How I get my kids to sleep before 6.30pm

The other night I put up a photo of me, post kids in bed, skulling a G&T with sheer abandon. It was 6.28pm and the time was not missed by many a person on Facebook who asked how on EARTH my kids were in bed. There were some questions asked, and being the giver that I am, here are some answers. Note that this works for MY kids and OUR family. Note that it does not happen every night. And note that every fucking single night (except say 3) in the past almost 6 years, I have been woken to my children. They are light sleepers. They are bad sleepers. They may be in bed early, but dear GOD they do not stay there until the morning. Note that my kids are 6 and 3 (so little). Also note that I am aware that this is a golden precious time. I know that some day they will be awake till much later, so I am relishing every minute I have to myself at 6.45pm at night. OK? OK!

I have been blessed with early risers. 6am or before is the time they wake. They don’t sleep in, no matter how late they go to bed. Never have. Never will. Last New years eve it was 11.30PM(!) before they both went to bed, and yet 6am? Bang! It’s cruel, it’s made the first words out of my mouth on many a day a swear word, but it’s what we’ve got, and so we work with it. Given the early rise and then the subsequent full steam ahead throughout the day, I have to ensure that the girls get about 11 or 12 hours sleep at night. This means 6pm bed time. No exceptions during the week – Saturday nights can be different and holidays too of course. A 6pm bed time means that I have to get all that stuff done before that. Dinner? 4.30pm sometimes. Usually it’s the whole family at 5pm. We are VERY lucky to have Rob and I both working from home so we can all be together for a family meal. Dinner is done and dusted by 5.30pm. Rob does the bath while I clean up (I am a clean freak who likes it done just so, so that’s why I’m in there). Dinner can be cleaned up with mood lighting on in the kitchen by 5.45pm, yes, 5.45pm. By the time bath is done we head into QP time. I’ve written before about this before here. That can go for up to 30 mins so we head to do teeth and all the shenanigans that go with that at 6.15pm. It’s then into bed, endless requests for water, or complaints of sore eyebrows, or just kids generally loosing their shit because they exhausted.

And then sleep.

On a good night, when the girls are good and properly exhausted sleep comes in a few minutes. On a day where Harps has snuck in a sleep on the couch it can take up to 2 hours. There are fights, there are threats, and more often that not 2-3 hours later we are awoken by a sleep terror, a bad dream, a need for the bathroom, a cough vomit. Something. Anything.

But. There are some nights, when the kids are asleep at 6.35pm, I go into the clean kitchen, pour myself a large glass of something, and head out onto the verandah for a natter with my husband while the sun goes down, and life seems very good indeed. Because it is.

So. How about you? Are you crackers like me? Or are your kids up later?


  1. My kdis are 6 and 8. Showering a 5.30. Family dinner altogether at 6pm. 7pm into bed for 30 minutes for BOOKS IN BED and lights out at 7.30.

    That is how we roll. My kids need heaps of sleep too.

  2. I am crackers like you. Of course? And our evening routine is pretty much exactly the same except bedtime for us is 7pm as my 3yo still does a day sleep (thank Christ)

    I am a routine freak and absolutely live for that precious time in the evening 🙂

  3. I always go to click “Like” after reading your posts then realise there’s no option for that. So, thought I’d let you know I really like this one instead of being lazy.

  4. My kids are 8 and 10, so a little older then yours, but I remember when they went to bed at 6. Now, during school terms they are in bed at 7.30 for the 8 year old and 8pm for the 10 year old. They are both fantastic sleepers, which I try not to tell too many people….oh the daggers you get. I wake them both at 7.30am for school and that is still a struggle. I know I am very blessed and I should try remembering that more often. Sue N

  5. I always go to click “like” after your posts then realise there’s no option for that. So I thought I’d actually comment and let you know I really like this one, instead of just being lazy.

  6. I aim for 6 every night but miss it by a long shot. I’m thinking your Harper and my Stella will be VERY good friends at preschool this year, if only because of all the conversations about crap sleeping they can have. x

  7. Early bedtime’s religion here in our house. I know people who are very stressed because their kids don’t go to bed until 10.30 at night. I need my down time in the evenings otherwise I’m a basket case!

