Day 2 of the School holidays

You know there’s a thing at the start of every school holidays where like nothing goes to plan right? Where the visions of lazy days in the sunshine with everyone happily pottering about doing their own thing is replaced with bickering, fighting, physical fighting and much screaming from the parent in charge?

It happens at the start of every school holidays, and yet I forget, and then get frustrated. It usually lasts a day or so while everyone gets over the tiredness, and being back at home, and together again, and soon enough we will get into our groove, but until then? HEAVEN HELP ME IF YOU TWO START FIGHTING AGAIN SOMEONE WILL GET HURT.

That’s what we have been up to. I’m surprised you haven’t heard my screaming from where you are? Soothing my tired soul with $6 worth of daffs at the fruit shop this morning.

Poor Mags has been struck down with a bad cold and awful cough. Like gasping for air while trying to sleep cough which sends me into an anxiety spiral. Dead set, I get so stressed out when my kids are sick. A couple of bad nights sleeps (we had 4 I think in our bed on the weekend when we were away) and then the last 2 nights have had Maggie with me on breathing alert. Shit, I’m tired.

But here we are in school holidays, slowing down and catching up. Fighting, screaming and the odd aggressive elbow from one sister to another. We’ll get there in a day or two, until then, there’s fruit and nut in the house and I am not afraid to eat the entire thing.

Do you always forget about this settling in period at the start of holidays too?
Much screaming your way?
Is it windy at your place too? I swear that makes it extra annoying too.
At least I am getting my washing done.


  1. Oh gosh I can really relate to the crazy of the first couple of days of the holidays! My kid freaks me out every time until I remember. I just put down the ground rules and wait for it to pass!

  2. Take it from this Early Childhood Teacher, It’s The Wind!!!
    My hubby has been wearing his Sound Cancelling Headphones (he works from home), which has made my life easier because there is no way you can have six kids in a house without noise. Unless they are eating, but then they fight over who ate the most. I’m already thinking I need to plan out the Christmas Holidays so we don’t go bonkers.
    I can’t complain, they have been worse. We are on the tail end of the holidays, so I’m wishing you luck and a nice strong drink to go with that chocolate.

  3. Thank god I’m not the only one!!!!! So much screaming. So. Very. Much!

  4. Lauren @fairview_farmhouse says

    Every holidays I forget this! My gosh, the fighting has been next level. I lost it in bunnings yesterday. The 2.5 year old who was running the aisles and knocking over plants on purpose. The 6 year old and 4 year old were wrestling, the baby was strapped in the trolley looking bemused and the 8 year old was loudly telling the whole of bunnings that “mum’s going to crack it in a minute”. Crack it she did!! Cue crazy woman whisper-yelling at her 5 children in the garden section.

    It always takes them a bit to settle down, and by the end of the holidays, it could almost be described as lovely…. almost! I have decided I’m not yelling today. It’s only 8am so let’s hope I can make it to lunchtime without completely losing it!

  5. So many friends and their kids have been struck down with illness these school holidays. We’ve skated through OK, fortunately. I hope the hols ended better than they started.

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