Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: A Woman’s Perspective

This is the 4th and final post for the Kidspot Top 5 Bloggers Challenge. You can read the others here here and here.

What does a woman really need? To be happy? Truly happy? Sure, someone who loves them doesn’t hurt. Good health, a successful and fulfilling career, to be understood and appreciated, well that all adds up too doesn’t it? Children who don’t roll their eyes and do as you ask of them, dishes that get stacked into the dishwasher (the correct and proper way of course) and a washing pile that stays under some form of control. Some time to ourselves. Simple really, right?

Over the past month I have managed to be happy, truly happy and fulfilled in the most superficial of ways, in my brand spanking new Ford Territory. Or Terri as we have come to know and love her as. How can one car do all that I hear you scoff? Let me count the ways…

Detail, it’s all about the detail
As a woman, I often find myself asking my husband randomly when either sitting on the couch, or in a quiet car trip “What are you thinking about?”. I have come to understood over time, that he is usually thinking about sport, or how he can convince me to have sex with him, or about nothing in particular. But we women, we like the detail. While Terri can’t tell me what’s she thinking, she certainly gives me enough information for me to connect the dots.

“What’s the outside temperature Terri?”
“Oh, hang on, let me have a look at your Command Centre. I see it’s 8 degrees out and a comfortable 20 in. I’ll make sure I have a scarf AND jacket for post School drop off. Thank you.”

“What’s that ding ding sound coming from your dashy Terri?”
“Oh that would just be a kind warning telling me to REST BECAUSE I’VE BEEN DRIVING FOR 2 HOURS ALREADY”
No one has ever been so caring and considerate to me on a road trip.

“What speed are we going Terri? Seems like just 60km/h because the ride is just so smooth.”
“Oh, what’s that, it’s 100km/h? Who knew! Oh and what’s that? I can look at the old school speedo as well as the digital reading? Terri! You spoil me so!”

“Which way to this place I’ve never been before Terri?”
“Oh sure, I’ll just whack in the details into your SAT NAV and away we’ll go!”

It’s all about the details with Terri. She always lets me know what she’s thinking. How long she’s got till she needs to be filled up. She’ll always tell me what’s going on. She keeps me in the loop and that? Well, it makes me happy.

It’s all about me, I mean you 
If there is something I expect and demand from things in my life, it’s to look good. Simple really! I like to look in the mirror and see something reasonably good looking back at me so that means that every 7 to 8 weeks I see myself dropping a ridiculous amount of coin at my hairdressers. I like my house to look good, so I keep it clean. Terri has picked up the pace on the car front this past month with her shiny shinyness. She just looks good in my driveway. Like a match made in heaven. Her touch screen state of the art command centre pleases me greatly with it’s show pony factor. Need to change something? Let me just TOUCH MY SCREEN TO DO SO. Let’s not even mention her buttery leather interior. There have been many a selfie done these past few weeks just because we look so good together. Self indulgent? YOU BET. I like to think that Terri brings out a little something in me, and I in her.

Those little people
While I could be quite happy driving around just Terri and I, there are two small people that I am the primary caregiver of. They need to be taken to School, to ballet, to hockey, to the shops. They are quite demanding really. But Terri, well she hasn’t forgotten about them either. She knows to take care of them quickly and easily so we can get back to doing what we do best – look good and listen to great tracks, really loudly, whilst driving. The DVD player in the back is the bees knees. Kids are covered with entertainment, and at that, HEADPHONED QUIET entertainment so I don’t have to hear them! I have a remote control so I don’t have to spend my time driving off the road whilst trying to press play, or pick up another DVD from the floor. There is even a play button at the back of the machine (so up near the driver’s section) for easy pressing of play. Oh Terri, it’s the small details that you think no one notices that please me most. I get it. I embrace it. I celebrate it!