  8. Your kids WILL sleep in eventually. My boys used to rise at 5am without fail! But they are now nearly 10 & 13 ( with another one due in about 12 weeks!) & in the last few years they have learnt the art of the sleep in. The 10 year old is still up first, usually anywhere from 7-8.30 on the weekends & he just gets up & keeps himself busy. These holidays the almost teenager has learnt to stay up unto midnight & sleep until noon!!! But in normal times ( school term) bedtime us 8.30-9pm & I wake them at about 7am. In those early years I thought we’d never sleep in again but we have & you will too, it’ll just take a few more years xx

  9. I need heaps of sleep and kids did too.
    Routine was as Mrs Woog describes above, now that they are teens, I do not give a shit, I go to bed, goodnight to me

  10. In bed by 7 unless we foolishly attempt to have a social life and take him out. What is with the not sleeping in!? Mine too! I wish adults hated sleep and kids loved it. That would be a world that made sense!

  11. Pretty much the same. Kids aged 9, 7 & 5. We have an early dinner, somewhere between 5-6pm depending on after school activities. Kids bath while dinner being cooked. Girls into bed at 7pm with story and then lights out while son reads for 1/2 then light out. All over and done with by 730pm.

  12. We HAD a routine
    Summer came along and smashed it to smithereens!
    Now we wait for the madness of school and kinda to settle to get a routine back up and running
    But usually, lights out at 8pm, like it or not
    Bed by 7pm…
    Hopefully we can get there again soon xx

  13. Lately my monster child (who is a few months shy of 2) hasnt been asleep before midnight, not for a lack of trying. We go through hours and hours and hours of screaming. She goes to sleep and wakes at 7 and then is up ALL day and is a terror. Only to go through it all again. And I am slowly losing my goddamn mind!

  14. I really wish I could go back to those days! Now with a teenager in the house, it is a struggle to get her to go to bed before 9:30pm on a school night. We did 6:30pm bedtimes till they turned 9 then it has slowly gotten later as the years have gone by. Now I find myself falling asleep on the lounge while the teenager has to wake me up to go to bed!! Full circle has come around!

  15. My kid is only 1 and a half so that’s probably different but he gets put to bed at 6.30 every night of his life except Saturday night when he gets to stay up later.

    I get him from kindy between 5.30 and 6pm, I race him home, feed and bath him really fast and he gets tucked in at 6.30.

    I then cook dinner for the grown ups, do the washing, clean, read watch tv, blog, have cocktail hour etc.

    Mr FF used to get home from work at like 8.30 and want to wake him up and play with him but I really enforce and endorse an early bedtime.

    Am fascinated that you eat at 5 too.

    We always eat really late.

    I never sleep but by God my kid does. Maybe that’s why getting him to sleep is really crucial for me. On the days he is at home with me I can still get him to sleep for hours during the day and he is almost 2.


  16. I can’t tell a lie, reading that was freaking painful, Beth. I finally got my little tackers down at 11pm last night, had a stiff drink and went to work, finished at 2am, asleep at 2.01am. Woken at 3am by Lottie who was scared. Woken at 3.45am by my husband swapping beds with Max who was scared. Woken at 5am by my frenemy the kookaburra who lives in the tree outside my bedroom window and takes great delight at laughing at me at 5am each morning. Fucking kookaburra.

    Yep, it’s a very good life indeed. Sigh.


  17. This is the first school holidays ever that we have relaxed bedtime time, but we are still strict with our routine. And given its the last week of holidays we are sliding it back to our normal program now.

    We have dinner at 5/5.30 as a family too. Because I cook, hubby does our clean up & gets the dishwasher going. I start the bedtime processes. 5 year old twin girls are usually teary and begging for bed around 6.30 and their bedtime is 7pm sharp. My big girls 6 & 7 are sent to their rooms for quiet time (reading, listening to music with headphones or drawing) until we are finished with twins & little Mr 2 who is exceptional on the days he doesn’t nap and takes about 20-30mins on the days he does nap. So twins are first, I’ll get our little one off to bed, then hubby will come in & take over while I get back to the big girls. We usually have a chat & there’s about 563 questions & then it’s lights out at 7.30.

    I have 3 that will get up around midnight for a drink/bathroom visit but these days they go straight back to bed. Its been a long and consistent slog to get here.

    We are all up at 6.30 to be able to get everyone ready for school & kindy on time. Usually they wake about then but I wake them maybe 2 days. Not sure any of them have ever slept past 7am even after the latest special occasion night either.

