Netflix: What are you watching? {+ a subscription giveaway!}

This giveaway has now closed and 4 winners were chosen: Angela, Leeanne, Lucinda & Sarah were the winners and have been notified. Thanks for joining in!

These wintery months call for one thing: TELLY. And lots of it. What? It’s dark in the morning and night and long walks or exercise are just not cutting it. Plus I never said I was smart. I love telly.

But sometimes, even though we have a gazillion options to choose from I still think THERE’S NOTHING TO WATCH. Oh my are there things to watch. Thought I’d share some of those things with you guys because you too might be thinking THERE’S NOTHING TO WATCH.

Here’s what we have been watching.


Set in the 80’s, it about a female professional wrestling and the unexpected success of the real life show. Great flashback to the 80’s and entirely inappropriate at times, it’s good.


I love Naomi Watts so will be giving this one a go too (haven’t watched this as yet). A thriller set in NY it’s about a therapist who crosses professional lines to live out her fantasies. I have seen the trailer and think it might be worth a look.

Friends from College

Rob watched this last week and stopped because he thought I would like it…and after the first 2 episodes I most certainly do! Friends from college all come back together in NYC…it’s funny and even though not received as well as it might have from critics given the cast, I will give it a go. I mean…NEW YORK! And adult Fred Savage! Der.

Puss in Boots (Choose your own adventure)

Harps has been giving this a solid going over on the iPad. It’s like the books from the 80’s where you can choose what happens next in the movie. That’s pretty cool I reckon!

Stranger Things

I watched the trailer for season 2 today which looks GOOD. If you haven’t watched it, make sure you do as it’s great suspenseful 80’s drama. I loved it!

Other Stuff we have liked (there’s SO much more though)

+ All the stand up comic stuff – worth trawling through there are some really funny ones.
+ Orange is the new Black – have some catching up to do on this.
+ LOVE – I seriously loved this show. Still have a few eps of season 2 to finish off.
+ Suits – we are way behind on this but loved it for New York scenes before we went. And a new season has just begun too.
+ Chef’s Table – the best cinematography you will ever see to do with food. SO good.
+ Lemony Snickett’s Series of Unfortunate Events – loved the movie so much this is worth a look.

Now for some good news for YOU guys! Thanks to Netflix I have 4 x 3 month subscriptions to give away. Hello! So if you have been thinking of joining but didn’t have the extra cash or time or inclination to do so, now you can. Or maybe you are an existing subscriber and would just like a fee quarter….just leave me a comment below telling me what you have been enjoying lately. Giveaway closes this coming Friday 28th July 9pm AEST you can check out the rest of the T&C’s here.

So for a chance to win one of these 4 x 3 month subscriptions just tell me below what you have been watching on Netflix! And if you are ever scrolling through aimlessly, then head here for a one stop shop for what’s good right now…


  1. Hi Beth. If you loved Arrested Development, Parks & Rec or the Office then go watch Brooklyn 99. I can’t believe that I waited so long to get on board this train. It is quirky, very funny and seriously uncomplicated viewing. Best of all there are four seasons (but maybe only three on Netflix?) and they are making a fifth. It is all kinds of good. Get on it!

    • I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to find out there’s a season 4 & 5 after polishing off season 3 last night! Yippee!

  2. Ange Morrison says

    I know I am late to the party but we are loving House of cards,and my son has us all reciting lines from Troll hunters

  3. Grace & Frankie os hilarious. The Crown was fantastic. There are some great docos too, we are currently watching The Keepers. House of Cards is brilliant, the Underwoods are pure evil. Our 4 year old loves all the kids stuff too and is constantly watching on the ipad.

  4. I’ve watched Orange Is The New Black which was mostly fun to Bigw on and 13 Reasons Why which was heartbreaking and so worthwhile especially as a parent of a 5yo who will grow up in a totally different world to what I did! Looking forward to reading everyone’s binge list!!

  5. Penny Whormsley says

    We haven’t been enjoying anything on Netflix yet as I haven’t caved and joined yet much to my children’s horror!!! But everytime I read a post like this it gives me FOMO of all the shows I’m missing ?.

