Kidspot Ford Territory Top 50: Day in my Life

This is the second challenge in the Kidspot Top 5 bloggers challenge. We have been asked to take at least 6 photos of how the Ford Territory takes you around in your daily life, taking you where you want and need to go.

To School, to the shops, on the road catching up with friends on the phone, this car has been a pure pleasure to take me about my normal day.

I put this song on, really loudly, whenever I get in this car. It’s like it’s our theme song. Me and Terri’s. Whenever I hear it I think of me and the car. Taking us to wherever we need to go and reminding me as I drive around just how lucky we are to be here, living in this amazing place.

May I suggest turning your volume up really loudly? May I also suggest hitting that HD button as well? And watching in full screen?


  1. Did you and Rob make that video?? It’s brilliant!

  2. Very Cool! Have a lovely weekend. xo

  3. Anonymous says


    I want a FORD territory too now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You need to win and for FORD to employ you both to do all their advertising – best ad EVERY

  4. That’s great! Very clever!

  5. Oh my gosh ford could never come up with an ad that brilliant!

  6. F**k! How awesome is is this vid? Love it! You have me sold, I want a Terri too

  7. You make me want to have my own Terri!

  8. You are going to WIN. FO. SURE.

  9. WOW! Beth!!! This is amazing!!! How does the next round be decided? is it the Kidspot people who decide the winners or do we get to vote?? You are totes getting my vote 1) because you blog it real 2) your putting in so much more effort than anyone else in this competition 3) Once again, you’re real. You blog from the heart. You dont hide things or make it seem the way they aren’t. Something us, as readers, love you for. xoxoxoox

  10. How awesome is that video!! love it! x

  11. Watch out New York – here comes Beth!

  12. Great video. Makes me want to go for a ride to the country!!! (but not in our crappy non-reversing ‘Accent’)
    BMc, you rule.

  13. Anonymous says

    I’m sold. Get me a Terri! Love it.

  14. Well done Beth. Can I come be your neighbour too?

  15. Can you buy me one of those I Heart NY t-shirts when you get there??

  16. Um, yep. That’ll do.

  17. Dude. If you don’t win…..

  18. No words. Amazing movie Rob and Beth. Well done you. Actually that’s quite a lot of words.
    Your part of the world looks ver inviting indeed.

  19. Haha that is cool! You REALLY want this car I see….;) x

  20. My 13 month old an I were mesmorised by that vid. It was quite moving! Nice work peeps x

  21. P.S. I couldn’t be serious in a movie like that!
    P.P.S. has Ford called you guys yet? Surely they’d totally want this to use for themselves?
    P.P.P.S I haven’t written P.P.P.S since I was 15. Just sayin.

  22. That is bloody amazing! Sorry I called in the middle of it…..

    You have really captured the beauty of your hood. (and Terri) Love it xx

  23. dude – don’t forget, bagels are AWESOME in NY…just sayin is all.

  24. OMG. OMG. OMG.

    I want to marry Rob, and you, and get a Territory. Does it really put kids to sleep?

  25. Seriously if I don’t see that on the tv as the new territory ad I’ll eat my foot!!!

    Man you guys are a pair of clever clogs aren’t you??

  26. Best. Thing. I’ve. Ever. Seen.

    Holy hell dude, that was beyond awesome.

    I need to get me to the ‘Wang – and now you’ve got ME craving a Territory.

  27. That was really awesome Beth.. You surely will rock as Ford Territory’s main model..Great work by Rob πŸ™‚

  28. I can’t even.

    *faints from viewing such talent*

  29. you just rock!!!

  30. Truly beautiful. Ford will be proud.

  31. Anonymous says

    Pack ur bag for NYC but don’t let anyone in the Terri while you are away!

  32. I think you might need to get your passport & luggage organised asap x

  33. Absolutely beautiful Beth. So simple, but says so much xx

  34. Dang it I have to totally redo my post cause I made a video too, but there is NO WAY I am putting my video up after seeing yours. I honestly hope we see this on TV as this is effing brilliant Beth! Ford would be insane if they didn’t seriously use this. Promise you will bring me back an I Love NY shirt hun xxx

  35. I want the car, your hair, your sunnies and your earrings. Stat.

  36. Awesome video, would love to see it as an ad!!

  37. All I can say is that you better bloody win!

  38. hey Makybe, GIDDY-UP.

