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I’d seen on Instagram and around the online traps that Woollies were now making hot, cheap bowls. This morning I found myself in the hot, cheap bowl section and quickly snaffled (yes, that’s a word) 4 of the buggers for $2.95 each. Schwing! I am still embracing the chevron, I am unsure when the passion will leave me. Yes Rob, we now have chevron bowls that match the chevron rug and chevron napkins. What of it?

You’ll never guess what’s happening! AT MOTHERFUCKING LAST! My clothes! They are starting to get looser! While no weight has been lost, the pounding of the pavement is working! Today I am channelling a chubbier, friendlier, more Bowral version of Liz Hurley with my white jeans. While not perfect, they are a damn sight better than the stuffed sausage look I was previously going with these. Note to self: move to America where my normal size 14 arse can be squeezed into size EIGHT jeans. These are NYDJ (Not Your Daughters Jeans) that I picked up in Bloomingdales for $60. Schwing!

I picked up a bunch of fab flowers from the fruit shop last week and after asking on Instagram, discovered they are called Pineapple Lillies. I am a huge fan. Aren’t they awesome?

Last time I was at the hairdresser getting my Kanye undercut, the sold me this stuff which cost a ridiculous amount of money given it’s size but OH MY STARS! It’s the boss. It’s like a powder that you sprinkle into your clean hair and somehow it magically turns it into beach hair – thick and textured and a little fab. I don’t know how it works, but dear GOD I like the stuff. I think cheaper versions can be found at the supermarket but am yet to check those out as I still have plenty.

I’ve started reading again! It’s quite a breakthrough for me, because for some reason as soon as I had children my desire to read disappeared. I got back into it over the holidays reading Jasper Jones and I finished this on the weekend. Love Lily Brett. I’m going to keep borrowing one for me each time we go to get books for the girls and FORCE myself to keep it up. I’ve started wearing my glasses again too! Funnily enough, I can see better! Who knew?

My little Valentine is turning 6 next week. I used to make invitations but now sit firmly in the can’t be arsed camp of party preparation. She wants a high tea for a small number of friends. Besides ribbon sandwiches and cupcakes and tea…what can I throw at them?

Do you own some hot cheap woollies bowls?
Embrace a white jean?
Read? What should I read next?


  1. I’ve got the plain white bowls from woolies and I love’em love’em love’em. As for party food kids love brownies and home made sausage rolls!


    With a long top…..

  3. Looking awesome Bev! I have just finished reading Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and really enjoyed. Warning though, once I started reading it, I could not put it down! Anna S

  4. Yes! I won the blue patterned woollies bowls! 6 of them! I love a white jean but still in shorts here because of the humidity. The tea party? Bickies for sure!

  5. A high tea for a little girls birthday party is so cute. How about scones and jam? yummy.

  6. I own a set of Woollies cups! I’m a chevron lover and the yellow one is my coffee cup! I do own a pair of white skinny legs but unfortunately am nowhere near skinny enough to wear them – I’m working on it! As for reading… The only books I’ve been reading lately are quilting and sewing books! I’m working on a chevron quilt πŸ™‚

    Sophie xo

    P.S Don’t you just love a bargain!

  7. Just about to hot foot it to Woolies now…
    You look fab in your white jeans.

  8. 1) *starts car – plants foot to woolies*

    2) I could stand still in a padded room in white jeans and mysteriously still spill some sort of pasta sauce/red wine combo on them. No white jeans here.

    3) ‘party? crack the champers!’ said the lady with no children.

    T x

  9. I have those bowls and yes I love them!

  10. You found the bowls on instagram, I found you on instagram and you answered the very important question my big girl asked me this mornin just before school. Yay! Now when she gets home I’ll know all about that beach hair spray and she’ll think I’m cool. Thanks!!

  11. I had high tea with my daughter and SIL at American Girl in NY and they had adorable little pots filled with chocolate mousse with an artificial daisy shoved in. They were really cute and looked like flower pots.

    Otherwise – little fruit kebabs with marshmallow between pieces of fruit, tiny slices of chocolate brownie um – not sure what else.

    Well done on the jeans. Looking fab.

  12. I was sitting on the fence with the white jeans but I think I’ll be buying a pair! No vegemite or chocolate for the kids on white jeans day though.

  13. I have the chevron mugs, and was waiting to buy the matching bowls. Of sure what I’m waiting for though?

  14. Oh I love that chevron. And to read? May I push Zadie Smith (as I am wont to do should anyone ask me for book recommendations) if you have not read her books before, go. Read. She’s intense sometimes but oh so good.

  15. Love white jeans (although I do get a bit crazy whenever a child comes near me on those days!) and yours look great.
    As for reading, have just finished “The Happiness Project” by Gretchen Rubin- thought provoking and fantastic- highly recommended.

