Saturday night’s alright

It was cold here last night. A freezing wind blew all day which hurt your ears and your lungs. In the evening the drizzle came in and settled for the night quietly tapping away on the tin roof.

We had some friends over for dinner for a long overdue catch up.

Thankfully it was warm inside.

The girls went to bed early. No kids. Just adults.

I made a slow cooked lamb shoulder with some roast potatoes, salsa verde and a simple rocket & Parmesan salad. It was simple and delicious if I don’t mind saying so myself.

Our friends bought dessert – which helps when you run an organic fruit bottling company.

Pears in honey. Paw paws.

With some vanilla bean yoghurt? Yes please.

Some of my left over American treats.

Some cheese. Some (OK probably too much) wine. Sharing a meal you’ve lovingly prepared with good company and good food and wine makes me very happy.

And after we had done the clean up a natter with my husband by the fire until 1.30am. A perfect night at home.


  1. Sounds perfect! The photos are gorgeous x

  2. Gorgeous. I haven’t had a dinner party in years. Thinking I might have to organise one.

  3. What a beautiful evening and amazing photographs to match.
    Thankyou for sharing the warmth.xx

  4. Lovely. Meals at your home always look so yummy, made with love.

  5. Good friends, good food, a warm fire and time spent with your husband. The PERFECT Saturday night in my opinion!

    Love your photo’s πŸ™‚

  6. That does sound like the perfect evening.
    And gorgeous photos too.

    I think whoever mentioned that you should do a blogging giveaway where the prize is dinner at your house is on to something!

  7. awwww lovely! I think you should run dinner party 101 lessons down there, send the mini buses down from sydney:) I’ll need some tips as hubby wants me to make him a special dinner next weekend for his birthday – with a newborn! that should be interesting

    love the fruit pics, must go and check out the links. they look lovely


  8. Sounds perfect. I would love a recipe for the lamb shoulder!

  9. I think I could feel the warmth through the screen and the absolutely gorgeous photos. Looks perfect.

  10. That table is beyond gorgeous. You have such a beautiful eye for dressing a table.

  11. Lovely!!

  12. All round sparkling evening, just deliciously cosy in every way, love Posie

  13. Can I be your friend….we can come to dinner anytime..:-)

  14. A blog post in pictures. Love it! Let’s the imagination run rampant (or just let’s me pretend I was there…)

  15. Sounds very lovely and cosy – somehow I long for autumn and winter now!


  16. Dear Babymac,

    that looked like the perfect night. I do love the way you set a table. x

  17. Is that really necessary? If this is not a blog you like, why waste your time commenting?

    The way I see it, a blog is like a diary and the those that write them are sharing part of their lives. Rather than being self-absorbed, it’s actually quite a generous thing to do.. I regularly read a handful of blogs (this one included) and am grateful to the authors for sharing their thoughts and experiences.

    If you don’t enjoy it, move on and read something else. Choosing instead to attack the author says much more about your flaws than it could about anyone else’s.

    • Arent we all entitled to our own opinions. Why does it all have to be positive and self fulfilling. No, i dont like it, but I can still read and watch and comment. It seemed appropriate with the flow. Im only following this for my thesis. And dont worry, I do follow plenty of genuinely good blogs too. We all have flaws JP. But if you are going to put yourself out there so “generously” then u need to be prepared for the good,the bad, and the ugly.

    • Why? Why do we have to put up with the bad and the ugly Sarah? Would it really kill you to not participate in the sledging of other women? Who made you and the other Anonymous negatives the fun police? It’s just a nasty pasttime putting others down for your own enjoyment. Sure, constructive comments could be helpful, except you haven’t offered any. But I’m thrilled Mrs Mac is being included in a thesis, I’m just more suprised you have the ability to write one!

    • @ Sarah, throwing the thesis comment in, doesn’t make you look smart, shallow, perhaps, but not smart.

      Keep up the good work Babymac x

    • Market Findlay says

      Shouldn’t you be getting ethics approval to use Beth’s blog for your thesis Sarah?

    • Carly Findlay says

      Oops autocorrect! It’s Carly Findlay
      Also – perhaps Sarah should get approval from Beth To use her blog for her thesis?!

  18. Oh dear… there are so many blogs to read that if you do not like what you are reading, you can actually go to another! . Like television…just change channels. No need to be hurtful. By the way just a spelling correction…conceited not conceded. Two totally different meanings, Anonymous.