  39. Holy f’ing crap !!! That was UNREAL !!!! Loved it … Rob is super clever and the countryside and well you with Terri just looks awesome! x

  40. As if you’re NOT going to win. Go team BabyMac x

  41. What a COOL video! Awesome. I loved it, even the end part where the sat nav had obviously told you to drive up that tree. Beautiful!

  42. Wow.. what an awesome movie… this is awesome… … you are awesome…
    Im start struck! x

  43. I’ve shared and I’ve showed. You are amazing Beth. You’ve made the Terri look sexy without any chicks in bikinis draped over the bonnet. This is how it’s done. xxx

  44. Totally effing awesome!!!!!!

  45. You know you’ve got this IN THE BAG, right??!!


  46. YOu are SUCH an overachiever.

    Just get on the bloody plane already!


    xo em

  47. Anonymous says

    Gorgeous!!! The light and camera angles are sooo evocative! Love it!

  48. Wowzers. I just keep thinking about how freaken awesome it would be to have people say ‘Oh, did you buy a new car’ and to reply with ‘No, we were given one to try out, a blogging thing’.

  49. So friggen cool.
    Start packing your bags for NY City Beth! For sure!

  50. Fabulouso. Was looking for the yellow bag to feature… but I didn’t miss it at all. Great work.

  51. Holy cowabunga. My jaw has dropped. SO slick. Loved it. Beautifully done.

  52. Wow wow wow!! What an amazing video – it could seriously be an ad for Ford exactly as it is. You are both seriously clever.

  53. w.i.n.n.e.r. That’s you!! xo

  54. mother FUCKER!

  55. Bloody hell that’s awesome! If you don’t win for that video alone I don’t know what will!

  56. Oh yah

  57. Yep, I think that’s a winner.

  58. Well, I think you should get yourself some new NYC luggage!! Brilliant. x

  59. Seriously good. Your husband is one clever dude. Ford should totally let you keep the car for that.

  60. You’ve got this one in the bag! Start packing!

  61. that is amazing chick! well done!!!

  62. Vicki Harding says

    You so rose to the occasion, Beth.

  63. W O W. Very cool. I was grinning the whole time watching it.

  64. Best sponsored post ever. Seriously – Ford should get you to work for them. This is fantastic Beth πŸ™‚ Good luck.

  65. Oh my goodness lady, that is real good. Rob is so very clever. What a fabulous advertisement for Ford. I’d love to know how many outtakes went into the making of this video… did you find it hard not to laugh?? Because it looks bloody professional! Another winning entry my friend xo

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. Anonymous says

    Awesome video! Great song, what is it? Fingers crossed, you should win! Jacinta B

  68. That was fantastic! One talented bunch!

  69. Let me just pick my jaw up off the floor and say… Bring on New York!

  70. Hope you have your passport ready for NYC.

    Great stuff Beth.

  71. WOW! This video is just brilliant! BRILLIANT! My 2-year-old son watched this with me (only about 20 times!) and each time it was finished kept asking for, “more car Mama”. We’ve even downloaded the album and have played it non-stop all weekend (no doubt he calls this particular song the “car song”). What a fabulously talented pair you and your husband are! I’m in complete awe.

    Bring on New York I say!

    Sarah πŸ™‚
    (Long time reader finally delurked herself – phew!).

  72. DING! DING! DING! Ladies, we have a winner.

    If Ford don’t:

    A) use this AS IS for their ad;
    B) let you keep the car and;
    C) pay you and Rob megabucks for rights

    I’ll eat my hat.

    Or at least would if I owned one.

    Well done Beth.

    Gab x

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  74. Fuck I’m glad I crapped out early cos I’d be shitting myself if I was up against that.


  75. That was freaking awesome!

  76. wow very well done~~! that is awesome!!

  77. Holy Crap, that was all kinds of AWESOME! If nothing else I hope Ford snaffles you, your hub and this ad up and pays BIG DOLLARS for it for an advertising campaign. LOVED x

  78. that could be the next Ford add. Amazing!!

  79. Winner. That’s all.

  80. Wow! Nice work. How can you compete with that?
    Is it possible to get lessons? What camera do you use btw?

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