Ellly Nelly wall decal WINNER

I was meant to do this announcement winner yesterday but a birthday got in the way and I simply forgot! Thanks to everyone that entered this fabulous giveaway and to Elly Nelly for being so generous in allowing me to give one away.

So, who is the lucky winner? That would be comment 25, which was…

Susy QJ with her comment: “I’ve been eyeing off this exact decal for ages, and I can’t believe you have one to give away. So yes please. Love your style BabyMac.”

I’ll tell you what Susy GJ, I love that you loved this already so it’s going to a worthy winner! Can you email me your address pretty please (I get so sad when winners never get in contact, and it’s so easy! See my email address over there on the right hand side? See?) and I’ll arrange for Elly Nelly to send it out to you!


  1. Congratulations Susy QJ. Pictures, we will need to see pictures. xxx

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