Grateful for Gin. Grateful for tonic.

: You take some gin
: You take some cucumber
: You take some ice
: You take some tonic water
: And you shake it all about
: Skip the hokey pokey
: Skip the turning around
: And that’s what it’s all about

Some notes if you will…

: My ever fancy General Manager at a big fancy bank Brother got me onto this particular gin. It can be found in most good bottle shops and is ever so good. He got onto this Gin & Tonic mix when he was staying at the Dorchester in London. As one does. The gin has some cucumber hints if you will in it, and mixed with a big chunky stick of cucumber (preferably from your neighbours veggie garden) the combination is something else.

: The more ice the better.

: The chunkier the cucumber stick the better and can be eaten afterwards.

: Drink often. Drink when hot. Drink when cold. Just do yourself a favour and drink.

Playing along with Maxabella.


  1. I only very recently discovered the Hendricks & tonic/cucumber combo. And oh my. It was love.

    True, true love. Enjoy!

  2. I only very recently discovered the Hendricks & tonic/cucumber combo. And oh my. It was love.

    True, true love. Enjoy!

  3. I do judge a book by its cover – and alcohol by its label – henceforce, that Hendricks appeals to both my aesthetic sensibility and my unquenchable thirst for all things alcoholic…

  4. Amen sister. Amen. Though Im a die hard Bombay fan myself. *s*

  5. You make it sound sooo gooood! And I don’t drink 🙂

  6. I don’t drink, but my… I’m almost tempted. It does look delicious. Or perhaps I’m just thirsty? Happy drinking!

  7. You’ve made me absolutely crave a G&T now! Hey it’s 8.20pm here so why not?
    I would never have thought of putting cucumber in it.

    My friend makes the most delightful G&T’s. She’s told me her secrets – always use Bombay Sapphire, put it in the freezer for a while beforehand, cut the lime and run it round the edge of the glass, make sure the tonic is ice cold etc etc. Nothing that outlandish. But when I do it it just doesn’t taste the same.

    Cool photos!

  8. Oh I love a G&T. Will try out your recipe next time, if I can find the right bottle here! I’m newly following you and looking forward to reading more, your blog looks just like my cup of tea 😉 …

    (that sounds so WRONG! your blog is gorgeous and looks nothing like a cup of tea, but I can’t think of how else to say that!! You know what I mean!)


  9. I actually think the hokey pokey and the turning around would be a fun addition, but perhaps after a couple of these beauties!

    G&T has an entirely different connotation for me as I have worked for many years as a Gifted & Talented specialist.

    Have never really been a fan of the drink I must say, but the cucumber version might just be the cooler element that wins me over.

    Felicity x

  10. Gin. Tonic… be still by beating heart.

  11. This post is alcohol porn for me – I’m in my last weekend of four weeks of not drinking. Bring on the gin next weekend!

  12. Oh nice! ive never had one, im a Vodka lover.

  13. Ssssh, I can’t do tonic water. I think I have a super-sensitive ‘bitter’ taste. I just reel with the horribleness of it all the instant it touches my tongue.

    So, for me, it’s gin, lemon, lime and bitters and a big aaaaaaahhhhhh… x

  14. It’s a funny thing, I’m not a fan of G&T, though my husband loves them. But these pics made it look so incredibly tempting. Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  15. The gin makes the tonic water taste better xo

  16. Tanqueray 10 and tonic, my old friends! Pure deliciousness. (At least, that’s how I remember it in my distant memories!)

  17. Thanks for sharing! Will tell hubby to grab the ingredients later 🙂

  18. Hello just found you via Maxabella. For me G and T is it. Never thought of with cucumber and with the hokey pokey belissimo. thank you.

  19. Mmmm – new brand of gin to try (I am a strict Bombay girl myself usually).

    I am so glad I am not the only person who has devoted a blog post to making the perfect gin and tonic…

    The cucumber idea rocks.

  20. Lisa Mckenzie says

    Gin makes me cry so i go for Vodka or Midori and Pineapple juice,Enjoy your gin Beth xx


  1. […] Game changing gin people, let me tell you. Served up with a cucumber garnish (yes Cucumber) or with another personal favourite of mine thanks to my little sister – squashed kaffir lime leaves.  Other than getting an IV drip in your arm there is no quicker way to rehydrate. I have written a post about how I make them before here. […]

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