    • Thanks for that…like i said, we all have our flaws. But funny that u knew which of the two I meant in reference to BabyMac. And u know, this is what I dont get. I can watch even though I dont like. Does your world have to be so perfect that u only let the good in? Poor you.

  19. Hi Sarahs and Anons, What are you expecting to gain/experience through your comments? Is trolling blogs part of your thesis? So you don’t enjoy the blog, congratulations. Move on. If you want to insult the blogger publicly, rethink your motivation and be constructive instead. Remember your manners ladies (or men) If you haven’t got anything nice to say….


  20. Hope you do a spell check before you submit your thesis.

  21. Looks like a lovely evening was had by all, and I for one enjoyed very much this glimpse into what looks like a fun night.

    Haters are gonna hate.. jealousy is a curse. Don’t feed the trolls.

  22. Love your table and sounds like a perfect night to me too.

  23. I have a sneaking suspicion that part of the trolls’ kindy-thesis, involves a chapter on the effect that trolls can have on a blog. Lets not buy into their sad, pathetic and highly transparent attempts to incite those of us who genuinely love reading BabyMac and Mrs Woog’s adventures. I’m sure that like all badly behaved children, if we just ignore them, they’ll give up and annoy someone else.

  24. Loved your post and the description of the food! Kept reading through the comments and they had me laughing out loud.

  25. Beth, love this post….keep doing what you are doing, we love you x

  26. I’ve never understood why others feel the need to try and crush another’s spirit.

    I loved this post and every single other one. Never stop writing Beth! I love your honesty, your journeys (the good and the bad!) and all the gorgeous photos that compliment your posts.


  27. Night’s like that are the best. As much as I dislike Winter, when it’s cosy on the inside and freezing on the outside, there isn’t much better. Love the photos as always. And that delectable fruit, drool xo

  28. Loving the Hamptons style chairs out the front. Beautiful photos as always.

  29. I personally LOVE your blog Beth and the gorgeous pics that go along with it.

    sounds like you had such a wonderful night xo


  30. Those anons who have posted negative comments here… why are you not proud enough of your words to put your name to them?
    Yes you are free to read any blog but if you cant say anything nice why say anything at all?
    I feel so sorry for you all as you must have such sad empty lives that the only way you can make yourselves feel better and lift yourselves up is to put someone else down.
    I hope you can look inside your hearts and see you will feel so much better giving kindness than you do by being cruel.

    • Well said Deb! I love Baby Mac and I love reading your blog Beth. I think all these negative comments are just a very sad reflection of the writers lives and insecurities. That is all the nasty I will let in here. We should be supporting one another and embracing our differences not tearing others apart. Keep up the great work Beth, I for one will be continuing to read your blog for as long as you write it, and if you ever stop (God forbid!) I will probably mourn that loss just as deeply as I would the loss of a good friend.

  31. While I don’t agree with the comments from Anonymous and Sarah above, I don’t think everyone calling them various vile names or insinuating that they have lower intelligence levels really helps matters much, in fact some may say it’s just as bad.

    I also think the word troll is used far too often. You can disagree with someone or not like someone and post your views without it being considered trolling, that is allowed.

    I will say that if you have the balls to not agree with the majority, the majority come after you.

    The original commentator’s comments may have had no place here but the nastiness that they have brought out says a lot too unfortunately.

    Beth your Saturday evening looked lovely. I bet it feels like NY was months ago rather than days!

    • I think there’s a difference between disagreeing and being nasty. I don’t like nasty regardless of which “side” people take.

    • And if you’re going to offer up a negative opinion have the guts to put your name and blog to it. That’s what trolling is … it’s being negative and nasty but in a cowardly way.

    • Perhaps they don’t blog?

      And I’m well aware of what a troll is considered.

      And I’ve never understood the argument about putting your name to a comment rather than doing it anonymously. What’s the difference between me writing my name in the box – Martha and someone leaving it blank? For all anyone knows I could be a hairy guy called Frank!

      As I’ve already said, I don’t agree with the original comments made but I also don’t agree with everyone jumping on the bandwagon to shout them down, both are childish and it reads like it’s back in a school playground. I understand people wanting to defend or go into bat for Beth but like so many have told Anonymous and Sarah to do – don’t like it move on rather than leave nasty comments in reply.

    • Without putting your name (or a correct email address) to a comment, it is the same as talking about someone behind their back.

