Shine a little light

For the past few weeks I have been searching for the lamp to go on my new sideboard. The stand in one (which you can see in that post) that I had wasn’t quite right (in my humble opinion) because of the heavy wooden base. The height was right though because I could balance something else next to it, add some flowers and I had a nice little collection of bits. I scoured through the internet and stumbled onto this store through Made it. And low and behold – there it was! It popped! It jumped! It was just the right amount of colour, and the right colour to tie in some aqua further down the room. It was retro. It was playful and worked perfectly to tie in some grown up area into the playroom. Could it be that I think too much about a lamp and all the roles that it performs? I think so. Yes.

It’s just a wee bit smaller than I would like. The crystal decanters don’t work next to it because they are the same height and I need to try to work out other ‘bits’ to go with it because it looks a little lonely there all by itself don’t you think?

But I LOVE it! It makes me smile every time I look at it, and for a lamp that’s pretty impressive isn’t it? Stay tuned for the arrival of another lamp that I may or may not have purchased as well. I do have a birthday coming up next month, so that’s my excuse for buying it as well.

Let there be light!


  1. Lovin’ 🙂

    See whether you can find some retro glass vases in similar tones,… like the ones photographed as Jane Hall’s header xxx

  2. oow super nice. I can see why it makes you smile!! Maybe your next lamp might sit nicely next to it? I agree, something with some height would fir it just perfectly!

    xo em

  3. Anonymous says

    o my god! get a life!!!

  4. I love it! I love the way you overthink the roles of the lamp too. Totally normal. Makes me want to go buy lamps.

  5. It’s gorgeous, hon!

    Me thinks brave Anon *snort* is a tad jealous, non?

  6. It is beautiful!!

  7. Sweet lamp, wouldn’t hurt it to have a friend. Love that it’s that close to your toy box, do your children not toss things in the air?? Love Posie

  8. Love the fact that all the revolting comments always come from *anon*… :/

  9. lovely! and love the store, thanks for the recommendation.

  10. I totally agree with Plain Jane – a few little vases would look so gorgeous next to that beautiful lamp! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  11. The lamps looks fabulous on your table! I do agree that it is a tad small though! Thanks so much for blogging about my lamp though 🙂 Kristen

  12. Ignore Anon..they obviously haven’t got a lamp! I LOVE your lamp..and would love to know where you got it..but I’m not waiting for you to tell me..I’m just going to look. Hehe!

  13. surely you need to become a fabulous interior designer for all those southern highland peeps with many thousands of dollars to spend!

    either that, or you can come to my little crapshack in canberra and make it fabulous…unfortunately I cant pay you many thousands of dollars…


  14. Love coloured glass. Looks great in that spot

  15. Oh it’s making me smile too – love it!

  16. You are the queen of appropriately placed pops of colour. I need to learn a thing or two from you! I love it x

  17. What about sitting it on top of a bunch of vintage books or magazines?

    I hope anon is a cheeky family member. Otherwise… Ouch.

  18. love love the lamp, makes me smile too! it could definitely use a bit of extra height though. Tatum xx

  19. Anon can get stuffed.
    This is only a tiny dilemma, but a dilemma none the less.
    In my opinion, no amount of adding to this will make any difference to the fact that the lamp is WAY too small for that spot. This is a bedside size lamp, and you need one double the size, to work on that buffet. If you find one, you won’t need to put ANYTHING with it. Let IT and the gorgeous sideboard do the talking.
    Don’t rush, you’ll find the right one…X

  20. It’s so cool, love the happy colours. Aqua yellow and white look amazing together xo

  21. it can only be described as a ‘cheery’ lamp. Gorgeous styling, by the way x

  22. I agree with anon. You need to get a life.

    Oh, wait – you did! You have a beautiful, real, joyful, ridiculously hard yet rewarding life!

    Anon, you need to go and have an orgasm or something. Too uptight.

  23. They are my sort of colours, it is gorgeous and how did it get from there to you without breaking? It looks so fragile with the light from the window shining through it.

  24. You see those pictures? That is what I call a clean house ; )

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