef to my sous-chef, and it always leads to arguments.

  9. My husband has curtailed my huffing and now it’s only done WELL out of earshot.

    I’ve learnt my lesson.

    Take the help…..even if it’s not perfect, it’s done.

    I get it.

    Hanging my head in shame.

    My husband thanks you.

    Gabs x

  10. Bahahahhaa, love it – my husband is actually way more thorough in some of the tasks around the house than me – he is however much slower!

  11. Yep…take the help however it comes….but wouldn’t it be nice if they were able to do it “properly” :0)

  12. I have actually learnt that if I want help not to complain and if I must redo dont ever do it while he is watching because he will never help again.

  13. Great article Rob. I think it was very generous of you to share this important piece with the huffers of the world, especially seeing as your time on earth is now surely numbered 😉 I am a reformed huffer. May I add this advice to include teenagers. Nothing teaches a 15 year old to be snarly, snarky or lose all inspiration for household cleaning more than huffing & redoing their chores.

  14. “ask for help, receive help, nag helper, re-do task, claim martyrdom” ha ha har, loved it. However I will say that the Swedish Husband is the one huffing at me and not the other way round.

  15. Yeah, I’m the one who is not allowed to wash up as I don’t ever do it ‘properly’, and let’s not mention glossing..

  16. You guys notice the huff?
    I was certain it fell on deaf ears.

    And in your next post could you please shed some light on planning and executing those trips to the toilet?

  17. Don’t feel too bad Rob. I roll my fitted sheets as I’ve never mastered folding them. I am slightly disabled owing to chronic arthritis so my other half now does lots of tasks and I never redo any of them or criticise him. It didn’t take him long to learn how to hang out the clothes so I don’t even watch him any more. He is easy going so wouldn’t resort to nuclear threats even if I did tell him he had done whatever it was the wrong way. We are old so maybe things just work for us.

  18. Dear husband of Beth, Rob,
    I am you and Beth is my hub.
    That’s all I can say.
    I go out when he cleans
    I am not in his league with folding. Tidying, straightening & dusting & …..blah blah blah.

  19. Dear Rob, may I point out to you that not all marriages are created equal? I like to consider myself a somewhat tidy person (depending on the mood)…my husband however can not control his obsessive tendancies to sweep the decking oil off a deck, scrub the enamel off a plate and fold, sort, wash clothes with military precision. I vacuum the house, he’ll do it again, I sweep the verandah, he’ll do it again, I’ll clean the bathroom, well you get the idea. He does all our washing, tidying, cleaning – although he will not do dishes or cook, that is my domain. People think we have a funny old system, but it works, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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