Over the Back Fence {Episode 6}

This week Neighbour and I talk about food myths, Seal’s slow descent into madness as well as Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Of course.

Listen here:

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  1. Roberta Whilimena
    Scarlett Wendy


    They are now adored by my 7 year old. I love those little ladies.

  2. Earl Christian is sitting in a garbage bag in my cupboard ready to be adopted by my baby girl one day! I’m glad you also think delta is annoying, my husband keeps telling me I’m jealous!

  3. never had a CPD times were tough.
    I knew that if eggs float they are bad but i didnt know about the spinning. I will have to try that next time :0)
    I’m in Victoria and I say Castle because there is no r in it… I am yet to hear another Victorian say Mall yet. I only know them as the shops. lol. Thanks for the giggle again girls. keep up the great work x

  4. Love it!
    If you want to practice your American accents, just give me a call…I can give you pointers on both Boston and New York. Despite living here for over five years I cannot do an Australian accent at all. My husband constantly mocks my pronunciation of water, banana and basil.

  5. Anonymous says

    Use chicken thigh fillets instead of legs.My guys don’t like chicken with bones.Great episode again.Happy Birthday neighbor.
    I thought you might like a ‘thought of the day’….’Words are the voice of the heart’.Krinny

  6. Richard Symmons, and I concur. The Voice has lost me. Just another singing show now.
    My in laws also do the three kisses. It always throws me when and where it should be done. Awkward!
    I will be checking out The Trip.

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