Pressing matters

So many important things to cover off, best I use some form of bullet point/numbering system for efficiency.

1. Calling all GARDENERS/people knowledgeable in matters of the garden…I have a question for you. My garden is filled with the prettiest of flowers at the moment – the humble Hellebore (otherwise known as a Winter Rose). They are sweet and lovely and I wish to fill every vase I own with them but…BUT…they last about 2 hours in a vase. They droop. They are messy. They look sad. Is there any way that they can be used without this happening? Sugar in the water? Split stems? HOW? Teach me your ways oh wise people. I’ll pay you back with gratuitous shots of hellebore’s in every vase I own. I know! SUCH good payment right?

2. Could chartreuse be the best colour that ever existed, ever? Indeed, could it be the best word that exists? I got a new Country Road scarf from my little sis for my Birthday that is more fluro yellow than it is chartreuse but it’s safe to say that it is my favourite and my best colour at the moment. I’m sure if I had my “colours” done it would tell me I was WAY off, but what would expert people know when it comes to matters of the heart?

Exhibit A: my new top from Century 21 (ruddy man hand free of charge, you’re welcome)

Exhibit B: My new Anthropologie cardi. See those grey spots hanging down? They are PART of the cardi. The lining! Is there anything that they cannot do?

Exhibit C: That Witchery Scarf. I know it’s yellow and not chartreuse by whatever. It’s in the SAME FAMILY and it’s hot.

3. It occurred to me when I got home that my youngest daughter was starting to look a little like Sterlo, aka Peter Sterling the Rugby league football player from about circa 1982) and things had to be fixed. Fast. The original baby hair was the culprit – wispy and mullety and BEAUTIFUL – but I knew it had to go. I didn’t know how she would go though – if she was anything like her older sister she would rather poke herself in the eyes than sit in a hairdressers chair and get her hair cut, so I was a little, shall we say, hesitant.

We went to a local hairdressers in the next small town, forked out a tenner and I sat and watched as she stayed entirely still and did not move not once for 20 minutes, whilst she loved herself silly. Kids are funny the way they are different aren’t they? So long Sterlo…

Hello Toddlers and Tiaras! She ASKED me to take her photo while she stood like this. I couldn’t make this shit up if I tried. Please pay extra attention to the bed making skills in the background. That’s just how I roll people…should I work on an online course? People would pay right?!

4. I spotted this little statue/thing in Bed, Bath & Table and I squealed a little, immediately took a picture and sent it to Mrs Woog and then decided that I HAD to have it. It’s only my favourite building from NY (The Chrysler building that you could see from our apartment). Next paid job I get I’m going right on in there and purchasing it then placing it somewhere and stroking it daily. Weird? YOU BET.

5. Finally, last night as I sat down to a Ginger & Lemongrass tea I pondered just why a pot doesn’t cut it after a long day of cleaning, washing, working and child wrangling and wondered what IS the best, most refreshing non alcoholic go to beverage? I knew you guys would know. Thanks!


  1. cut the stems diagonally and make a mix of sugar, bleach and something else which i cannot think of!!may even be lemonade??

  2. Hellebores do droop. I once worked for a florist and we used to cut them off and put them into warm water in the vase.

  3. Pick the hellebores early morning and (don’t scream) plunge them into boiling water. This scalds the cut and you get a litle longer, trust me – give it a go.

  4. Shauna McMillin says

    Beth are you (& your stellar tv debut!) the reason that gorgeous witchery Pom Pom scarf is coming back in October?? Back by popular demand, their words. I gotta get me one! Shauna

  5. I know nothing of these hellebores of which you speak – but someone will! How cute-as-a-button is your girl?? Nice job with the bed making – you and my mother-in-law should join forces.

    The eternal question – why is tea not a good substitute for sav blanc? Let me know when you’ve figured it out.

  6. actually I just came across this the other day

    Looks totally delicious.

  7. 1. chartreuse is one of my favourite colours

    2. I sometimes have sparkling mineral water instead of booze. I said sometimes.

    3. those flowers will never stay turgid but you need almost hottish water, bleach, and white sugar. Set them in a metal frog.

    4. I have that doona cover myself. Bed making is a special talent. Unmade messy beds are the Devil’s Work.

  8. What does non alcoholic mean?

  9. San Pellegrino Limonata – you know the ones in the cute little glass bottles that you can re-use? They’re kind of $$$ but cheaper than wine. I pop a straw in and it feels like a ‘special’ grown-up drink if you know what I mean.

    The bunk bed making is impressive. I fancy myself as a good bed-maker but alas do not have the bunk gene!

  10. I’m very much with you in the chartreuse club! I swing with orange too but figure it’s all citrus x

  11. Apple Tea from Tea2. It’s a powder you mix with hot water. You can also use it with cold water in summer. Love the yellow (of all shades and tones). Wish I could rock yellow but no such luck!

  12. Ah, the non-alcoholic drink at the end of the day – I am hearing you! I am rather fond of saxby’s diet ginger beer. The other thing I discovered is that Coopers makes something they call Birrell ultra light – I don’t think they can call it beer as it has no alcohol, but it does taste like beer. So, there you go! Can’t help you on the flowers – but someone else has. I love the toddlers and tiaras shot!

