Moments to remember: September

As we head hurtling towards October (how? HOW?) I thought I’d take a moment to reflect on all the goodness that happened this month…every month really. I truly can’t believe how fast time flies by…here we are again at this time last year when #notafatmoleforchristmas started. A year, just like that.

September was filled with some magic that’s for sure.

Having the privilege of travelling over to a beautiful part of the world. To see the bluest blue ocean, the warm wind through my hair, the white sand on my feet. To float in the swell Indian Ocean and watch turtles and sharks below. To laugh so much, so often for a week, does the soul good.

Arriving home after such a long trip, to a husband who juggled work and kids, to see the lights on, the fire burning away. There’s no place like home, there just isn’t.

To enjoy the joys of home life. It’s simple rhythms and days, the season of Spring coming to life after a long cold winter. I love this place so much.

More surprise lunches for the world’s longest birthday. To see two of my oldest friends sitting at a table completely surprising me, made my heart and eyes swell.

A gorgeous Sunday morning lunch to celebrate my brother in law’s birthday under the blossom tree.

Perfecting the art of poaching an egg. This has been such a thrill for me. Even though I got into a bit of a panic poaching eggs for lots of people which my family can attest to.

Hosting my Spring Fling lunch and cooking lunch for 30 people. I was so proud of that day, bringing people together and making them happy.

Seeing a bloom in a vase. A simple daffodil, a bought bunch or a gifted bunch from a family. They bring me happiness every time.

Got a moment in September you remember well?
Wondering how we got here so quick?


  1. Loooong time reader, first time commenter. I just love your work! Your posts always make me smile. Writing from the heart, keeping things real and the best, best photos.

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