  6. We’ve only just been able to upgrade our internet to a plan that has a decent amount of download so I’m very new to Netflix! But very excited at the plethora of shows on offer! We did watch Big Little Lies and used up our measly download limit within a couple of episodes, but I loved that series. Bring on the binge watching πŸ™‚

  7. Marianne says

    Designated Survivor – obsessed! I am going to NYC end of august so I love the shows set there too

  8. I’ve just started Friends from College and am loving it, so funny! Bloodline is a great series, Ben Mendelsohn is simply brilliant in it.

  9. We don’t have Netflix so I can’t tell you what I have been watching. Gypsy looks good, I love a thriller but then I can’t sleep for nights afterwards!

  10. I don’t have Netflix either but Doctor Who and Brooklyn 99 are my viewing favourites.

  11. I don’t really watch all of these *ahem*.. Designated Survivor, House of Cards, Stranger Things, The Crown, Ozark (just started this one), Suits, and a few movies here and there.

  12. Amy Paul says

    Oh to have Netflix! Our satellite is getting installed as we speak and I’d love a chance to win! I’m busting to watch glow! I have a soft spot for the eighties!

  13. Stephanie Brunia says

    I have been binging like no other.
    Glow, Vikings, Lost, Riverdale, 13 reasons why. This is all in a space of 8 weeks.
    I think my eyes have finally turned square

  14. There’s nothing like a binge session of Grace & Frankie to cheer me up after a hard day, but if I want something more serious I’ll watch House of Cards, Homeland or Designated Survivor. Travellors is pretty good too, but my girls love Dance Academy. And did you know it’s my fault they aren’t ballerinas? (Well it probably is, I didn’t enroll them in ballet lol).

  15. Hi Beth!
    I haven’t jumped onto the Netflix wagon yet – mainly due to the (small but in a very tight budget, significant) cost. I enjoy running outside with my dog! But oh my!! FOMO overload – I’m loving all the comments re the shows on and would love love love this chance to have a telly-binge !!

  16. Sarah White says

    I don’t have netflix! Its just not in the budget right now so I am desperate for a subscription, I have been dying to watch Stranger Things especially now there is a season 2 in the pipeline, also Glow. I need netflix!!!

  17. We don’t currently have a Netflix account but in the first few months of this year I managed to binge watch all six seasons of Shameless…. and get several family members addicted to it too!

  18. We are (dare i say it on a netflix thread) loving stan more than netflix at the moment. Younger is a good binge, and perve, on Stan ? BUT… on netflix, we started Vikings last night. eeerrrmma GAWD! Cant wait till i put the kids to bed and get a vino tonight in front of the tele! Also, Orphan Black, Hatfields and McCoy, Longmire, Anne with an E, Shooter and if youre up for an epic session… Pretty Little Liars is addictive. Very teenage, but addictive. A big contrast in shows depending on your mood!

  19. Oh Beth, I hear you, we watch more telly in this house than I ever said I would but, kids!!! And kids TV for that matter. Thats all I ever get to watch. We don’t have Netflix as trying to finish a reno and feed 3 munchkins the funds seem to go elsewhere but if I had Netflix I would watch “all of the things!!!”

  20. Watching Ozark at the moment, love Laura Linney!

  21. Hi Beth πŸ™‚ We have been enjoying Stranger Things, and also Vikings. I have started to watch 13 Reasons Why just to see what it was all about as I’d heard good and bad things about it. We love watching the movies though too, the last one being War Machine with Brad Pitt. Love the Netflix Original movies πŸ™‚

  22. Totally with you on “Team Telly-Saves-Winter” πŸ˜‰ My almost 5yo binge-watched Transformers Rescue Bots and Dinotrux through the term break (which now poses a problem because there are very few Rescue Bots and Dinotrux toys in NZ ugh). Husband has finished all 4 seasons of The Blacklist (we looove James Spader). I started on Riverdale but lost interest mid-way through, watched a few episodes of Black Mirror and now working through Season 1 of Sense8 πŸ™‚ Will have to rewatch Season 1 of Stranger Things too before the next one starts!

  23. I have never had Netflix and I have 9 month old twins so I would like nothing more than to win a subscription so during their nap times I could kick up my ugg boots and have a well-deserved cuppa, Netflix and chill!

  24. Oh my goodness, I spend HOURS trying to decide what to watch next on Netflix. There’s nothing like the emptiness you feel when you’ve finished a really good series!
    I love rewatching all the oldies. Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, Freaks and Geeks, Party of Five. I also think that Designated Survivor was really underrated.
    I love the shows OITNB, Love, Chelsea (she totally gives it to Donald Trump which I applaud despite being an Aussie).
    You must try Amy Schumer’s stand up special.
    SO GOOD.

