Saturday: Sunday

Saturday we
: stayed in our pyjamas for as long as humanly possible before our visitors arrived
: went back to bed in the middle of the day and slept
: played with cousins
: played Star Wars Monopoly
: sat in front of the fire
: read lots and lots of magazines
: ate this deconstructed salad of YUM which I can’t get enough of
: drank too much wine
: stayed up waaaaaaay too late
: had the best time catching up with close family – there’s nothing better

Sunday we
: woke with hangovers
: rugged up for a walk into town
: admired all the autumn leaves coming into full colour
: went to the General Store Cafe for breakfast
: listened to the kids natter and joke, laugh & play
: sat in front of the fire
: read lots & lots of magazines
: said goodbye to cousins who are about to move to Melbourne
: went to bed very early indeed


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend! My type of weekend… Where r they moving to in Melbourne?

  2. Those photos of the kids in the cafe? SO GOOD.

    AND that you had a sleep during the day? The best.

  3. Hawthorn is a lovely part of Melbourne to be moving to (and for you to visit). Weekend sounds perfect

  4. WHAT a lovely weekend….I think my fire will have to be stoked this week…you have me excited!! xx

  5. Oh, sounds like the perfect weekend. I love hanging out with family. You always seem to have some visitors staying with you. Lucky your spare room is always ready.

    LOVE that decontructed salad. Every time you mention it, I’m thinking it MUST be made at this place too 😉


  6. Please why do you live so far away and be a perfect stranger and thus be terrified if I tried to come over one day? It all looks so delighful and I want in.

  7. I love every last bit of this.
    Hope you did too.
    🙂 x

  8. That sounds just wonderful lady. What a lovely way to spend your days. Gorgeous photos as always too xo

  9. Oh what gorgeous, gorgeous faces in these photos! Sounds like an ideal weekend…although personally i feel there is never too much wine when you have young kids and are lacking decent sleep….just saying…

  10. Oh… I adore Monopoly, but never have anyone to play it with. Bastards. Can I come over too one day? (It’s ok, I won’t drop in. I live a fair few hours from you :P)

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