    • Well said Martha

  32. There is a big reason why I read your blog everyday, Beth, and it’s because you have such a beautiful way of capturing your life in photos and words. Not everyone can do that with equal amounts of grace and humour but you do. Love your guts x

  33. I love the glimpse in to the warmth of your heart that this post, especially the photos, brings. You are my girl crush and always will be. Xxxx

  34. I read your blog and view your photos out of a genuine interest for you and your lovely family and life you’ve made for yourselves in a very beautiful setting. Reading BabyMac is like turning the pages of a beautiful magazine.
    Much love to you. A more kindly person I’m yet to meet.
    D xxx

  35. Do you think our darling Beth is tucked up in bed, sleeping next to her beautiful husband, dreaming about her beautiful kids with a smile on her face wile she sleeps? Do u think she read this, laughed, switched off the computer and brushed her teeth and called it a night. I hope with all my might she did and didn’t take any if this on! Jem

  36. I never comment but I loved this post. Blogs are like free magazines and I even got a comedy show with this one!

  37. You’ve done it again Beth. Its 2:30 and this pregnant lady is hungry.

    I must stop reading in the middle of the night.

    • Hmmm blogger is playing silly buggas on me I think… “publish” decided to “delete”!

      Danielle you should know better hun lol Reading blogs always makes one hungry!

      Beth you’ve now got me in the mood to cook something yummy, and I really hate cooking!

      Looks like you had an awesome night xxx

  38. I love everything about your blog. Mean people SUX

  39. Good Lord! It’s like being at a great bar having fantastic drinks with the best company…when an unattractive drunk comes over and tries to ‘join in’ making a dick of themselves.
    Oh well. As the saying goes ‘Don’t try and win over the haters, you are not the Jerk Whisperer’
    Love your work Beth
    As we were xxxx

  40. Hahahaha Danielle! You should know better by now hun!!

    Beth you’ve freakishly now made me want to cook something yummy! I hate cooking so much, but dang, YUM!

    Sounds like you had an awesome night πŸ™‚


  41. Oh dear, I have missed something. People will always try and bring other people down if they have some insecurities. Don’t worry too much about these people.

    I will let you into my husband’s secret. His reads your blog and rings me to let me know when another Over the Back Fence episode has been uploaded and he doesn’t even read my blog.

    I love the table and the menu. I will be ‘copying’ most of the elements that you cooked in a few weeks.

    Keep up the good work.

  42. Inspiring and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us.

  43. I haven’t commented before but Beth, I just wanted you to know that I think your blog is wonderful! You have such a warm and funny spirit that comes through in your writing and I love reading it. Keep up the great work πŸ™‚

  44. Those photos were beautiful.. first time I’ve been here but will be back..lovely.

  45. Carly Findlay says

    And your pictures also make me look very forward to getting home πŸ™‚ on my way – at LAX now!
    I love the way you document your days- it is a lovely momento for you and your family. Keep up the good work- you’re a talented photographer and writer x

  46. Gorgeous photos Beth. You inspire me to sort my dingy little Crash Palace out and throw a party πŸ˜‰

  47. Hi there, I used to love one of the exec producers on a show I worked for, who’d reply to letters of complaint by saying” Dear XYZ, I am the executive producer of this show, and you are NOT!’

    You are the author of this blog and the trolls are not. Delete, delete, delete!

  48. Heidi Fitz says

    Beth … you are the queen of flowers and candles!Lucky friends i say! (loving those preserved fruits too!) Hx

  49. Yes love the photos, looks so cosy and inviting!

  50. Hey Anon, would you rather Beth write about how crap her life is (right..), post boring, badly shot photographs (as if!) and still blog? I’ll bet you’d champion her then, cause everybody loves an underdog. It makes then feel a little bit better about their own lives….and I for one find this terribly sad about our world these days.

    Fuck that.

    So Beth, post away about your beautiful house, wonderful family, gorgeous husband and loving kids, warm nights with friends.

    I’m standing on my chair applauding you my friend and wishing the same for myself.

    It’s called aspiration anonymous. Look it up.

    Love ya guts Beth.

    Gabs xx

  51. Damn I missed all the action. Anyway, I would rather come here and see these gorgeous and inspirational pictures. Love your sharing Beth. x

  52. I feel like I was there πŸ™‚

    You really are so generous Beth,


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