Last night for a refreshing change, we were in bed early and not blind drunk which meant that we were fresh as Daisies this morning for our Sunday morning trip over to Brooklyn. Because we are ladies, and clearly think we are far fancier than we actually are, we called Percy the driver to come and collect us and show us around his neighbourhood in Brooklyn. He arrived at 10 and drove us around stopping whenever we wanted and laughing at all our jokes – such a gentleman! He even had a sunroof so I could just sit and take snaps, like this one, of Freedom Tower down in the Financial District. It was all very pleasant.

It’s something else down there, down near where the twin towers are. We didn’t get a pass or have a close look but we had a good look around and you couldn’t help but be moved by the whole experience. This poor city, you can feel and see it’s scars down there.

We stopped to see that famous bull of Wall Street – so many people taking photos of it. Mrs Woog tried to get in there to kiss it (I talked her out of straddling it), but there were too many people. About time for that bull to kick into the market don’t you think?

Because for the last 5 years or so it’s been bullshit. Ba-boom-ching!

This cop was HOT. Look at him! Adorable. Of course I had to take a snap of him with Mrs W. We also liked him even more because he referred to us and our driver as VIP. It doesn’t take much to make us happy – hot cops handing us out compliments.

Don’t you worry New York, no one ever will. Well not me anyway…

I still can’t get over the layers in this city. Each street and lane way there’s layers of building, of architecture, of sizes and colours. And look at the scale of it all! I spend my entire time looking up – there’s so much you could miss out on.

We ducked over the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. THE BROOKLYN BRIDGE.

We headed into Brooklyn Heights for a coffee and look around. Percy showed us the good sights. Rob,  if we ever need to move over here, I found our street. Brownstones people, BROWNSTONES. With flower boxes nonetheless!

And people riding their bikes on a Sunday morning!

Just past my new found house was this. What’s that? Just motherfucking NEW YORK that’s what. And Percy, chatting away to us.

And more handsome men riding bikes.

There’s our house Rob, just over there on the right.

Next stop on the tour was Percy’s secret spot. I teased him that that’s where he brings his lady friends when making the moves, but to get there we had to go past many deserted warehouses which actually made us think that this was the bit where we found out that Percy wasn’t actually a driver, but a killer, and he was taking us to a warehouse to shoot us, whack some concrete shoes on us, and throw us in the Hudson. He didn’t kill us, he’s legit. And this spot? Magic.

A stroll down the pier to see a certain lady.

LADY LIBERTY that’s who. Fist pumping for freedom. Lighting the way for us all. I get it sister, I get it.

Both Mrs W and I had a moment at the end of that pier. Not together. But it was an “in the moment” moment. That old bloke there was listening to some Nat King Cole, it was quiet, and still, and so freaking BEAUTIFUL.

Percy then dropped us off for our iconic walk over the bridge. I was quite impressed that Mrs W agreed to it, and she didn’t even complain once! See what getting over jet lag will do to a lady? Good girl Pookie!

I know. It took my breath away too.

Take it in. I did. Goosebumps right?

And look! It’s me! Hi Mum!

Post walk we were still feeling good so it was off to Century 21. I can barely do justice to that place. Whilst she ain’t pretty, she is CHEAP. Oh my stars was she CHEAP. Yes, capitals are required. As is repetition. CHEAP. Got it? I got some new Nike runners for under $50 and decided then and there that I was going to become a runner. Which meant that I had to purchase a running ensemble, which I did because everything was so CHEAP. I have a new fancy Nike bra thingy and fancy pants that were reduced from $130 to $15 and I’m not even kidding. I have socks, and a t shirt, and tomorrow? Imma RUN THROUGH CENTRAL PARK. In my fancy fluros. Yuh huh.

Which is a good thing because shopping ended with this. A stop off at our local pizza place Pizza Rustica on 2nd where our friend Rivita sorted us out good and proper.

Bucket list check off number 5? TICK.

It was all that and some. God Bless America.


  1. OMG I must go! These pictures are amazing. Glad you are having such a good time 🙂

  2. I’m LOVING your photos Beth! NY truly is an insanely magical place!! I was just constantly in awe at every corner, every sight when there!
    And how fricken huge are the pizzas?! So cheesey & greasy…love it!

  3. What a great post, Beth. This is the second best thing to being there.

  4. Awesome pics. I’m coming to BlogHer from Australia on Wednesday and your pics just made me wet my pants with excitement. Thanks, Leigh

  5. I am just loving your trip for so many reasons.

  6. Five words: I WANT TO GO BACK. Oh AND….runners rock 🙂 xxx

  7. Anonymous says

    Loving all your stuff!
    Keep it coming.
    I love NY too!

  8. I think you need NY tourist bureau to sponsor your posts 🙂 I love your way with words and am excited for you that the jeans you purchased the other day are size 8! Well done!!!!

  9. Just beautiful. You really do that amazing city justice.
    Stuff Europe…I wanna go back to NYC!

  10. These are terrific photos. I am loving seeing NYC through your lens and words! I can’t wait to get back to NYC…hopefully sooner rather than later. Jx

  11. New York Pizza… words needed

  12. Living vicariously through you both. Loving it! Thank you, THANK YOU!

  13. I was in Brooklyn this morning as well! Snap! Sounds like you lovely ladies are having a great trip in this fabulous city xxx

  14. Loving your NY posts Beth!

  15. Your photos are great, I’m loving it. xToni

  16. Those bridge photos are so good.

    How fab is Century 21? I remember you could source a DVF wrap frock for $50 when they were going for $800 back in Oz at DJs.

    Don’t forget to visit Henri Bendels.

    You are lucky having a driver.

  17. I am LOVING these NYC posts. You have no idea how happy they are making me.
    Especially since you are going to all my old haunts!
    Pizza Rustica was on my way home from work…and I was too often tempted by their delicious slices!

    And I am aslo glad that you are making NYC your own…recommendations are wonderful…but NYC is just that kind of place where you have to let the city lead the way!

    I love, love, love NYC and I am so happy that you and Mrs. Woog are loving it too!

  18. Goosebumps baby, goosebumps. x

  19. Debbie Paterson says

    OMG Beth, I never want your trip to end. My dream is to get to New York and I have to say reading your updates and your stories and seeing it through your eyes, is the next best thing – Thank You Thank You Thank You for sharing this with us, you have no idea how much I love reading all about it, I will cry the day my plane lands in NYC.

  20. I am so loving all your NYC posts – it is as if we are right there along with you x

  21. I feel *this* close to just booking a damn plane ticket….

  22. You are so funny lady, I laughed all the way through this post. What an adventure, loving all the photos and just the whole damn post really. The pizza shots are fab, real dinkum-die Americano pie. Love it! xo

  23. I’m loving your NY posts! Thrilled you are having so much fun.

  24. Have you lost weight? Seriously, that pic of you on the Brooklyn Bridge (get OUT!) you’re looking younger and spritelier and well, happy.

    You too Mrs Woog – hotness x 2.

    PS: that cop – totally cutie!


  25. Do you have any idea how tall that building is that has all the small glass windows? The pizza looked super yummy. I want some badly.

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