Just call me Bev: Rhubarb jam

Ever since we moved here I told anyone who would listen that I would be making Jam and Bread. And stuff. See my bio even says it right over there…see…!

Funnily enough, life got in the way and while I have trotted out scones a few times for visitors and other such culinary delights, the home made stuff hasn’t really cut it. Until now that is.

I cut a whole bunch of rhubarb out of the garden this week and when I put the question out there on Facebook the ever resourceful Liss from Frills in the Hills sent me over to her website to this recipe. I take no credit whatsoever for the recipe, how easy it is – or how it tastes (because I haven’t had any yet!) but it was SO easy, quick, and looks delicious. Like all of Liss’s recipes it was dead simple and you should check out her website for further details and other great stuff.

OK. My Beverley moment. Here goes.

First I took some of the cut rhubarb out of MY OWN FREAKING GARDEN BIATCHES and placed it all Donna Hay like on my bench. Thusly:

Then I chopped it up into smallish pieces (3 cups) and threw into a saucepan with half a cup of water. It doesn’t look like much water but once it gets boiling it’s more than enough. Promise.

Once it got softened (as Liss indicates about 4 minutes) it looked like this:

So I added 2.5 cups of sugar. Who knew jam had SO much sugar in it? Not me. No wonder I love it so.

Then the sugar dissolved and it went all shiny like. I took it OFF the heat added in a packet of strawberry jelly mix (again WHO KNEW?!) and mixed it until dissolved.

I then went and had myself jars of JAM! HOME MADE JAM! I can’t tell you how pleased this whole process made me. I feel like some kind of pioneering domestic goddess.

I even ‘processed’ them as indicated on Liss’s website (again WHO KNEW?!) and they are good to go. I will be sampling these pretties before I enter them into the local show but it’s a start right?

Now, I wonder how they would go with those home made scones…? And stay tuned for many more episodes of country goodness. 2011: The Year of BEVERLEY.


  1. Yum!!! and the colour is spectacular.

    Some photos with said scones is mandatory now that you’ve teased us all I think.

    Felicity x

  2. we used to have a Mirabelle plum tree (small yellow plums) that literally dropped thousands of fruit),.and last year I got my inner ‘Betty’ on and made plum and star anise jam,.. it was so easy,..and yummo! very cool to rock up at a friends place with a massive pot’o’jam under your arm! pjxx

  3. Wooohoo!

    We love that! They look gorgeous! xx

  4. Look at you! Go Bev!

  5. Well done Bev, I mean Beth! Your conversion to Queen of the Country is now complete! And because your rhubarb has probably gone mad (like mine), here’s another recipe that is yummo you can use (thanks to Women’s Weekly). Happy eating that delicious jam! xx


  6. Oh Bev, you’re a domestic goddess! So pretty!

  7. Bev’s done good!!

  8. Alright Beverley, what have you done with my mate Beth? Beth would never use a word like ‘thusly’. Nev.er x

  9. How divine! I love rhubarb….and scones… I am giddy with envy at your lovely new lifestyle.

  10. Mmmmm, I love rhubarb! I need to branch out into other jams, so far I have only made apricot jam and orange marmalade. Oh and that one time I made a batch of strawberry jam but it didn’t really work, more like strawberry sauce!

  11. To help you with becoming an international home grown business, ill take one of those pretties off your hands… just let me get my address for you to post it to LOL! Looks yummy and sounds like fun! btw I agree that would go so wonderfully with the scones!

  12. So Beth, I’m basking in the glow of smugness. Guess what I just made? Frills in the Hills Easy Peasy Rhubarb Jam! Can’t wait to try it on the weekend with some lemonade scones. Yippee!



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