Sweet little home {away from} home

This morning we are checking out of our wonderful little apartment that we have called home for the past week. It’s with a heavy heart that we are leaving it for what will be a smaller and most likely shabby and dated hotel room where the conference is being held.

I was quite nervous about booking accommodation when we were here – we needed a little extra space with two of us and all our shopping – and a hotel room just wouldn’t have cut it for all that time. Not to mention the cost of it – the apartment is SO much cheaper than a comparable hotel room in this location – I couldn’t have been happier with it.

There has been space to sit and write.

And an amazing view.

So close to every direction in the city.

And a view of our favourite building in this whole darn tootin’ city.

I’ll always remember our afternoon’s here. Back exhausted from a day out to check emails and get writing our posts.

Or just a place to lay down and relax.

There were always reruns of Friends on that I couldn’t help but watch.

So long sweet little apartment!

I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough and wanted to share the link with you because so many people have asked about it. I found the process of booking on Air BnB really professional and easy and our host Andrea was nothing but helpful and accommodating to all our needs – including leaving food and drinks in the fridge for us – and a little Kangaroo too! She also has another apartment which can be rented in the building too. If you are looking for somewhere to stay in New York do yourself a favour!

I was not sponsored or paid to write this post. It’s just me looking out for you in case you were interested and because Andrea was so great. You’re welcome!


  1. Your photos are so amazing.

  2. Oh stop it! I have bookmarked this baby for the NY trip sans-kids that is in the pipeline for us. I can’t tell you how much I am loving your posts. I want to be there now!

  3. I am so sad you are leaving this little slice of heaven too – have loved these posts!

  4. I’m sad we are leaving here too 🙁

  5. Yes it looks like a great apartment. I love the wine and champers bottles strewn about in the mix with coffee cups and magnifying mirrors for applying da makeup. tee hee!

  6. Oh my golly good graciousness!!! If my desire to return to the city of “wow” wasn’t already strong as a mofo, it sure is NOW!
    I am so thankful that you have taken us on your trip with you. The pictures, the descriptions, just you and your pure joy at being there. Makes for the most amazing reading.

    Keep it coming!!!! xx Meagan @ ciderinthesun

  7. Oh that view!
    And I love how many pics have wine in them x

  8. Good to know, I’ll pop this link in my favourites. xToni

  9. I too am sad that you’re leaving the apartment, I have loved the photos and stories that go with them. Enjoy the next bit – BlogHer!!

  10. I just want to thank you guys. You have made me and my mum soooo excited and PUMPED!!! for our trip. We leave in 3 weeks!!!! The nerves are stirring!!!
    Rebecca S.

  11. Anonymous says

    Oh, skip the conference.
    Its been a great week reading your posts in NY.
    Thanks for link to the apt too.

  12. I too love the wine and pizza boxes in all the photos…testaments to a lovely time!
    I am sad that you are leaving this apartment…and that we all have to check out with you!
    While I can’t wait to hear all about BlogHer, these posts when you and Mrs. Woog have been discovering NYC have been wonderful!

  13. Oh so beautiful! I am loving all your posts and reading about NY through the eyes of you and Mrs W.
    Thank you for sharing the link.
    We are thinking about heading there in a year or two but I was wondering what you thought of NY with kids? Would you go again with your girls being the age they are or wait til they were much older? Do toddlers and New York mix? xx

  14. Love Mrs Woog’s legs swinging there and not touching the ground xx

  15. We are definitely staying there next year when we go. (Not that I’ve arranged or organise or saved or even told hubby – positive thinking hey?)

  16. I’ve just used Airbnb to travel around Europe and found it fantastic. So much cheaper and I love having the space, the ability to cook our own meals and do our own washing. It has changed how I travel.

  17. It is a little sad that you’re leaving, I kinda liked your apartment too. It’s so Sex in the City. You’ll always have New York lady xo

  18. Carls Alejandra says

    Oh noooooo
    Just checked the link and the link for other apartment link for a possible Xmas in New York this year and it’s not there anymore!
    Do you remember the person’s name – I know you said it was Andrea, but do you have any other details for me to try to track this down?
    thanks lovely xx

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