    After a big day, every day, I couldn’t stand it if I wasn’t able to get the kids to bed at an appropriate time. I very much need to recharge. The evening is my time and I cherish it.

  18. My kids are 7 and 9. I like them in bed by 7.30 for some quiet reading time or reading aloud to one or both of us. Then it’s lights out by 8pm – usually they’re up between 6.30 and 7am the next morning. It works. They’re rested and happy and I swear by our routine. This holidays we have been completely out of whack. Too many late nights out with friends and sleeping in until 9am – this is not how I do things and the routine has gone out the window. I’m now quietly freaking out about how the hell we’re going to get back into the school routine next week. So I’m getting tough – this week is routine boot camp. There will be early nights, healthy meals and periods of restful, quiet time during the day. And hopefully we’ll get to next week ready for the new school year. With my sanity intact.

  19. I posted on my own blog yesterday about nearly the same thing!

    Friends and some family members think I’m crazy feeding my kids at 5pm and getting them into bed so early. I also have early risers, regardless of what time they go to bed (and are serial middle-of-the-night wakers!). So it’s early bedtimes, it has to be. It works for my family. And I love those quiet evening hours with my hubby. That’s our time!

    Great post Beth!

    – Meredith x

  20. My kids are 13,10,7 and almost 3…bedtime is 9pm-asleep within seconds. 13yr old wakes on a school day at 7am. 10 and 7yr olds wake at 8:30am (our school doesn’t start till 9:30) on a school day and the 3yr old wakes at 9/9:30am and also has a nap during the day.
    Some people say the bedtime is to late but it works for us-our kids don’t wake during the night so they are well rested.

    • Does your 13-yr agree with having the same bedtime as the little ones? My 13-yo would NEVER go sleeping as her 5yo sister…

  21. My little almost 3yo dude is generally asleep at 8. Motherf*cking 8 … I get him from daycare between 5-5.30 and then we have to get home and make dinner and he eats horribly slowly so that can be 7 by the time he’s finished and then we still have bathtime, read a book and get him to sleep. It sucks. And then I get to clean up and try to wind down before facing another day. The joys of single mothering!
    AND then he wakes at 6am every morning, earlier on weekends just to torture me.
    He still naps for an hour or so during the day and I’m petrified of stopping that because he would just be a devil child.

  22. i need heaps of sleep!! and is possibly the key reason as to why i don’t have children 😉

  23. my kids are 1,2 and 3 and go to bed at 7pm EVERY SINGLE night without fail, no exceptions for weekends or NYE or anything like that. I’m not as nice as you, I’m a meanie in that respect. All 3 then wake at 6am every single mo fo day, sometimes just for shits and giggles, BEFORE 6am. WTF? Like yours, their wake time is not impacted at all by the time they went to sleep the night before. It’s the daytime that’s impacted by less than 11 hours with tantrums from dawn til dusk. Winter wake ups at 5-6am sux big hairy balls and I refuse to do them, my hubby does – god love him. So, when I saw your pic of you skulling that G&T I toasted you through the screen with my own bevvie of choice at 7.10pm. No judgement here at all, I totally hear ya.

  24. My son is almost 3. He doesnt go to sleep until about 8. Motherf*cking 8.
    It’s a mix of me working, him being a slow eater and then I want to spend a bit of time with him before he goes to bed (mummy guilt!) … and then me wanting to get away from him while he refuses to go to sleep (mummy needs a drink).
    And then he wakes up at 6. Earlier on weekends just to torture me.
    Joys of being a single mum!

  25. Same! Our Little Misses are 8 and almost 10 so we’re a little later – but not much. Family dinner around 6, bath / shower before that, bed 7/7.15 and reading. Lights out at 8. This has gradually got later (to where it is now). When they were small we did the dinner dance at 5.15 then bath and bed before 7 with no such thing as reading in bed. I really notice when it doesn’t run to plan. Rising time – they’re not allowed out of rooms or making noise before 7 but will lie in bed and read. Works a treat for us.

  26. when my eldest was 3 4 &5 (hes now 7) he was in bed asleep by 7 most nights, now with school holidays hes lucky to be asleep by 9, hes a horrible sleeper even when he was a baby he would wake constantly and be up to start the day at 5am!

