I’d like to thank…

It’s end of School year preso time around these parts. Yesterday afternoon we went to the girl’s award and presentation ceremony with 3 lots of Grandparents in attendance and thankfully this year, a cool afternoon when we usually sit sweltering under the whirring fans in our old village School of Arts Hall. Parents clap proudly as kids get awards for various things, listen to recorder recitals and we have to endure a school play which always goes for way too long when everyone’s attentions are starting to wane.

Our girls did well, Harper surprised us by leading a music performance on the piano (she’s plays the piano?!) that she had learnt herself GOD LOVE THAT CHILD, Daisy was awarded School Leader for next year and MC’d the event and they both won awards: Daisy for being a confident, independent learner with a flair for writing (what more could you want?!) and Harper for Excellence in Writing. Whether they get awards or not, it’s such a joy for Rob and I to see happy. confident kids who love going to school and are friends with kids from all different age groups. It’s the absolute best part of small public schools.

While I was sitting in the hall listening to Jingle Bells through the strains of recorders, I started thinking about how we don’t get awards anymore as grown ups. Perhaps when we need them the most too! I was lucky enough to win an award with Bupa last year and I think I was most excited about getting an actual trophy…maybe the first I had ever received…something to show for something I had done or achieved.

Doesn’t take much does it?

And in the lack of any of us getting any awards at the end of this long year, I thought I would suggest some for me and others and perhaps you would like to nominate and award someone else as well?

For me? Well there’ so many to choose from really.

The award for “the person that gets carried away the most as SOON as they are away for their children and drinks entirely too much, sings too loudly and dances until she wets her pants a little bit EVERY SINGLE TIME” goes to…me!

The award for “the person that got on her hands and knees without fail every single day to clean crumbs off the floor because she is a fruitcake” goes to….me!

The award for “the woman who never realises that she is in a filthy mood because she is getting her period despite having had her period for 24 years now” goes to….me!

And how about some of my peers?

The award for “the person to wear the most amount of off the shoulder clothing in one year” goes to….Styling you!

The award for “the Mum who consistently deals with sleep issues from her kids and doesn’t kill them despite the fact” goes to….Traci!

The award for “the most consistently delicious home made and hone grown food that you could ever dream of and can you please be my mum too?” goes to…Caroline from Ten Ten Two and a Quarter

The award for “the shittiest year ever and still survived despite it all with humour and grace” goes to…Megan!

The award for “the best Mum ever the end no returns” goes to my Mum Sue!

There are endless awards to be won here my friends…so let’s get nominating and tagging either in comments on this post or on Facebook and let’s start awarding the real winners throughout the year, the ones that make the real impact throughout the year…US!

Did you grow a whole human in your guts this year? Have an award!
Did you buy the most amount of distressed jeans in one year? Have an award!
Were you pretty much average all year? Well done on consistent effort!

Start awarding away my friends…there’s warm champagne in plastic glasses all around!


  1. I would like to extend a “Bravo” to my granddaughter, Zariya… as I have much on my Facebook… she is a blessing!!!?
    Smart, truly academically ahead of her 6th grade… she is so full of wonder… kind and loving and excelling to her creativity… artist abundance!!’ I give you “Zariya “?

  2. The award for “ getting a kid the whole way through his schooling life without ending up in a mental hospital because kids who hate school are HARD” goes to…..me & Tim!

    The award for “ people who put up with my nonsense, my ranting, my self doubt, my bat shit craziness!” Goes to…..my friends!

    The award for “ the people who drive me to the brink of despair but then remind me why I never actually walk out of the house never to return as I sometimes think i should “ goes to….my four children!!!

  3. I owe you an award- it’s the award for the best way to lift roast veggies or roast potatoes to another level!
    I added as your recipe- the spinach leaves, chopped cherry tomatoes & a huge cup of pittes kalamata olives and everyone loves it, from the 2 teens to my husband to my dad (86 years young).
    Thank you & I even told another great blogger Dani no philosophy about it.
    Thank you, thank you thank you and have a wonderful Christmas and New Year! Den xxx

  4. The stuck with me through some of my darkest days and still loves me award goes to my bestie.
    Cheers Kate

  5. Sonia South says

    The award goes to Mrs South for surviving another year of making bloody school lunches.

  6. #cantstopwontstop showing my shoulders. Very proud to accept this award! Thank you Beth x

  7. I deem above average at your place!
    especially young maggie for entertaining me! … when I read about her antics and watch those
    videos of her dancing she cracks me up! … she is good and should be on the stage for sure!
    I don’t have grandchildren so she’s it!
    thankyou beth for sharing!
    love mxx

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