Tipple my fancy

My fancy pants brother who got me onto Hendricks and Tonic bought down with him his new favourite gin last weekend. He discovered it here – it’s full of lovely olive, rosemary, thyme and basil flavours and I’m happy to report that it is now my favourite gin.

Served neat, on ice, with a few sicilian olives, I’m telling you this is the boss.


  1. Phwoar! I’m going to have to try that out! Thanks x

  2. oo, Ive seen Gin Mare – will def try it out. But Im a Hendricks girl through and through. I think its the bottle…..
    are you in Melbourne? its very windy today…
    T x

  3. Is it really wrong that it’s 8.38 am but after reading this post, I REALLY want a gin ????
    Also, made your very awesome chicken noodle soup last night = delicious !
    Have a great day, Dee x

  4. WANT!

  5. lately i’ve been sooooo over red wine, might have to venture to the top shelf …

  6. looks like a cool bottle
    I’m the kind of person who buys things just for the cool bottle!

    I do like my gin with lemon squash tho.

    Have an awesome time this weekend


  8. DO YOU KNOW HOW LONG IT WILL BE UNTIL I CAN HAVE ONE OF THESE? Oh my god. the olives. the olives sent me over the brink.

    oh my god.

  9. You crack me up lady. Love your passion for this new found sauce xo

  10. Ah ha! Brilliant. Since I cut out sugar i’ve been missing my g&ts. and gin and . . . soda? blurgh. this is just what i need.

  11. Blogging is a funny thing. For instance, it was your original post on Hendricks Gin that got us onto it. Now again; your fancy pants brother (and occasionally award winning tantrum throwing kids)have me wanting to try this baby. Such a civilised drink the g&t. A mid-century stalwart no less.

  12. Now I want Tapas too.

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