What I’m reading, watching & listening to

It’s been a while since I have done an update on what I’ve been listening, reading and watching and I think I need to start by saying: not a lot. Well, reading that is. I have completely lost my mojo ALL term and have not read ANYTHING. I blame one book that I am still half way through. It’s not that it’s not good, because it is, it really is, but it’s just not GREAT which means that I haven’t picked it up and continued to churn through books. Maybe things will change these holidays. Maybe not.

So now that there is nothing to show in that category, let’s move onto what I have been watching. Because THAT I have been doing!

Rob and I churned through Chernobyl on Foxtel on demand. We were late to the party given that this has been out for months but I really enjoyed it. Brilliant TV, writing and acting and what a story! I learnt SO much and found it really captivating. I think there’s only 5 or 6 episodes too so you can really get through it without feeling over whelmed or guilty. Do you get like that with new shows too? I STILL haven’t finished Handmaid’s Tale and I know I am going to love it so feel very guilty. See?

Rob and I watched this one (Rocketman) a few weekends back and I loved it! I am NOT a fan of a musical, just ask Rob as I roll my eyes while he gets totally swept away with it all but this was great fun. What a story – and it didn’t sugar coat the rock and roll lifestyle or drug and alcohol use that I though Bohemian Rhapsody washed over. Great costumes, music – loved it all!

Daisy and I went and saw this at the movies on the weekend – I was THRILLED to have someone come with me as no one in the family is a fan. She had not seen one episode of the show but LOVED this. I had lots of people ask me if you needed to watch the show to enjoy the movie but you really don’t. You just get swept away in the pure joy and escapism of this. THE COSTUMES. The housekeeping! The Royal plot. I was obviously in heaven with the whole thing – loved loved loved it.

My brother raved about this show on Netflix (Money Heist) a spanish TV series and as he has excellent taste I decided to start this one with Rob this week. We are 3 eps in and LOVING it. I recommend (as it was recommended to me) to watch it in the original spanish with English subtitles – it adds to the whole thing and while it takes a little getting used to and FOCUS because: reading and watching, the language is hypnotic and adds to the whole experience. Really enjoying it!

Obviously there has been some TV too. Oh you know I love me some trashy TV friends. I have been binge watching some real pearlers too. Survivor Australia was SO good, we loved this one as a family and got totally swept up by it. LOVED it. I also watched The Bachelor and know that next time that is on to just stay away – man it brings out the worst in you as a viewer. You become judgmental and awful and I swear that will be the last time (until the next time right?!). I’m thrilled that KUWTK is back, sad that The Hills is over. Confused by Beverley Hills remake but will be sure to give it some more time. Mortified how interested I was in Geordie OGs and of course looking forward to RHOOC each week. Mainly though I am ashamed by how much mindless watching of Instagram stories I do. PICK UP A BOOK BETH.

Ok listening to. A mixed bag that is for sure. I went a little old school with this old number from the nineties and was reminded just how much I loved it.

Also on rotation lately has been this track – must investigate Lizzo further but this is a good one.

I have listened to these guys before but I am enjoying this track this week on my walks. OK, walk. Feels good to listen to to pump yourself up for a grocery shop. Maybe that’s just me.

I saw this album (Steve Lacy Apollo xxi) recommended by Zoe Foster I think and have tried with it but definitely like this track from it.

And I saw this on Instagram last night and think it will be added to my playlist for sure. I need to create a few spotify lists don’t I? Add that to my growing to-do list. This is for when you have to scrub the toilets and you need some motivation that this is what you have to do in your life now.

And lastly two tracks to start your Friday off right…a cracker from a few years back that is always worth listening to. Let’s start here…

And then this one too…

Ok, time to get back to reading. Let’s hope I can finish that book I am reading and MOVE on. Nothing like school holidays to break the mould. That said, we are going on PROPER HOLIDAYS on a plane and everything so maybe I will be too excited. Watch this space.

Enough about me. Time for you to tell me EVERYTHING.

What are your reading?
What are you watching?
And what are you listening to that’s good?


  1. Pick up a copy of The List Flowes Of Alice Hart at the airport, great holiday reading, quirky and a good read. Enjoy NZ it’s a great destination.