  27. My 2 boys are 4.5 and 6. Awake on a dime, 6am daily. Night time routine, bath at 5:40-6pm, dinner 6:30pm (whole family). Done by 7:30pm for one hour of one on one time with mum/dad reading, UNO or tv watching before 8:30pm bed. Holidays even later, but alas – no sleep in. Works 4 us because we ENSURE that every day, they get some form of physical activity that will leave them spent n sweaty. Usually after lunch so come dinner n bedtime, it’s straight to sleep. Mandatory wiping them out play.

    Gabs x

  28. Unfortunately we don’t get home each evening until 6pm. Its easier now with the girls being 12 & 14. As little ones the youngest would be falling asleep in her dinner and my eldest is a night owl now, obviously caused by a childhood of a later bedtime of at least 8.30pm. Never enough sleep. Always tired. Dark circles under the eyes. Weekends we catch up, then it starts all over again.

  29. I don’t finish work until 5pm but I have a 2.5yo who, like yours, needs 7pm bed at the latest but regardless of when she goes to sleep she will almost certainly be up with the birds at 5am, 6am if your lucky. We make good use of my Nanna’s old Crock Pot so we can have dinner on the table at 5:30pm. Then its bath, quiet time and bed by 7pm. Sometimes we can have the “get back to bed” fight for hours and whenever that happens it’s always a very restless night. The nightmares and talking in sleep has just begun and because I’m the lightest of light sleepers I always jump out of bed at the slightest noise. No-one gets enough sleep in our house. So like today, when hubby says he needs a day at home to catch up, I don’t even bat an eyelid because tomorrow it will be me saying that. You do what you have to!

  30. Seven o’clock lights out here.
    Dinner for everyone is 5:30 to 6:00 depending on how gourmet I am feeling.
    Then a bath for the toddler while I tidy.
    Then a few more minutes of quiet play while he drinks his cup of milk.
    Then it is teeth, books, a special goodnight and MOMMY TIME!

    He is usually pretty good through the night and we don’t hear from him again until five on a bad day and six thirty on a good day.
    We get a bad night where he wakes every few hours about once every two weeks.

    Mind you, it took us OVER A YEAR to get him to sleep like this.
    One year of waking just about every two hours. And sometimes being awake for over an hour.
    And of course he is still contained in his crib.
    I plan on leaving him in there until he is twelve.

  31. We are strict routine here too. All three kids in bed at 7pm. Its 7pm to give Clint a chance to see the kids after work, a couple of nights a week he gets home too late and they’re already asleep.
    Two of my kids are early risers (eldest and youngest) always before 6am. Until a week ago the baby was waking at 430am and driving me mental. Only good thing about early risers here is the girls start school at 730am so have to be up at 6am anyway.

  32. Sarah Owen-Green says

    LOVE me some routine! Preeeetty sure the kid (who doesn’t yet say much more than ‘wiggles, wiggles’ and ‘oh dear’) secretly thanks us for it, too. It’s tough work socialising at daycare 3 days a week!

  33. The earliest I can put my almost 2 year old and 4 year old to bed is 7pm, that’s usually if I am on my own so it’s dinner at 5:30(when they seem hungry and wanting to eat anyway) and then the routine of bath/stories/milk/teeth/bed. I then luxuriate in the peace and quiet and scoff chocolate.

    If my husband is home, then dinner is later, so everything else happens later. Bedtime is normally 7:30-8pm, sometimes, *gasp* even 8:30pm. Not so keen on this, it eats into my QUIET time.

    Can’t complain though, my children are great sleepers, maybe once or twice a night I have to get up to shove a dummy back into youngest’s mouth but generally, unless they are sick, it’s good night sleep tight. Up from 6:30 onwards.

  34. Im super strict with sleep (but not much else). My 4 are all in bed 7/7.30 and we dont see them until morning. I really love my evenings with my hubby and wouldn’t cope if the kids were up late or did the jack-in-the-box routine. i’ve never used bed as a threat and they seem to go to bed happily, no arguments. They’re pretty shattered by bedtime I have to say. They’re up at 6.30/7. As babies all woke for feeds at night until about 6 to 8 months and then slept through the night 7 to 6.30ish. It’s taken me a lot longer to get my newborn into a good routine but I’m getting there – so worth putting the hard yards in early. Everyone is happier. i’m reading some of the above comments and wondering just how they are all coping with non-sleepers. enjoy your evenings now Beth, soon we’ll be sharing our G & T’s with our hubby’s with the kids sitting on the couch next to us 🙂

  35. I’ve been blessed with the child that can survive on hardly any sleep. I’ve tried so many different routines that I’ve finally realised that he will forever be waking up BEFORE the birds. Being 10 Master Adam knows he’s not allowed out of bed before 6 am. He will then come and tell me he his up and will happily watch telly for a little while so his insomniac mother can sleep just that little bit longer.

