Little kid, big concert

I think I was in year one, so what? 6 or 7 years old when I went to my first ever “proper” concert. Mum’s Uncle (who was married to Aunty June) had a connection with the Entertainment Centre so there were always free tickets for family, and we usually snapped them up. I remember so clearly getting dressed up, going with my big brother and sister and trotting off to see Boy George & Culture Club!

Throughout the 80’s and 90’s I managed to see some pretty amazing concerts at the Ent Cent. Dire Straits, Elton John, Paul Simon on his Graceland tour, Annie Lennox (LIFE CHANGING – when I saw her in a red lacy bra and leather pants and short hair I clearly remember thinking I want to be YOU when I grow up), Simply Red, Kylie Minogue…the list was long and I was one lucky kid. I also saw some others in bigger stadiums (U2 at the Football stadium, The Rolling Stones at the Sydney Cricket Ground, Madonna my beloved George Michael again at the SFS, Cold Play, The Police etc) those concerts are memories that will stay with me forever.

There’s something about being in a big concert/stadium that is pretty amazing isn’t it? Recently when Rob and I saw The Boss play it made me so happy seeing all these people SO happy! Dancing and singing, all joining force together in their mutual love of an artist or song. There’s nothing like it!

Tonight I am taking Daisy and her BFF Gloria to her first ever “proper” concert.

There will be screaming, dear LORD there will be screaming. And there will be 70,000 other people with us. But in amongst it will be our little girl experiencing her first ever grown up proper experience of someone she LOVES. I can’t wait to see what she thinks. Even just to be somewhere with ALL those people. My little country mouse! My mice!

What concert do you remember the most as having the most effect on you?
Or what was the first concert you went to?
Anyone got tips for me heading to Biebs?


  1. My first concert was Roxette when I was 9 with my Mum. Have seen them two more times as an adult with my Mum too. Special memories! Enjoy!

  2. I took my then 4 year old to see Cyndi Lauper. I had entered a radio competition and was lucky enough to win 2 tickets which was amazing because I couldn’t really justify paying for a 4 year old to go.
    She had the best time. We were quite far back so she was watching from and dancing in the isle (not allowed) when a lovely usher came and asked if we wanted to move a bit closer to the front and moved us to better seats.
    I will always treasure the memory of this night because everyone was so happy and listening to my daughter sing along to her idol was amazing.

  3. Nic Wesley says

    How awesome! I took my daughter to the Taylor Swift concert. It was her first ever concert and just the two of us. We both loved it – I’ll never forget her face when she turned to me when the first song began and squeezed my hand in excitement. Such a special memory.

  4. You lucky duck! This is so great, Beth, hope you all have an awesome time! My first proper concert wasn’t until my late teens.. (yeah sad!) pretty sure it was Janet Jackson. I have certainly made up for lost time and one of my faves I will always remember was seeing Bon Jovi when I was living in Glasgow. My 9yo’s first concert was Taylor Swift the year before last.. set the bar quite high to begin?! Enjoy!

  5. One tip – buy ear plugs!

    The screaming is next level at these things.

    I chaperoned a One Direction concert a few years ago and my hearing has never been the same since even with ear plugs 🙂

    Have fun. Hope it’s a fabulous show.

  6. Culture club at the entertainment centre in the 80’s was my first concert too but I was in my teens. So much screaming ….. & that was just my mum when I told her my friend & I had bought tickets without asking either set of parents for permission first ?

  7. Have fun Daisy! I’ll be at the concert tonight too and as a soon to be 40 year old, I’m sure I’ll be screaming just as loudly as Daisy!

  8. Culture Club in 1984 was my first concert too. We frequented the same concerts, I can’t believe we didn’t run into each other ?
    My daughters first concert was Taylor Swift, but Adele set the bar pretty high on Friday night. A few bells and whistles but pure, unadulterated talent !

  9. My first concert was Vanilla Ice. Don’t judge me, I was in grade 4!! ?

  10. Amanda G. says

    My first ‘concert’ was John Farnham at the Coffs Harbour Showgrounds!! How funny is that! I was infatuated, I think I was about 12. Seen some good ones since then but that was the first.

  11. Lisa Aherne says

    1964. The Beatles. Festival Hall, Melbourne. I screamed myself hoarse, as did most of those in attendance. I have never forgotten that concert.

  12. that’s great beth! … bit of a soft spot for the beibs!;))
    you are a top mum and look soo young with your cap on!
    daisy will always remember that night!
    the beatles 1964
    much love m:)X

  13. OMG I think it was Bros at the Sydney Entertainment Centre ……”When will I, will I be famous”… embarrassment!!!!

  14. Ha, first concert was with my family – Elton John at the Hordern in 79, with his percussionist accompanying. He was ace.
    First concert with a friend was the very next year, ACDC at the Showground for the Hell’s Bells Back in Black tour. Yes, two little 12 year olds let loose by themselves. We sat up in a grandstand, it was great! Dropped off out the front and collected at the same place afterwards.
    The same year I went off with another girlfriend to see the B52s at the Capitol, with her big sis and another friend of the sister’s. Same parental deal.
    I am hoping when my two actually want to go and see some current pop I don’t need to chaperone them!! I think it’s a while off – they are still stuck in our old cds!

  15. Mine was Michael Jackson at the SCG. Setting the bar incredibly high! The reality was we had pretty shit seats and I spent most of the night swatting moths out of my hair.

    Completely jealous of your witnessing Paul Simon on his Graceland tour. I grew up on that album!

  16. The Rolling Stones in Southampton UK in 1965. I was 15 and went on my own after having been given the £1 ticket on the morning of the concert. Atmosphere just incredible and whilst I have attended many great concerts here in Sydney over the decades, nothing comes near my first concert.

  17. My first concert was Skyhooks at Festival Hall in Melbourne, in the early 80’s. It was amazing, for this country mouse.
    But I think I got more joy from taking my son then, about 10, now 23, to a Delta Goodrem concert at Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne. I remember crying watching him, he was so happy and excited.
    Enjoy Beibs and enjoy Daisy’s excitement.

  18. Boy have I been to some concerts over the years. My first was Bros when I was twelve. Since then I’ve seen Duran Duran, Kylie Minogue, Debbie Gibson, Billy Joel, Madonna, 1927, Roxette twice, Pink three times, Taylor Swift twice Simple Plan, BonJovi and Katy Perry. There are more I know, But I’ve rambled enough. I hope Daisy and her friend had a fabulous time x

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