Comfort in troubling times: the perfect egg & lettuce sandwich

I’m fairly certain that the reason that you will see an egg and lettuce sambo at most wakes after a funeral is because it makes people feel better. Sure, it might be about easily making it in bulk for groups of people but I like to think that there is magical healing powers in amongst two pieces of fluffy white bread.

As a little girl there was no better treat for me that going to a coffee lounge with my Mum, slide into a booth seat and get a strawberry milkshake, and egg and lettuce sandwich placed on a doily and a sprig of curly lettuce and a piece or twirled orange on the side. Those sandwich quarters gave me pure joy, I would savour each triangle and for me, if I need comfort, that’s what I go to.

In these strange STRANGE and scary times, we need home comforts more than ever so yesterday I made myself an egg sandwich that did just the trick. You might like to try it too. Go wild and add some curry powder if you feel like it.

You’ll need:

Hard Boiled eggs
1-2 tablespoons whole egg mayo
Lashings of salt & pepper
Iceberg lettuce, shredded
Fluffy white bread

1. Put your cooled whole boiled eggs into a bowl and mash/breakapart with a fork, add in the whole egg mayo, salt and pepper and mix until you have the consistency you are after.

2. Shred your ice berg lettuce into strips and butter your FRESH WHITE BREAD

3. Place the egg mix on, top with lettuce and season some more if you need it. Cute into quarters preferably and try not to eat another whole sandwich. It’s actually impossible not to.

Eat outside in the sunshine if you can without any social media on. No scrolling, it ruins the enjoyment. I guarantee you, it will make you feel better. Promise.

How are you in this shit time?
Worried? Anxious? Sad? Me too. I’m all those things.
But! This sandwich made me feel better so I’ll be doing it again. If I can get eggs.


  1. Hi Beth. I’m trying this today! Please keep sharing, Im even thinking of trying to make bread rolls (if I can get my hands on plain flour!!). I love your first post of the day (I’m up with my babies too!). Strange times, strange times indeed. Kate. Xx

  2. Damn I love an egg and lettuce sambo! My kids school canteen was parent run until just over a year ago, and I would always be rostered on with my lovely friend, and at lunch time we would sit down to an egg and sandwich together every time. I miss those days, simple times at the school canteen. It feels wrong now that it’s being run commercially 😥

  3. As a recently diagnosed coeliac, this is one of the things I miss most. As I was reading, I was thinking, there is no way I could make just one. And as I kept reading, I realised I am not alone in my double up. A fresh tomato sandwich with lots of salt is also top of the list. Alas, GF bread is just not the same so I can only longingly look at the pictures.

  4. Very interesting – up until my kids were in about Year 5 at primary school this is how I made my egg n lettuce; only to be at a kids party and watched someone make the egg WITHOUT MAYO! they mashed it with milk and butter; which actually tasted v. nice and how I mash my egg now; mayo is added to the lettuce if required. Controversial I know.

    • Oh wow Patrice, thankyou so much for sharing the milk idea! I have some food intolerances which makes commercial mayo a bit iffy for me (yes I could make my own but I haven’t) but milk is all good for me! Tomorrow’s lunch sorted! 🌺

  5. Rose Montave says

    Thanks for this! Keep the old-fashioned, comfort food coming, simple inspiration for fruit platters for kids, jellies (!), old school strawberry milkshakes, cheese toasties, lamingtons, honey biscuits, rissoles, bring it all on. With much gratitude from this expat in Washington, DC. I’m boiling the eggs now.

  6. Linda Jenkins says

    Pretty anxious I must say atm ! Adult daughter number 2 currently living / working in Canada – borders closed and no international flights for her to come home ! She is in regular contact and is well and happy but that doesn’t stop Mumma’s worries . Mum and Dad also in lockdown in their retirement village ! Also well and happy atm 😱

    • Michelle Duncan says

      I know that worry! We recently went and visited son #3 (aged 22) who’s been working in Whistler since last May. A week later all hell has broken loose and he’s unemployed and on his way home this weekend. Such a shame and a disappointing end to the adventure. When things go bad, you just want your babies home (or at least in the same area). Take care xxx

      • Linda Jenkins says

        Thanks Michelle, She lost her job today but has somewhere to stay and money saved so will sit tight for now. Glad you got to visit your son !

  7. Gemma Browning says

    Controversial idea here but I have been taught by a professional sandwich maker (my Aunt) that the key is to mix the lettuce in with the egg and then put on the bread. This ensures it all sticks to the bread.

  8. I have another controversial suggestion. Leave the lettuce leaves whole!! Then they dont fall out of the sandwich so easily. Not as pretty but im all about function 🙂

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