Options, give the ladies some options 
Nothing makes you feel a little more in control than having a few options. Would I like a latte or capp? Latte thanks! Would I like to wear those jeans, or those jeans? Um, THOSE ones. Actually, those ones! Will I have a glass or Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Gris? Both, thankyouverymuch. Terri has given me options, more options than I ever thought a car could give me. If I need 7 seats I can pull them out. If I need more room in the boot, I can flick a few switches and we are down to 5 seats and a bucket load of room out the back. Do I want to open the boot all the way, or just the glass bit? OPTIONS PEOPLE. These small trivial matters make me feel like I have some more control over the mundane, day to day life that I tend to lead. Control equals power equals happy Beth.

Terri, tomorrow our time is up. It’s back to Campbelltown with you, I know that hurts, but it’s where you belong. Know this Terri: you are welcome in my white gravel driveway anytime. Tomorrow I’ll be playing Roxette’s “It must have been love” in your memory. It’s been real. Sob.

Ford & Kidspot, thank you SO much for this wonderful opportunity and for upping my Show Pony factor considerably this past month. And thank you, to all of you for all your wonderful support &  comments along the way! One last time, promise…go and have a vote for me would you?!


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  2. GIDDYUP fair maiden, GID.DY.UP.

    Man, re-entry is going to be a BITCH.

  3. Go team Beth. xxxx

  4. Beth, I have loved, truly loved, all your posts. I will miss Terri for that reason alone. x

  5. That’s a cracker of a post. Well done. Every little thing that you pointed out – poi-fect. Just what a woman needs in her life.

  6. You’re a clever clever lady Beth. As always…an awesome post. Sad to see Terri go….but I’m SURE you’ll win her back. What’s that saying?….if you love someone/thing, let it go, and if it’s true love, they’ll return 🙂 haa!
    Have you packed for NY yet? Coz you’ve won this….FOR SURE!

  7. You are scarily good at this blog writing stuff. Like, scarily good.

  8. Your so going to NYC, you know that right? Have you started organising everything- kids, house, packing, looking at places in NYC to eat?!! Best start now if you haven’t already….Oh when your over there I want podcast ok? I am loving you & neighbor BIG TIME!!!

  9. Well done! As an ex-New Yorker I would be more than happy to give you a list of places that you must eat, drink and shop should you get the nod. Fingers crossed for you!

  10. Nice post Beth, really nice post, such attention to Terri’s details, how could she not want to come back and live in your driveway with you.
    Good Luck, fingers crossed.

  11. I can’t bear to see the two of you separated. Voting now.

  12. …and MY LORD that seatbelt looks hot on you!
    Farewell Terri…

  13. Everytime I see your hair I hate you a little more. I have so much fringe envy its ridiculous! Lucky you are such an amazing chick (Is chick even a cool word anymore?). Totally voted. Look forward to the selfies from New York baby!

  14. Great post lady, you had me chuckling all the way through. You’re a shoe in my friend.
    Now tell me, did you mean Roxette’s It must have been love… or better still will you be belting out the lyrics to The Police’s Roxanne?? Either way I reckon xo

  15. you need a hot pink lippy- schiap by Nars is KEY for your car and lifestyle x

  16. Oh you’re clever. This is brilliant.

    Out of personal interest, what was it like on fuel consumption? x

    • Chantelle…seriously, it was awesome. One of the best bits. You filled her up, and she went and went and went! And with all the km’s we do around here (and what you will be doing too) it’s a non brainer. 800km’s per tank? Yes please!

      It’s actually kind of like me after a good meal…I can just keep going!

  17. This is simply awesome Beth! I like the way you describe something. I see a winner in you. Hope you have fun in NY. My vote surely goes for you.

  18. Hey Beth – thank you for being the toughest bloody competiton I could ever be up against. You rock, I know it, they know it, we all know it – Go you Good thing! I’d happily be a part of something as amazing as this with you again – any day! xxx

    • Oh Sonia! You are such a sweetheart. As I said to you, of course I want to win this but if I don’t (which is likely to happen) I hope that YOU DO. Such enthusiasm, positivity and fun abounds you – that’s what blogging is about! x

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