  36. Beth – love the sound of your routine! I’m a big fan of the early bedtime. I’m wondering – are your girls in the same room? Mine share but I’m finding my younger daughter (2.5) needs to go down a bit earlier than her sister (4), but they have both been waking at 4.30am with the light and damn kookaburras. Damn you Qld and your lack of daylight savings…

  37. Beth we have always been exactly the same. Sometimes I used to put my now 3 yo to bed at 5pm! Because she used to wake at 4am no matter what. Early bedtime us an absolute must for us, even now that they are sleeping til 6am. Late bedtime does not equal a sleep in at our joint, no sirree!!

  38. Oh lord I’m feeling inadequate! Both my kids go down at 8.30. have an almost 3 and 5 year old. They share a room so they go down together. I try to leave them at daycare as late as possible So by the time dinner has been made and (not) eaten it’s about 7.30. Then they suddenly decide after tearing each other apart for the last 2 hours, that it’s time to play quietly. By the time I’ve managed to wrangle them into bath, teeth And bed it’s 8.30. Terrible, I know! My daughter is a great sleeper and used to go down religiously at 7pm but my son was waking with the sparrows. I’m talking 4 or 5 something. We discovered after coming back from a trip to Perth that when he went down later he also slept in later (still being on Perth time). So we just left it that way. I miss my evenings but god it’s nice to have a fairly normal night sleep.

  39. I am with you BabyMac – 6.30pm my youngest is asleep and the 3 year old is usually out by 7!! Bliss … they are also early risers regardless of how late they go to bed. I WISH people (well meaning relatives) would STOP saying – put them to bed later… grrrr!!!!! I love my quiet time (my husband and I eat at 7.30pm when they are asleep).

  40. My five yo is in bed between 6.30 and 7pm. Dinner between 5 and 5.30pm for both kiddies and sometimes us too. Bub usually crashes out about 6.30 too but it can depend on how late her sleep was. Sometimes I’m in and out of her room a hundred times rocking and bouncing and patting. Sometimes she goes out like a light. Usually I am woken by bub between 1 and 200 times during the night for a rock or a pat or a miscellaneous pain. Little boy usually comes in about 4.30am to tell me he is going to the toilet and then usually by 5am we are all up. My blessed husband lets me sleep til 6.30 most mornings as he knows I’ve usually been up in the night.

    So yes mine go to bed early with nary an exception as the 7.30 til 9.30 is about the most peace we get all day.

  41. Not once in the past 7 years has my son slept past 5 am…I kid you not…..regardless of bedtime (7.30pm). we have tried everything!…the best thing to finally do was just except that dawn is by far the best time of day (fuck off I hear you say!) well it bloody is all right!!
    Allison x

  42. Ours are in bed at 7 or 7:30 at the latest, and wake up at 7.
    Damn those bloody naps on the couch or in the car, cause they so ruin the ENTIRE evening, I hear you on that one. When my mother-in-law has the kids and drops them home with a casual “oh, Tate had a little nap in the car” I about start to cry. “Didn’t you make him sing and tickle his feet while you were driving you daft woman??!”
    Our 5 yr old sleeps through the night now, but the two boys are both waking up 3 – 10 times a night each.
    x Rhi

  43. Shit lady, you’ve got it sorted. I, need to get it sorted. I am getting there, improving with age etc… But to be honest for many years the sleep-time ritual has been quite lax around here. I’ve really been ringing it in lately, to prepare for big school. But still they’re not in bed until 7.30 at the earliest. I need some of that 6.30 action. I enjoyed this post very much xo

  44. My kids are 11,9 and 6. Bedtime is 7:30pm for the 6 and 9 year old girls and 8:30 for the 11 year old. The girls have melatonin to sleep. Without that sleep takes hours and hours

  45. I’m with you on this one Beth, kids in bed by 7pm every night. I love them, but I need it for my own sanity after spending an entire day with them!