  25. Hooked on Orange – great series…
    Am keen to start House of Cards as I have heard so many good things..
    Bring on Stranger Things series 2..
    Thanks for the recommendations above – gonna give Glow a go – right up my alley!

  26. Michelle says

    Peaky Blinders is fantastic and Cillian Murphy, who plays the lead character, is just phenomenal. It’s set in Birmingham just after World War 1 and is about a crime family. Based on that you might think it is just another gangster series but the casting is superb, great acting, music, script. Lots of layers to the characters. It’s just so good!!

  27. I have just finished watching Riverdale with my teen daughter. I love having shows that we can both get into, with stars we both know (Luke Perry for instance…my daughter didn’t believe he was my main celeb crush back in the day!). Looking forward to season 2 starting soon.

  28. Claire Smith says

    Designated Survivor and The Good Wife…..all 7 seasons. Very excited that the offshoot The Good Fight is coming on SBS

  29. I have just finished watching Lovesick, my hubbie & I really enjoyed watching this together. We watched Friday Night Lights tOgether & were totally hooked. I also Loved Please Like me, give it a go season 3 is a cracker! I also just started watching Gypsy I’m only 3 episodes in. I watched 1 Ep of Love & went not sure…maybe I should continue?
    Love a good series!

  30. I am SO glad you asked ?
    Well, I loved Vikings. Really interesting historical account of the mass migration/invasion of the Northern Europeans, and did I mention those Vikings are Hot! The guy who plays the main character is an Aussie too! A good show to get one hot and bothered on a cold winters evening ?
    Bloodline – so good….
    Spartacus – mmmmm I do seem to have a bit of a theme involving lots of blood…anyway, after or before watching Spartacus, you must also see Be Here Now, a doco on the main character, Andy Whitfield, who played Spartacus. Sad but really touching..
    For something light, Project Runway is so entertaining and the only blood is when they prick their fingers with a needle. Set in New York too, I just love seeing the wacko fashions they all ooh and ayah over. .?
    To The Bone, a great movie on anorexics … think I ate a block of chocolate while watching it then felt very guilty…
    My daughter, 13 yo, has devoured Anne with an E, a Canadian remake of Anne of Green Gables. Is a brilliant production. Not sterile and full of pretty faces like American versions. It’s a real Anne ?
    Ok Ok I’ll shut up now.
    Was there a word limit on this?

  31. Like everyone, The Handmaids Tale and then catching up on free to air as I watched far too much of Le Tour. Great holiday inspiration!

  32. Lynn Carland says

    Broke my arm at the beginning of the year so thought it was a good excuse to do some Netflix watching, well binging actually….loved Bloodline, Designated Survivor and Tyrant.

  33. I loved Stranger Things, I also just finished watching Mad Men (finally) I loved Shameless and we just watched the first season of Ozark. Now that really is worth watching. Thanks for the tip on Gypsy, I’m a Naomi Watts fan too xx

  34. Natalie Yabuka says

    I watched Madter of None at a friends house and now obsessed.

  35. We don’t have Netflix, but I would love to! I keep seeing the reca for all these great series and I want in!

  36. Oh, Netflix…sometimes I find there is nothing I want to watch, and then at other times such as now, there are TOO many on my list. For starters, my husband and I watched the latest season of House of Cards in two nights. We are nearly done with Orange is the new Black’s latest season (about 3 eps to go). Then we move onto Fargo Season 2. Fabulous and thrilling. Then from there, we will go to Suits latest season. Then we will move to True Detective. Plus I have to finish The Crown. Then I hear there is a great new show called Ozark, which I wasn’t really interested in until I see it has Jason Bateman in it, so, well, hello!

  37. Karen Edwards says

    I’ve just finished watching Orange is the new Black not sure what to watch next thank you for some suggestions

  38. We don’t have Netflix but really need to now reading your suggestions Beth! Seriously sounds like we are missing out on some great series. Would love to win, thanks for the chance! X

  39. After previewing Netflix at my sister’s house on the school holidays the kids are keen (me too) these recommendations sound great thanks Beth

  40. House of Cards – love, love, love it. The whole reason why we got Netflix in the first place when we realised series 3 was only available on Netflix.

