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We’ve finally had some sunny weather. The kind of days that make you feel grateful just to be alive and in them. Glorious sunrises, late and freezing, with frosts and rising mists on the washing and trees as the sun hits. Sunsets that stretch from 3pm until dusk at 5, clouds rushing through the skies buffeted by strong winds. It’s June, it’s cold and beautiful and exhausting as the school term comes to an end.

Somehow it was June and then now it’s almost July? I can’t get my head around how fast this year is spinning.

Work has been busy and interrupted with sickness. It’s so cold in the office, taking all day to warm up so it’s coats and jumpers, scarves and packing orders to warm up. We are planning for our first trade show in years at the end of next month which will be great to be back into the world, meeting suppliers and connecting with real life people again. I had a great weekend in Orange for an event where I met some great people and reconnected with some great business friends.

Rob has launched a new business: Out here Beer. A non-alcoholic pale ale beer (Frisbee in the Park) which he has been working on behind the scenes for the past 18 months or so. I’m so proud of this great product, all the hard work he has put into it, mostly alone over the past 6 months, figuring out how to do hard stuff, designing, back-end website stuff and now hitting the road and selling it. Starting a business is hard and lonely and overwhelming and exciting and I just think he’s doing a bloody good job. Onya Rob. It’s really tasty too. You can check them out on Instagram here, you can buy direct here and if you wanted to just try out a sample can or 4 pack to mix in with some other non alc stuff you can buy it online here.

June is always about home. It’s cold and we spend a lot of time here. When the sun is shining and the washing gets dry and you can warm your back with a tea and a book read, even just for a little while, there’s nothing much better. Daisy has been making batches of focaccia and we have all been enjoying the delicious crunchy, soft texture. There’s always a batch near the fire and I’m hoping we will see many more over the next few weeks.

I’m in organisation mode, trying to cull “stuff” we don’t need, tidy up and I know the school holidays ahead are going to be filled with trips to the tip and charity stores, while the teenager works. They aren’t going to be very glamorous, or exciting and definitely not in Europe or the snow where everyone seems to be, but they will be productive and organised and sorting stuff out. Sometimes you need a chapter like this to come through the spring feeling ready for the new season ahead. It’s what I’m telling myself at least.

But in the meantime, there will be bread, and sunshine, friends, fires and fairy lights and that looks pretty good to me.

How are you?
What’s been happening?
What’s coming up?
Tell me everything…


  1. Well, I thought I’d keep it real old school style and comment here. June can just get in the bin. It marks a year since one of my best-ever-all-my-life friends died at fifty. He was meant to be the one talking me through all sorts of milestones and world problems and family catastrophes. So, yeah, that is hard and tear sodden.
    But, we went just down the coast for the long weekend. The ocean was lovely and the skies blue and so windy!
    The older teen keeps us on our toes, they are academically knocking it out of the ball park, and they had their first school concert for two years. The younger teen is bopping along and that is good.
    Enjoy those fires and the focaccia!

    • Loving the old school action Mary Jordan from Rockdale. Im so sorry about your friend, that first anniversary can get in the bin it’s the pits. Sending you love x

  2. #farmlife

    • We don’t live on a farm. I never said I live on a farm? I am unsure why you continually change your name (your IP address is the same location though every time) and comment this or something similar every time I write a blog post? We don’t live on a farm.

  3. Can you share the link for the focaccia recipe? Need to get my teen into it!!

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