I blame Kanye

This morning I had my regular 2 monthly hair appointment. I was thrilled at the prospect of no longer having the girls tell me that I needed to get my hair painted and asking why I had a black line around my scalp. I was also keen to get some serious peroxide on it given that we had a nit outbreak here a week or so ago. Those suckers would have had no chance after today.

I was running a little late as I realised when I went to feed the girls breakfast that we had no bread, so a last minute run to the bakery was in order. Kids can be so needy, what with the needing the breakfast. I jumped in the car and fanged it to get my eyebrows tended to first, then had a coffee at my favourite shop (kid free which was even better) then jumped in the car to head to Bowral. I was in Rob’s car for the trips and when I jumped in and sped off I also lost my hearing to Kanye West. And Jay Z. Full ball. Say what you will about the boy, I like his music. Always have. Especially before Kim. The album was Watch The Throne. There are some great tracks on it and I was getting pumped up, singing away, pumping my head like it was nobodies business. Especially not of a Mother of two from the Southern Highlands business.

I got to the hairdresser, sat down, discussed colour and then and straight out asked for an UNDERCUT. Just like that. Well, it’s not like the first undercut I’ve had. I’ve had a few. In fact, it’s right up there as one of my big google searches. But it’s been YEARS I tell you.

Who do I think I AM?

Be prepared for some un made my, natural, bad skinned snaps. Are you?
Do you love my liver spot? Well, DO YOU? Hot.

What? Selfies can be tricky sometimes.  Especially when trying to get to the back.

It’s MARINE short back there. And I quite love it. Harper told me it was fancy and Daisy didn’t mention that I look like Grandma at all. It’s a new year. A new start. And I’m about to call the paparazzi on myself.


  1. Denica Gorman says

    I accidentally gave my mum one of these a couple of days ago. Yours looks much nicer. Mum wasn’t AS impressed, but it’s growing on us all.

  2. HOT! That is all. x

  3. MILEY CYRUS! Eat your heart out. Bloody love it xxx

  4. looks great Beth!!

  5. I love it…one of these days I’m going to get brave enough to go short.
    Did anyone ever tell you that you look a bit like Meg Ryan…back when she was young and cute 🙂

  6. Awesome.. love LOVE it! want one!! Will have to listen to Kanye on the way to the hairdressers!!

  7. Go you !!! I love that style 🙂

  8. Sensational! Work it!!

  9. Love it!

    And I always pump up the jams in the car.
    I can never help but think that if Kanye knew that some middle aged mom was blasting his music and singing along in order to drown up the screams of her child in the back seat, he would probably stop writing music.
    I suppose he will know about the joys of parenting soon enough!

  10. Sizzling x

  11. Which hairdresser do you go to? I’m looking for a good one since moving to the Highlands.

    • I go to the Grooming Lounge at Gibraltar Hotel in Bowral. Amy and Craig are great there – Glenn used to do my hair but he has just moved to NY. Good luck!

  12. LOVE IT

  13. Ima let you finish….but BabyMac has one of the best undercuts OF ALL TIME.

  14. Yes I like it and it will be so cool during the hot summer days. You are young enough to do what you want to do with your hair and everything else for that matter. xx

  15. Man I love your balls when it comes to your hair. Love it. x

  16. Nothing says fresh like a new do. Love it! xx

  17. I’ve got the same liver spot. It tells everyone your a mum.

  18. Love it Beth! I’m off to the hairdressers next week and I’m going short. It’s taken me a while to get my head around it but seriously when it’s long it doesn’t behave like Delta Goodrem’s hair and so I get annoyed with it an put it in a pony. I want some style. Thinking of a posh spice when she had it short and blonde with one side of her fringe long.

  19. new hair is hot. goes without saying really. good lord!

  20. Huh! Definitely no grandmas now! I’m close to considering something like that what with the nit infestation I’ve been having…except I have curly fuzzy hair so to go short is at risk of looking like a toilet brush.

  21. love it! love short hair! my hairdresser has hers shaved at the back and retro daddy gets worried that as her hair gets shorter I’m going to go back to short! love it!

    you are looking hot in these photos btw!


  22. Love it! I got one a couple of years ago and would walk around all day rubbing the stubble. As normal for anyone with just a little more OCD in their veins than most, I would also walk up to everyone saying touch it, touch it, feels great. Think Justin and Tamika were more than a little relieved when it finally grew.


  23. The actual??!! You’re allowed to just have an undercut even when you’ve got two kids?! Love it, BabyMac. Xxx

  24. Hot Mama! x

  25. My one and only undercut was 1994. I looked like an extra from Heartbreak High, and I most certainly could not rock one now like you do x

  26. Omg I love it, I am having a crisis.because I think my hair makes me look fifty. You will not have this.problem!!

  27. Oh love it. I’ve just chopped all my hair off and am currently working a spike. Love it to bits. Not sure if I could go marine short, but LOVING it on you! Happy new year!


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