  2. Leoni Freeman says

    I’m reading Becoming Michelle Obama, a great insight into the whole “White House transformation” of family life. Enjoying it very much because I’ve always admired her . Listening to some old school Mowtown on Spotify to brighten my morning before work, watching too much sport and pleased AFL finishes this weekend and I can get back into some normal viewing. Saw Ride Like a Girl on Monday night, it was great and inspiring, although I’m prob a bit old to take up horse riding. Happy Holiday to you and yours. 🥂🥂

  3. You know I read heaps but I also listen to lots of audiobooks so maybe give that a go? I normally only listen to non-fiction, bios & self help type things because audio non-fiction is just not for me. If you’re a member of your local library, & you bloody should be because they are THE BEST, you can download BorrowBox & Libby & borrow using your library card. It also links to your state library so the selection is HUGE. I have it on my phone & the kids iPads because they love an audiobook or podcast at bed time after I’ve read a book & they “still aren’t sleepy” 🙄 I find I turn more to audiobooks & podcasts when I’m reading a book that isn’t forcing me to pick it up (which was my last book. Very boring but for some reason I persisted). As for TV & movie recs, I’ve got nothing. All I’ve watched lately is the block ( so much drama it’s getting a bit ridiculous TBH) & Old People’s Home for 4 year olds- pure joy! Oh, and good old Gardening Australia in a Friday night. Seriously, I’m 76 with my join your library/listen to audiobooks/watch ABC shows recommendations 😂
    Music wise I have TOTALLY gotten into Lizzo this past month which is not at all my usual style of music but I like most of her stuff a lot! I’d also recommend Thelma Plums album, it’s brilliant! I’ve also been going back & rediscovering all my old favourite Laura Marking & First Aid Kit albums. I flogged them so hard in years gone by but havent listen to them much for a long time. They are beautiful.

  4. I have struggled with a few books lately: City if Girls (great last 50 pages), Queenie (uplifting by the end) and Less (SO BORING BUT IT IS FOR BOOK CLUB so MUST read but DON’T like it at all). Looking forward to Marian Keyes new book early next year (she is great to follow on YouTube and Instagram). Loved Unbelievable on Netflix. I’d listened to the This American Life podcast on it 3 years ago so it was wild to see it depicted on screen. Happy NZ holiday to you! Looking forward to mindlessly watching your insta-stories 🤣

    • I am not enjoying Less either!! I aborted it months ago (which I never do) but have revisited it cos it was the only one that had downloaded properly on my kindle when I was flying. It is a snore-fest, but I feel committed to finishing it now!! *eyeroll* I can’t wait to get back to something worthwhile. Prettiest Horse in the Glue Factory was brilliant.

  5. I woke up at 3.30am this morning because I had 4 chapters left of Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens. I loved it 🙂

    • I love when you write these blogs. I am really daggy when it comes to music so when I hear what you are listening to I quickly add the songs to my playlist so I can be cool and groovy as well! I’m sorry to hear you are having a bit of a lull with books. Some books that I have read in the last few weeks may get you out of your funk. The Outsiders, The Heart’s Invisible Furies and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Let me know what you think!

    • Loved that one too!

  6. Read some excellent ones lately. Small greaT things by Jodi Piccoult was just excellent. Never read any of her work before and this was a get up and read straight away kind of school holiday read. Gabrielle Bernstein’s Judgement detox has been an ongoing read as it requires you to do some writing and work along the way. Just amazing and so needed in my life right now. Next on the stack is the newly released Permission to feel: unlock the power of emotions to let you and your children thrive by Marc Brackett and impressive fellow at Yale Children’s studies Centre. As a psychology teacher and wife of a psychologist, this EQ stuff gets me errrytime and I’m super keen for our two boys to be strong emotionally equipped men one day

  7. Loved Downton
    Only just started the Series so only was up to S2 when saw the movie so… spoilers galore but still loved
    Saw it in gold class to so that’s always a bit of fun
    And now ploughing through all the seasons
    I do t know why I’ve avoided watching it for all these years it’s awesome
    Was hoping to have it finished b4 Peaky Blinders returned but as that’s Oct 4th for next season not sure will make it
    Man I love Peaky Blinders too
    The costumes sets characters are brilliant

    When does The Crown return?

    Waiting on Outlander too

    And Anne With an E

    What is the book you’re reading that’s so good did I miss that ?

  8. Please read The Interestings by Meg Wolizer.
    It will lift the reading funk. Also, just loan from the library as then the guilt of letting a book go is lessened. xx

  9. Schitts Creek on Netflix. It’s amazing and I beg you to watch it Funny, heartwaming, open minded and uplifting. The first 6 episodes are rubbish but they’re only 20 minutes so push on through. I trusted Chrissy Teigan on this one and she was right.

  10. I love when you write these blogs. I am really daggy when it comes to music so when I hear what you are listening to I quickly add the songs to my playlist so I can be cool and groovy as well! I’m sorry to hear you are having a bit of a lull with books. Some books that I have read in the last few weeks may get you out of your funk. The Outsiders, The Heart’s Invisible Furies and The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Let me know what you think!

  11. thanks beth,
    i’m a bbc period drama person loving the classics including classical music to hip hop!
    i do mix it up though …mainly watch on iview ans sbs on demand … girl, carol, the miniaturist.
    poldark, victoria, fleabag, appletree yard, broadchurch the cry ….
    fleabag, green ward … funnies!..
    am now watching keeping faith … i think you would like her, she’s so good!
    listen to jain … she is french and very quirky visuals … makeba, come, alright.
    love mxx

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