  41. I am loving Outlander – nothing better than a hunky guy in a kilt I say !! Just about to finish season 2 so I am a bit sad. I have also loved Frankie and Grace – haven’t laughed that much in a while πŸ™‚ and the Crown – so lovely. Cannot keep up with my older teens though – they are loving everything Netflix.

  42. Oh my gosh….i love Shooter (TV series not movie) and can NOT wait for season 2 of Designated Survivor….also love Grace & Frankie and i think you would ADORE that Beth πŸ˜€

  43. Hi Beth!
    I spent a very cold, blustery Wintwr’s afternoon binge watching Anne with an e with my 3 sons! So nice to share this beloved classic with my boys and to just watch a fun, heartwarming, family show together xx would love a substitution as the only way we can watch Netflix is @ Grandma’s! ??

  44. Sam Spring says

    OMG I didn’t realde what I had been missing out on!

    After 6 months in our rental where we could only watch TV with the sound down in the evenings due to the bedrooms being adjacent to the open living area (read no door-wide opening!) and now a month of waiting for the NBN to be installed (Thursday is the day) we are all starved for good viewing. Hoping The Americans might be on? Loved Spooks.

  45. Sam Spring says

    OMG I didn’t realize what I had been missing out on!

    After 6 months in our rental where we could only watch TV with the sound down in the evenings due to the bedrooms being adjacent to the open living area (read no door-wide opening!) and now a month of waiting for the NBN to be installed (Thursday is the day) we are all starved for good viewing. Hoping The Americans might be on? Loved Spooks.

  46. I’ll just quietly save this post and come back to it in 50 years’ time when we finally get NBN. ??

  47. Sarah Ward says

    Oh my lordy day 5 of having Netflix (first month free) and almost overwhelmed cause I have so much i neeeeeeed to watch! But first off I have started with The Gilmour Girls reunion!!! Omg I LOVE being back at Star’s Hollow!

  48. I just started watching The Pinkertons on Netflix. If you haven’t seen it it is set in Kansas City post civil war and the protagonist is a wildly intelligent, gutsy female detective who is assisted by the son of the agency’s founder. Kate uses her charm and wits to befuddle the heavy handed Sherrif and out smart the criminals and she’s not afraid to get physical. Completely binge worthy with your girlfriends with a bottle of bootleg whiskey to cheer her on. Enjoy ?

  49. I have just caught my breath after separation and moving house and am keen to find some me time on my couch, I LOVE offspring of course, 24 hours in emergency and The Good Wife, cant wait for the spin off…

    Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be considered – some time for me to watch what i want just seems like a pipe dream and its a seriously good excuse to get the internet connected pronto!!

  50. I just finished ‘Party of five’ .currently to the end of season2 of ‘shameless’. Next on my list is ‘stranger things’ then I will check back on this comment thread.. cheer!

  51. Amanda G. says

    Oh you must watch The Killing, I absolutely loved it! Set in Seattle, its based on the Danish series I believe? Its moody and dark with flawed main characters and I gobbled it up. Love. I really love that promo poster for Stranger Things 2.

  52. Tammie Venne says

    I am totally addicted to Greys Anatomy

  53. I’m watching GLOW and LOVING it. Friends from College will be next. Previous fave before that was Santa Clarita Diet. I’m thinking I must try Suits, I do hear so much about it.

  54. Angela Davidson says

    Dear Beth!
    With 3 kids under 5, we need decent tele to survive!
    We haven’t tried Netflix before
    And don’t want to miss out anymore!
    With Netflix on our TV,
    You’ll be helping our sanity!!

  55. I’ve just started watching Suits, 5 months after leaving a 3 year law job! At first I was hesitant because I know it’s not an accurate representation of a law offe but now I’m hooked!!

  56. I am currently watching “The Fosters” and love it! πŸ™‚

  57. I love catching up on Quantico.

  58. I was recently watching Orange is the New Black

  59. A couple of girlfriends recommended Outlander – oh dear hooked!!!! Love that I can watch a bit whenever I get the chance. While my kids are doing karate, between clients at work, on a Sunday when the kids sleep in……oh wait that never happens ?

  60. Loved OITNB! Need to catchup again….

  61. Omg Gypsy is Aaah mazing! I’ve watched it twice in a row…so, so good. Naomi is phenomenal in this series.

  62. I just started Ozark- It’s AMAZING!

  63. Santa Clarita Diet – hilarious!

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