  16. this year I ended up in White linen shorts…they are so ‘resort wear’ that I usually scoff away at. But I love them.

  17. What brand is that top because I LOVE IT! Very french inspired and you know I love that.
    For Daisy’s birthday – have you seen the tea cup biscuits? So easy to make and she can help. http://planningwithkids.com/2008/08/21/tea-cup-biscuits/ I did them for my neices birthday and they were a huge hit! For something healthy, can’t go wrong with fruit kebabs.
    Lastly, you rock white jeans and I don’t know how you call that a 14! Looks more like a 10 to me x

  18. Love the bowls and the white jeans!
    I cannot do white jeans…my child is too into dirt and chalk…and to be fair it is not entirely him…at the ripe old age of 33 I still cannot manage to keep myself clean.

    Anyway, when I was a wee one I had a tea party birthday and my mom made huge cookies that we got to decorate.
    I still remember it as being awesome.

  19. Dude that hair stuff is the bomb diggity, that and dry shampoo save my life on an almost daily basis. Hair too greasy post gym or run to be seen at school run? Hello dry shampoo! Hair too clean and soft and flat after washing? Hello weird gritty powder stuff! I’m currently on the Redken one and also the Aveda one. Relegated the husband to supermarket version, he’s even loving it as a reformed hair gel-aholic.

  20. Pink lemonade in teacups? Cupcakes in teacups? Teacup chihuahuas?

    Macarons? Cake pops? Musk sticks? Pink sprinkle covered marshmallows?

    PS – looking hot in those white jeans!!

  21. wow – i need me some of those woolies bowls!!! i too cannot let go of the chevron… and can i just say your pins look ah-mazing in those white jeans!! hats off! i could never do white jeans, i’m so jealous, in the nice way of course x

  22. Gibbergunyah says

    Meringues, turkish delight and miniature gingerbread men from Harris Farm were a hit on Sunday with all the little people we had for the christening. They were no trouble either which is definitely a factor. Lemon slice is good because the birthday girl can help make it.

  23. Gibbergunyah says

    Forgot to say I sent JUST those jeans back to Birdsnest, because, ahem, I hadn’t lost as much baby weight as I thought I had. Wearing my denim NYD jeans today though. I wish I could STOP reading. The fact that I can’t, despite two babies in the last three years, shows in the state of my house and garden. The children don’t look too neglected. I read everything; lately Wendy Harmer’s Friends Like These; The Mistake by Wendy James; Sweet Old World by Deborah Robertson; Matilda is Missing by Caroline Overington; The Chaperone by Laura Moriarty, and many more. Perhaps I should start a library.

  24. Damn straight I embrace and endorse a white jean.

    I luff all of Lily Brett’s books. I’ve met her and Mr FF gave me a David Rankin painting of her called Pink Lily that I really love. he tracked it down in NY for me so it was quite the romantic gift.

    I like the bowls. They sold out really fast at my Woolies.


  25. Oh my goodness those jeans, those legs! I have never done the Liz Hurley white jean (currently sporting a red jean as I type) – how on earth do you keep them clean?! It is ALL about the measurements Beth, bugger the scales, chuck them in your fancy bin.
    I too have oogled the woolies bowls, as a general rule I like to stick my finger up at woolies, y’know, sticking it to the big man, but the bowls…they seem to have slain quite a few womanly folk haven’t they the sneaky buggers.

  26. I read every spare minute of every day… my kindle has paid for itself ten times over.. however I am up to my ears in dystopian – I have an 11 year old who reads like a machine and is way past his age group so I now have to pre-read young adult books for him – mainly dystopian but he doesn’t want to read anything with sex in it, so I have to pre – read everything… its actually quite amazing what teenagers are reading these days – keep us posted on what your reading I might actually venture back to adults books sometime soon.

  27. Oh and on the reading front, Light Between Two Oceans by ML Stedman – get on it, I read that on our around Australia/down the west coast adventures and LOVED it. Well written but also easy to read, everyone’s a winner. I’m currently reading Romunlus My Father, bit late to that party. Anything Tim Winton also, and The Dressmaker by Rosalie Ham or The Shark Net by Robert Drewe – good Aussie stuff.

  28. For the High Tea buy Mr Kipling French Fancies (8 gorgeous little delicious petite fours in the packet)and mini square wafers (very cute but can’t think of the brand).

    You look great in white jeans!.

    Sue P

  29. I bought some of those bowls just before Christmas, I love them!
    I had some white jeans…got rid of them two weeks ago because the muffin top look is just so…blergh! Hopefully the months worth of gym-ing will start to show some results πŸ™‚
    P.S you look fab!

  30. Lemonade scones (super easy) and lamingtons – buy the sponge but do the dip-and-roll because it is fun (but not in white jeans.

  31. Look at you Miss Skinny Minny. You are seriously rockin’ those white jeans! Great effort!

    I love any books by Paulina Simmons.