  13. DUDE – i know diddly squat about cut flowers and what makes them last longer… but i will watch and learn.
    chartreuse is totally the colour of the season! one might even go a little crazy and throw in a spot of that colour here in melbs. unheard of, i know.
    as for miss patootie, don’t we all want our photo taken with hairdresser hair?? i know i take at least four selfies without even walking out the salon door!
    the trouble with selecting a non-alcoholic drink is that it is non-alcoholic…but should you choose such a path, i will not judge, but steer you in the direction of a bit of old school lemon, lime and bitters – so refreshing and my go to party drink when i am not actually at a party.
    at last but not least, the chrysler buidling…le sigh. but did you not spot the dotty bowls at midnight from the chrysler!? HOT. NEED. BUYING.

  14. You could get some florist wire from a craft store, pierce it under the flower head and twist it gently around and down the stem.. perfect perky roses

  15. Ohhhh, the haircut…..I just did a little swoon for your baby because she is even more adorable with her new hairstyle. What a big girl for sitting like that for the hairdresser.

  16. Kelly-Anne says

    I would love to know your secrets on making a bunk bed – especially the top bunk…

    • Kelly-Anne, you will notice the top bunk is not shown. That is because they CANNOT be made well. I give it a red hot go, and yet it NEVER meets my high standards.

  17. Love your girls bed linen, my gal has it in the same range “Chinese blossom” Pip&something… or something like that! great colours! Mx

  18. Sorry I can’t help with the flowers….but am LOVING your cardi and witchery scarf!! I hope my little man sits as still for his first haircut this coming weekend as your little one…Her pose is hilarious!! She is so proud and very cute! Gorgeous bedding for the girls too. You got skills Lady! Jx

  19. I have bed envy!

  20. I think the key to a satisfying non alcoholic beverage is tonic water. The Mr makes me a drink with is lemon and raspberry cordial (as in lemon cordial and raspberry cordial) and tonic. It satisfies the craving most days.

    • I agree Lisa! I once gave up booze for 3(!) months and tonic water was the KEY. It made me feel like I was still having a G&T. And with all that quinine I was NEVER going to get malaria.

    • Tonic and citrus and maybe a mint leaf, a bit refreshing like the G & T

  21. Can I ask: it’s wonderful the talent you have for bed-making (which I do not share). I do need the help of your online course. Can you please include: how to stop the top sheet fold-over looking all wrinkly with kinks at the hem after just one night of sleeping? And how to keep the bed looking like it does in that photo when the occupants wish to use it as a play-surface/trampoline during the day? Many thanks, M.

    • Margot, children are very difficult when trying to maintain a orderly home. Because of this I tie them up and don’t let them play anywhere, at any time. I let Harper out for that one shot, and that is why the bed is as smooth as it is. Other than that, I have no advice really.

    • Of course I am KIDDING. Because inevitably someone will write to me saying something similar. So this is me, spelling it out. I LET MY CHILDREN PLAY. EVEN ON MADE BEDS.

  22. top sheets are for amateurs.

    In the interests of saving time when it comes to bed making, they must go.

    No one is allowed to sit on a made bed in the Fuchsiadome.

    • FF, can’t wait to see what happens when you know who is old enough to wreak havoc on a made-up bed in the Fuchsiadome!

  23. This is the recipe for cut flower preservative that I always use and it has never failed me!
    2 tablespoons white vinegar
    2 tablespoons sugar
    1/2 teaspoon household chlorine bleach
    1 L warm water

    I’ve been off the booze for about 6 months now, and I am partial to that old nanna staple soda water, but served in a wine glass with a slice of lime or lemon (and perhaps some elderflower cordial mixed in if I want it a bit sweeter). Everything tastes better in a fancy glass.

  24. Ok here is my beverage list. 1 bundaberg sarsaparilla , I have the diet one! 2 earl grey tea, witha good splash of milk, into which I dunk my no sugar chocolate and mint from sugarless co. Then soda water utilizing the soda stream machine into which I have place slices of lemon or lime and mulled them with a fork. And finally, the old hit chocolate. Nestlé make a great tasting one that is called hot choc complete mix, into which you pour boiling water and add a good dash of milk.

  25. Droopy flowers – try Viagra! Kidding, kinda. I would imagine it would be the same as hydrangeas maybe where you dip then in boiling hot water. As for non alcholic drinks? There is no such thing! 🙂

  26. I’m loving citrus. Orange and navy is my new fave colour combo. And I like yellow but I look a bit too much like a traffic light if I wear it close to my face.
    As for flowers – no tips due to allergies. I can only look at flowers on a screen. Lucky for your blog.
    Harper looks cute – over her new haircut.
    Non alcoholic drinks – try lderflower

  27. Grrr my comments often freeze on the iPad. Try elderflower cordial mixed with mineral water. Agrium is also good. I don’t drink much in the week so it’s mostly water for me.

  28. And Ahh – I’m not over Harper’s haicut, I love it! Must proofread – but I swear it’s the iPad freezing my blogger comments.

  29. That girl is too cute…love the hair cut!

    As for drinks, in the winter it is hot chocolate for me and in the summer I do a ginger, lime and mint cooler…fresh ginger, fresh lime juice, some mint leaves and the smallest drop of honey…mash those up (I think the fancy bartender word is muddle)…add soda water and serve over ice!

  30. (white) grapefruit and tonic or elderflower cordial or tea for me 🙂

  31. Your bed making skills are truly spectacular!

  32. I love ginger and lemongrass cordial with soda water. Bottle Green make an excellent one. Used to be available at Woolies:

    K xx

  33. How cute is Harper’s new do?! She is a doll & a half. And I LOVE your cardi & scarf, love them! But I think I may have mentioned that before xo

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