Me and my well worn {cranky} pants

Besides my cranky pants (which I never seem to take off) I thought I would share some of the pants that I wear day in, day out. My uniform if you will. You see, pretty much every day, all year around (including summer) I am in jeans. I love them. I am no aficionado though, and defo not into fancy labels. So while these might not be the best jeans going around, they are the ones I wear day after day and have done for well over a year now. Maybe longer. There are no links to affiliates, nor is this sponsored, just stuff I like.

Bohemian Traders

This is my go-to brand for pretty much 80% of my clothing. I love their stuff. I love that Em (from The Beetleshack) has pretty much built an empire from this brand. Nikki has pretty much got me onto all their styles but these are my faves. I am a size 14 normally so wear a 32 in all cuts.

Classic Wash Boyfriend Jeans $149

These took me some getting used to. I didn’t quite know how to wear them, but now I have that sorted (I like to wear them low down and loose) and now that I am a few kilos lighter I like how they look on me. You can dress them up or down too.

High Waisted Skinny Jean in dark wash $139

Dear lord I love these jeans. I love that they sit up high and hold your guts in. I love the shorter length (that said I am 174cms so a bit on the tall side). They are right up there as my favourites at the moment.

Distressed Skinny Jean $139

These are looking waaaaay more distressed now than when I got them but I persist in wearing them evert week. I love the darker colour on that inside seam…I think it does magical things to your legs. They are fitting me better than they did before too (not so much spilling flesh through the distressed bits).

Slouch Pant in black $139

These are MAGICAL pants I tell you. Made from a thick ponte pant type material they are slouchy (so if you don’t like the drop pant look these are not for you) but they just sit beautifully. You can dress them up or down….like a fancy pants trackie dack I LOVE THEM. Got some in forest green too.

Feather & Noise

I think it may have been Sonia Styling that got me onto these ones originally but they are winners. I have two pairs that I wear constantly. The only downside I have with these jeans is that the fly always seems to go down (that said, they may be on the tight side for me!)

Tash Jean Mid Blue $79

I love the slight stretch in these jeans (missing from Bohemian Traders) and are cute rolled up or down. Also looking much more distressed these days!

Tash Jean Black $79

These are the same as above but in black. I wear a size 14 in both.

Country Road

A stalwart and always a favourite of mine (mostly because I can order a size down than I would normally wear and who doesn’t love that?). The word jegging can scare people, but I am here to tell you that the Country Road jogging is superior. They are just like a skinny jean and cannot be beaten. My favourite?

Mid Rise Jegging $69.95 (on sale now)

I used to also flog the wet look jegging. Try them on in store if you can and then throw them with gay abandon on the counter. They are that good.

Do you have a favourite pant to wear (besides your cranky ones?)
Anyone else only wear jeans like me?


  1. I so enjoy you! You are sassy, jazzy, so spot on being real!! ?

  2. Lauren Roney says

    You look flipping great in jeans!!! Legs 11, I’m waiting for my post second baby belly to deflate and or get lost and I’ll be hitting up BT for a pair of those jeans!!!

  3. I spy my verandah! Love you in all of these x

  4. Maria Savage says

    Beth you are such a fresh delight… love you in all the above jeans.
    I am an almost 70 fashionista, just love your style

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I love my old Katies jeans but they are getting a tad holey so may have to invest in a new pair of distressed jeans.Love NYDJeans and my country road white ones! You look hot In them all Beth Xx

  6. LOVE my black Country Road jeggings, many thanks to Styling You for the heads up on those beauties (need to get another colour). Would love to try the Bohemian Traders but so far everything I’ve bought is too big for me (sadly I’m a short ass). My other go-tos are Mavi jeans, soooo soft, stretchy & comfortable.

  7. Great post Beth! Like you I have an addiction to jeans (and maybe jackets and blazers??!) I own many of those you’ve listed but my absolute faves of the last few years are these:
    A combination of all things droppies, wetlook, stretchy, so great for dressing up or wearing like trackies!
    You would absolutely rock these! ??

  8. I agree with you Stacey Decjuba is the best and so Baby Mac style.

    I won’t buy anything from Bohemian Traders anymore as they have a no refund policy and the return postage to them and back to you really cuts into your costs.

    I think it’s ridiculous that a company that promotes itself as an online shop has such a policy and it’s their support of BT is the only thing I get cranky about with Nikki and Beth’s site. I can’t afford to be spending around $25 in postage just trying to get sizing right.

    • Katherine says

      I agree with the comment about bohemian traders. I purchased three items from them and gave honest reviews of all three (two good, one average). They didn’t publish the average (3star) one and when I asked why they said that’s their policy. Seems misleading! Agree and country road jetting and I love love love me a drop crotch pant. I will check out decjuba!

    • Thanks for the feedback Mel. I think they recently changed their refund policy but completely understand the frustration! And I’m stoked I have discovered Decjuba – loving ALL OF THE THINGS. It’s going to be dangerous.

  9. I love your outfits and how you make a jean and top combo look awesome. x

  10. nice pinnies hun!
    they all look great!
    I especially love the photo with the wellies and you hanging onto that champers for dear life!
    we must talk hedges soon!
    need some advice!
    much love m:)X

  11. Katie Elliott says

    Thanks for the inspo Beth! After losing about 15 kgs last year I am in desperate need of some pants that bloody fit! I only wear jeans too so thanks to the wonder of Afterpay, I just purchased the black Tash Jeans ❤

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