  46. I am totally with you. We do the same thing with early dinner and quiet time (QT). I do things a little bit different in that my 9 and 7 year old have their baths while I do dinner. Depending on which child is tired and needing some relaxation they go in the bath first. I think kids are funny things because one day one if them wants to be first in the bath and then the next they want to go in last. Anyway the bath is

  47. Continued from above… Baths are done and pj’s put on while I do dinner then by 5.15-5.30 it’s dinner time then they do teeth and then they get 30 min of tv time and then it’s to bed for bedtime stories for the 7 year old and th 9 year old reads to me. The going to bed is 6.30 and then by the time the books are down and another cuddle for the 7 year old it’s mummy knock off time at 7pm. However that all has to start with tv off at 6.30pm. My kids too wake up the same time even if they are up late ie dinner at granny’s place. If you ever worry about how much sleep your kids need try and find the super nanny special parenting show she did in England on issues for parents and kids. She did it on food sleep etc and it was amazing the experiments they did and how much time kids need to sleep… Try and find it it was incredible Kathy A Brisbane

  48. I am big on routine, my hubby not so much. We are the very definition of opposites attract 😉 In early parenthood years I worked full time while he was the stay at home dad with our eldest and his lack of routine lead to me often walking in the door at 6 pm to him ‘napping’ with the our son. Yes, you read that right. He had a nap at about 5pm instead of getting started on the nighttime routine. I still think I need to go to couples counselling over this as thinking about that time in our life a good 5 years ago now still gives me the poops. Anyway, I digress. After waking from their ‘nap’ my son would not got to bed until 10pm with me steaming with frustration and hubby wondering what I was so concerned about (???) was not uncommon at this time in our life. Eldest child was 1 year old at this time. Not surprisingly, I decided to give up my job and we swapped roles.

    These days we have one who goes to bed fairly easily and the youngest who we find playing in his room, in the dark, quietly and all very stealth-like well past his bedtime. Bed time after dinner, bath, dressed/teeth/toilet, book routine is 8pm.

    The good things is the kids rarely wake up at night. Sometimes I wake up and find my youngest curled up on the end of our bed and i have no idea how or when he got there and i am a light sleeper !!! But mostly we all get a good nights sleep and then up at the crack of bloody dawn to start the day over again.

    6.30pm sounds almost impossible to me, but good on you and cheers to that.

  49. 6:30pm is a good night, a great night! I hi-fived my husband last night because they were asleep by 8pm, summer holidays have wreaked a bit of havoc. Mine are 6am risers no matter what too. It hurts!

  50. I’ve always been big on the night time routine and strict bedtime as I too have an early riser. Sometimes if the day starts at 5.30am (and days sleeps are long gone) my 4 year old is so ready for bed at 7pm (even if he doesnt agree, my sanity needs a break!)

    Hope for bub number 2 they exhibits far more friendlier tendencies towards sleep…

  51. our bed times have moved as ours have grown… 4.30 (freakishly crazy 8 week old) to 730 now with a nearly ten and nearly nine year old… they too are early wakers and they need sleep! we have our late night shannighans bu shit it makes for whingy kids! so our regular routine is there I would say 50 weeks a year and I am perfectly happy with that! each family does what works for them… sometimes it might mean we enjoy our kiddos for an hour after work but the weekends are pure family crazy, champagne fueled bliss x


  52. It’s so nice to know I am not alone in a strict, early bedtime routine!

    Mine are 6 & 3 and in bed by 7. Mr 6 reads for half an hour. Mr 3 is asleep by 7:01. They wake after 6:45 each morning. Mr 3 would sleep till 8 except we need to be at school by 8. He also has a 1.5-2hour day sleep. What can I say, I’m a sleep nazi.

  53. totally crackers like you, 6.30 bed time here, sometimes 6pm if they are particularly exhausted. we try to eat at 5 but if I decide to bath them before dinner to save my sanity, then it’s more like 5.30. absolutely 12hrs needed for all of them, and like you, being with them all day, I am absolutely okay with relishing ME time come 6.30 every night 🙂

  54. I’ve linked you to a blog post I hope that’s ok.

  55. anonymous says

    Yes I remember early bedtimes when I was a child, as soon as my brother and myself got in from school around 4-30pm our Mum would have a bath waiting and we would be then bathed and put into our pyjamas. We would then be given our evening meal and afterwards we would be allowed to play or watch TV till about 6-30pm which was then bedtime. Our Mum would then take us and put us to bed, if we were not asleep by 7-30pm we would be in bed for 6pm the following night. I think this continued till I was around 11yrs old and my brother who was 9yrs old.


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