  32. LissyLouLou says

    My go to for kiddy parties are fairy wands…


    so simple but chocolate and sprinkles never fails to appeal!

  33. LOVE those bowls – have had my eye on these at Woolworths for a while now, patiently waiting until the yellow Chevron ones in particular are re-stocked…..but NOTHING for AGES! Just the red and green ones, and whilst very pretty in their own right, just won’t cut it in my Chevron-obsessed home! You were there at the right time hey Beth – good work πŸ™‚

  34. Oh, the fun you have. Makes me wish I was young again!!!

  35. Looking hot in those white jeans I wish I could run but boobs get in the way, Oh and the 8 years of NO EXERCISE yeah thats a bit of a barrier too. Thinking of doing the Couch to 5k….just have to move beyond thinking to DOING. As for high tea for kiddos – Cant go past fairy bread (can make it into pretty heart shapes or something for the high teaness of it), always make the little teacups with the tic tic bikky base, marshmellow on top and freckle on top of that with the half a musk lifesaver as the handle. Kids love them. Butterfly cakes with the split tops and cream and dusting of icing sugar, small cubes of caramel fudge, mini toffee, mini quiche or savoury muffin or savoury tart, can buy little mini meringues in Woolies they come as an all white pack or a pastel mixed pack v cute, you would have to bung on some of your homemade sausage rolls they would be a must do.

    As for reading – loved Jasper Jones – so penis fingers or spider hat?

    Other good reads – A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wrobleski, Foals Bread by Gillian Mears, Oscar and Lucinda by Peter Carey, The Painted Veil by W Somerset M, um what else…so many good reads so little time…..Atonement, Sophies Choice, The Kite Runner, The Book Thief

    Hankering for a good book at the moment but nothing is grabbing me. Will have to see what else everyone reccomends

  36. PS have mugs in the blue bowl pattern. my moving house gift to myself but down to 3 and already replaced several (damn you cat kids slate floor me being a klutz) and none remain in woolies here at all

  37. A stack of paper pompous for the high tea. Absolutely! You can make them too.

  38. If I had your legs I would be embracing the white jeans too! Maybe I should get myself an ‘incentive pair’!!

    And you reminded me about a glasses check up. Still in ‘denial’ but am a bit over moving my phone further away from my eyes to focus. I remember my mother doing that when she turned 40. Eeek!

  39. Lesbians aren’t allowed to wear white jeans – it says so in the guide book – trust me.
    Talking books, big fan of Lilly Brett. My mother-in-law and i have both read that one since Christmas.

  40. Hey sexy legs! I just did my first ever crazy party (possibly my last) – a Teddy Bear’s picnic for Pebble. I’d include a link here but I’ll probably end up in the spam bin. I kept food super simple, and included iced vovos, triple wafers and would have had jam tray biscuits if they were in stock when I rolled my pregnant butt to the supermarket. We also had sausage rolls (Nana made them) and sandwiches. Might not be fancy enough for what you are thinking, dear Bev? Must go, cos commenting on my phone is.schizen.

  41. Love the bowls – I wonder if little old NZ as them in Countdown ( our woollies equivilant!)? Cotton on has Chevron drawstring bags as a charity bag for $2. Bought them the other day just because of the chevrons. They will soon go up to size 14 clothes which excites me!
    No tea parties in this boy household πŸ™

  42. Pikelets with jam and cream and teeny tiny home made sausage rolls. Annabel Langbeim has a beautiful version with lamb mince, sausage mince and grated apple in her book “The Free Range Cook”- always popular. Love white jeans – it is worth hunting down well cut ones though and I have to recommend “Gone Girl” and “The Help” if you havent already read them. Love those chevron bowls – I’m off to Woolworths to seek some out although they may not have made it to this neck of the woods.

  43. I don’t have some hot cheap bowls from Woolies. But wish I did
    I do have some white jeans. Although I can’t fit into them yet (did you notice the YET – forever the optimist)
    I do love a good read. Love mystery novels so am reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo – a bit late, I know as everyone in the world has already read it but better late than never right?
    Loved the post – short, snappy and made me smile:) xox

  44. Liz Hurley is also my white jeans reference!

    Cant help with books – while I started to read again, all my books come from Junior fiction category! (Harry Potter, Hunger games, Hobbit, Infinity Ring….

  45. Oh Liz, you are looking divine. My weight hasn’t changed much, but oh my stars, am I getting toned baby. Who’d have thought that jogging could change our lives?

    Loving that table runner, loving that your reading, and powder grip is my BEST FRIEND. Two years ago it became my BFF and I haven’t looked back. xx

  46. haha i have two types of those blue bowls too :). And for high tea, big fan of scones with jam and cream

  47. My book recommendations are Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen (I know it’s a few years old but it’s just such a nice story – way better than the movie) and Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson. A good thriller. You might find this interesting:


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