One thing: That dodgy this and that

You guys, it has been a VERY long time between #onethings hasn’t it? In fact it’s been about 18 months since I did one. And it’s not that I have been doing them and then not writing about, I literally just haven’t been doing them. Too busy? No excess money? Whatever the case, there’s been a whole lot of NOT MUCH done week in and out. Survival mode if you will.

For those of you new to this, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things.

Now, the first of the #onething was something that happened about this time last year. Yep, well over 12 months ago. The element on my top oven blew. I have a wall oven that actually has two ovens in it: a top and bottom and the top just started to get hot, really hot, with no care for the actual temperature that was turned on. It made exceptional pizzas because it was 78 billion degrees in there, but that’s about it. So I used the bottom oven since because like I said (busy, broke etc etc) and I thought that if I got a man out to fix it, it would cost me a new oven. So I used the bottom oven instead for you know, 12 months. And then one of the functions on that oven started to go on me to! I decided next pay I would just do it. I had it! It could not be put off any longer.

Last week I called the oven repair company, they came the next day. A man was here for all of 40 mins and then it was done. Top faulty problem in the top fixed and element in the bottom….fixed…all in under 24 hours since I decided to get it sorted. And it cost me $280. I mean….why? WHY DID THIS TAKE ME SO LONG?

I can’t tell you the joy it’s been for me to turn the oven on with confidence! You guys, my oven is a big deal to me. And now it’s done!

And then there was one more! My Dyson stick vac has been dodgy for some time. I would pull that bastard apart and clean it, unclog it etc etc but still I would get literally 40 seconds out of my battery before it would conk out, have to be re-charged for a bit and then go again for another 40 secs. Yep, this was my house cleaning existence. Now you KNOW that I work my Dyson hard, like HARD. But even my patience was done when it would take me an entire day (in 40 second snippets) to do a quick once over. It was driving every one mad. I knew I had to call Dyson and wait and then have a replacement sent (which they are great about even when you are not in warranty) but I had a few people tell me that they bought replacements on eBay that were great. So on I went, grabbed one for $85 I think and then it arrived. YOU GUYS I CAN SWIFF THAT FLOOR AGAIN. For like 15 mins or so at a time on max (my fave setting in vacuuming and life obviously).

Game changer. Although my Mum and brother both text me to say it would likely combust and set my house on fire, so you know, now I am not so sure. But still. TWO THINGS DONE.

I suppose the main lesson for me here has been that we put stuff off for so long, too hard basket. We put up with things when sometimes just tackling them might be he easier option. It reminds me of this quote I saw a very long time now that always sticks in my head….

“Remove the rock from your shoe rather than learn to limp comfortably”

If only I took my own advice. So many of us do this in all areas of our lives. Take the rock out you guys, it might be easier (or cheaper!) than you think.

What was your one thing this week?
Got a task that has been put off SO much you think it’s actually harder and bigger than it actually is?
Go choose something, right now, just have a look around and there will be something waiting…


  1. Mate my one thing last month was the bloody Dyson battery too. Was told to wait in the queue for 167 mins or jump online and order. Done! So easy and I’ve been dealing with that 40sec bullshit for about 18 months I swear. Insane. This month I need to clean the venetian blinds in the bathroom……

    • I have so many things like this to do. I just can’t around to it. It’s Ok I reckon, we are busy. Good luck and happy vaccuming my friend x

  2. Car Seat Covers applied properly, instead of them all falling off and kids sitting on screwed up bits of car seat cover!! Grrr – Air Tasker mate – best thing I’ve ever done. FInished off some gyprocking in my ensuite (different guy) and got it painted (nother different guy) Now I’m on to dodgy hinges on my kitchen cupboards… might get a proper cabinet maker for this one…. or just buy a new house!

  3. I have an oven issue too! My oven has two settings ‘thaw’ and ‘burn bitch burn’. We have a lovely new oven. New oven with griller section underneath. Been sitting outside in it’s shiny new box for god knows how long. Have finally organised the sparky to install on Friday. Also do the ‘first fix’ on bathroom lighting in order to get hubs back on the bathroom reno bus (that’s on his ‘one thing’ list). Why do we do this to ourselves?

  4. I cleaned out the bathroom cupboard and took all the expired and unneeded medications to the pharmacy to be thrown away. The record was something that expired in 2011!!!

    So satisfying!

  5. 1.Must be Dyson month —- I was on hold, but like lots of places they have the «hold in queue” function instead of holding on, they ring you back as I’d you are on hold. I used this function , ordered the battery, and it’s on its way. Was it easy to changeover?

    2. Also recently discovered that if you gave audible audiobooks, you can return the book if you don’t like it and you get s full credit.

  6. The cupboard under the kitchen sink! After 8 yrs of neglect, I kept looking at it and thinking “I really should pull everything out and SORT THAT SUCKER!” Well Mr Murphy sure does like to screw with us, doesn’t he? Cue a leaky pipe in the cupboard…. Since I had to pull everything out to dry the cupboard and give the plumber room to fix it, I sorted, tidied, threw shit out and now it’s bee-you-ti-ful! I may or may not keep opening it just to admire it’s neatness…..

    • I need to do the same…with ALL my cupboards. Whenever I get around to it I wonder why I didn’t do it. I have one cupboard of DOOM I have been putting off since like 8 years ago. Seriously…why can’t I just do it?

  7. omg i thought one thing had gone by the by beth!
    i need some guidance hun as mine is now 101 things!
    where do i start?
    i know pick the easiest and work up!
    much love mxx

  8. I love this segment so happy it’s back. It kicks my arse into gear all the time.

  9. Mine is to ring the agents and get the locksmith out to replace a dodgy lock barrel. It’s been on the way out for ages, but now I can’t get my key in the front door, which is problematic.

  10. We booked the car in to get the car seat reupholstered – picked it up this morning and I am loving the whole new leather seats thing just a bit!! We got the quote about 18 months ago – then this time around of having my
    parents’ car we actually got it done. To be fair it was a large expense but I know I will just adore them for a long long time!!

  11. Valerie Borovik says

    Beth can you please share a link of the vacuum you got on ebay?

    • It was just the battery that I got replaced for my Dyson V8 stick, I’ll see if I can find the store but just add Dyson batteries into the search bar and choose one that lots of people have bought from.

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