Holiday Reading Stack

If there’s one thing that happens EVERY school holidays (besides preparing 452 fruit platters) is that I will read at least one book. Something clicks in my brain and I go from mindless scrolling, to reading and suddenly I will find myself completely immersed in the wonderful world of pages and words. And then as soon as I get back home, well the old habits come back and it’s back to chores and work nd easy distractions.

We’ve headed away for one week so I’m bound to get in a little reading (fingers crossed)! Thought I would share my current bedside stack that I have to get through…will report back on them all as I make my way through over the next few months (and likely not until the big Christmas holiday and time out at the farm).

Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty
Next Year in Havana by Chanel Cleeton
Winging it by Emma Isaacs
Women Kind by Dr Kristen Ferguson & Catherine Fox
Daring Greatly by Brene Brown
Why Mummy Swears by Gill Sims

I’m starting off with Liane as it will get me back into the swing of things and we’ll go from there. I always think when you have lost your reading mojo to start with something light and easy to get you back into it.

Happy reading friends! What’s on your current stack?
Read something good you would recommend?

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  1. I’m in a very purple patch with my reading at the moment and have lots of recommendations:

    Boys Swallows universe, Trent Dalton
    The lost flowers of Alice hart, Holly Ringland
    Nowhere child, Christian white
    Tin man, Sarah Winman
    The other Wife, Michael Robotham
    Dear mrs Bird, AJ Pearce
    Little fires everywhere, Celeste Ng

    I could go on!! I’m just about to start Transcription, Kate Atkinson’s latest which should be good.

    Enjoy your time at the farm and getting stuck into your books.

  2. Just finished the audiobook of Winging It.
    I’m holding Liane’s book over for my Christmas holiday. I’ve got a heap of books I want to read once Tafe has finished!
    Just picked up Holly Wainwrights second book from the library to read. Light, easy, super fun.

  3. Just finished Liane’s book. Was good, but so very hard to compete with some of her other books…
    Also just finished Normal People by Sally Rooney. Oh My Word. Good, possibly excellent but bleak. Also The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce for a quirky stroll down the 1980’s lane via a sweet love story. Worth reading. And lastIy I have binge read everything that Fredrik Blackman has written. He is incredible and ranges from laugh until you cry to just wanting to cry. Small town Swedish excellence. Cant recommend enough.

  4. I am slowly getting back into reading books! Just finished Rick Morton’s One Hundred Years of Dirt. Am half way through Kirstin Ferguson’s & Catherine Fox’s Women Kind but paid particular attention to page 117 as I get a paragraph’s mention! That is pretty spesh!
    Enjoy the hols…the late term four of Daisy at the local school is Almost here. I sense tears! Denyse x

  5. That’s a good stack Beth. I love how reading transports us to a totally different place.

    I just finished Osher Gunsberg’s ‘Back, After The Break’ and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. He’s a great storyteller and he holds nothing back when telling stories from his childhood, days in radio, Australian Idol, going to the US and more. His lifelong struggles with anxiety and mental health issues are a central theme, he doesn’t throw anyone under the bus, and reading about what he’s come through and his philosophy of life is really uplifting stuff. It’s both harrowing and hopeful.
    That could have been said as a five word review: YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!

    At the moment I’m reading ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin, it’s an interesting approach she takes, by focusing on different areas of life, and attempting to increase her happiness in that, over a year. I’m up to August. It’s not a book I’d rave about, but it’s a good read.

  6. I’ve just finished a few as we were away at the beach last week! The Great Alone by Kristen Hannah which was incredible – I now want to go to Alaska! I can also highly recommend the Nightingale also by Kristen Hannah- was probably my book of 2017!!! The Book Ninja was a quick easy and very enjoyable read – by the ladies who started the books on the rail initiative. This afternoon I have just sat down and started Any Ordinary Day, Leigh Sales new book and I am already totally hooked! Enjoy your reading time.

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