Just call me Bev: Pesto pizza

We had our vego neighbours around for drinks Friday night and I wanted to make sure there was something a little more substantial than cheese and champagne. The little girls are usually exhausted after a full week and 3 days at Preschool and I have discovered that if you keep feeding children, it can keep the tantrums and feral freak outs at bay. So what fulfilled the brief? Pesto, cheesy pizza bread, that’s what.

Simple Cheesy Pesto Pizza

Pizza Dough
: 375mls warm water
: 2 teaspoons dried yeast
: Pinch caster sugar
: 4 cups plain flour
: 1 tsp salt
: 60mls olive oil

: Bunch flat leaf parsley (or basil or coriander even)
: half packet pine nuts
: 2 cloves garlic
: Olive Oil
: Salt & pepps

Mix the water, yeast & oil together in a jug and leave for 5 mins until it gets all fizzy like.

In a bowl make a well in the flour and pour the yeasty, oily water in.

Mix around with a knife until all combined and then mix with your hands when it comes together. Knead for 10 mins until smooth & elastic. Oil a bowl and place dough in. Cover with cling wrap and leave somewhere warm for 30 mins to prove, or until it has doubled in size.

Smile smugly to yourself that you have something ‘proving’ and that you are a domestic goddess. Pour your smug self a glass of something to celebrate your culinary glory. Maybe that’s just me.

After the dough has proved, punch it (such a good feeling) take out onto the surface again to knead. And divide into as many bases as you are going to make.

For my pesto I chuck everything into a food processor, blitz and add oil slowly. Before you can say “Presto!” you have pesto. Yes, it’s that easy. Promise.

Spread out onto a tray, or pizza stone, I used a long tray because I wanted square bites as there were a few people eating them.

Throw some mozzarella on top and chuck into a hot oven (say 200 degrees).

Take out. Cut up and devour.


  1. Anonymous says

    You forgot to mention “take it out before it gets burnt”.

    An important step, easily forgotten… it would seem.

    Mr Anonymous

  2. Looks delish! xx

  3. Nom, nom, nom xx

  4. Yum. I just love a recipe that states “throw”, “chuck” and of course “drink”.
    Thank you.
    Hey, you did “prove” too – so those more sophisticated than me will be adequately chuffed too.

  5. You are a legend Bev, that looks fabulous. And it isn’t just you celebrating the inner domestic goddess with a glass of wine!

  6. You make it look so easy …. YUMMO!

  7. the smugness, beverage and the punch are a hat-trick of awesomness!

  8. Looks like it has come straight out of an authentic pizzeria! Scrumptious lady, my mouth is watering now xo

  9. Oh my. YUM! I think I might some of that tomorrow night for dinner. Too late for tonight (unless I decide to have a midnight nibble…)

  10. Maxabella ♥ Bev x

  11. yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum I could eat that straight out of the oven as in the whole thing!

    love all the pics of your gorgeous home. Making me wish I could move down:( Need to retrain retro daddy into another line of work

    gorgeous pics! love the frost!


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