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I’m found most days walking around with a smile on my face. All the pretty all around! I know I’m not alone in my thrill of seeing the Christmas lights sparkling at night and breathing in that intoxicating aroma of fresh pine – it’s such a lovely time of the year.

Thought you might like a look around.

This year I have gone with the cut some fresh pine or green what have you and whack some small $2 shop decos on there. Dead simple and a little bit fabulous I think. We have some pine trees in the back yard that I can take them from but I reckon you could ask anyone that had one and they’d be happy for you to take some cuttings. It’s just pine for goodness sake – I’m sure they will let you. Good alternative for people with little ones or less space.

I did it in the hallway with some holly too. HOLLY! Found some in a paddock up the road.

Am in love with these lights.

Can you see how big our tree is? It’s massive.

Harps picked this deco up today from Bed Bath & Table. They have the best decos and 30% off at the mo too. A figure a nice one for each lady each year will make for a collection they can have on their own trees one day?

I love catching Harper staring at the tree in wonderment. Christmas is just the best isn’t it?

I’m also over at the Cenovis Good Stuff Guide today talking about the one time, when I had to solo parent for two weeks.


  1. Tree envy! Also love the Xmas babushkas

  2. Traci Sparkle Devlin says

    Hey lady, where’d you get them lights?

  3. The tree looks great with all the decorations. Your home is beautiful!

  4. That tree is huge! Beth we have the same tradition here which a mum’s friend inspired me to do. Each year the children choose 1 decoration for the tree. Then when they leave home you pack up all the decorations and they begin the tradition again with their own tree in their own homes. Off to find an awesome decoration for Raffie’s 1st Christmas.

  5. It may be the crazy painkillers I’m taking, but I just wanted to say how much I enjoy and appreciate your blog. I am having a bit of a rough trot at the moment (33 weeks pregnant, acute (read hurts like a BASTARD) sinus infection, scary surgery next week to sort it all out) and you are a little ray of sunshine in my otherwise crappy day. I may even sum up the energy to put the tree up tonight. Thanks Beth. Claire.

    • Claire, do you know how much your comment made my day? THANK YOU! I’ll take the crazy pepped up on drugs praises! I hope things get a bit brighter…I know the pain of a bad sinus infection it’s AWFUL, not to mention throwing in 33 weeks pregnancy into the mix. I am happy to be a little ray in your day – that’s JUST the thing I needed to hear today, so thank you xxx

  6. That garland! I love it. Did you make it or where shall i get my hands on one? Should make one but finding the time with two tiny tots is near impossible. Your place looks great.

  7. Where did Harper get that frock?

  8. My mom and dad used to buy us an ornament every year.
    It was always our Christmas Eve present.
    We would open it, hang it on the tree, read Twas A Night Before Christmas and then go to bed and wait for Santa to come!

    Thank you for the reminder of such a nice memory!

  9. You have the same colourful ball lights as me! Except mine are still in a cupboard somewhere…

  10. Tree looks great – I like the smaller ones in vases. I’m thinking of changing mine as I have spent most of the day fending of my little guy from the tree, he has been eating great big bloody chunks out of my decorations – it’s playing havoc with my OCD!

  11. I also buy my children an ornament every year for them to start a collection for their “Grown Up” trees. It is a lovely tradition and it will be a sad day when they no longer grace my tree. P.S. I am off to NYC next year and have been trawling back through your posts….loved them all! So much information and gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I love your tree! I saw you in Bowral today! We’re on holidays from Melbourne and stopped on the way to Sydney. I was too shell-shocked to say hello!

  13. Each year growing up my parents would take us into the David Jones Elizabeth street store where we would have our Santa photo and each pick a decoration for the tree. I have such wonderful memories of this family tradition and so thankful that I got to do this with my son for his first Christmas this year. It truly is a special time of the year. Merry Christmas! Stacey H

  14. I love the little decorated trees -such a good idea! Good for people like me who hate cleaning up after a big real tree – but I reckon I can handle the baby ones πŸ™‚

  15. Oooo I LOVE your pics AND your home lady, a little Christmas Wonderland. I have been delighting in those looks of wonderment around here too. It is SO cool how excited the little ones get over the tree. Those little coloured baubles hanging over the door are amazing! xoxo

  16. LOVE that peacock deco – gorgeous!! so wish we had bed bath & beyond in honkers!!!

  17. Thanks Beth,

    I could really use this kind of happy today πŸ™‚

    P.S waiting ever so patiently for Beverly to hit iPhones πŸ™‚

    My heart is pounding with pride for you x

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