One thing: Moving my body

Last week I decided that enough was enough. Enough with the holiday eating. And drinking. And just general overindulgence. You know when you just kind of snap? The tight jeans with tide of flesh does the trick EVERYTIME.

So you know what I did? I did something sitting on my #onething list for some time. Yes, some time indeed. For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things. Just one. Every week.

Except this thing had been on my list for waaaaaaaaaay too long. I went to the gym!

And when I was done at the gym I took a photo (of course! Because otherwise it didn’t happen right?!) and wrote that it had been 18 months since I had been. Except I was a year OFF that. I certainly was not going to the gym when Mags was 2 months old (way too busy shovelling baked goods into my gob for you know, superior milk production and all that). So it had been more like 2 and half years. Just before we went to Croatia! Sheesh.

I got on those machines and turned my music up FULL BALL and boy was it good. After too many weeks of fighting children, too much family time, too much everything it was good to just walk. And then run. Push and sweat. Listen to music and completely switch off.

I went again this morning.

Once those kids are back at school I am hoping to get right back into a daily walk at least and get my eating back on track, but until then…this is a start. You know what Confucius said?

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

And while it may look like I stopped for 2+ years, perhaps I was just going slowly right?! Time to get back on board with it all, for the 34,000th time. It’s so annoying how you actually DO feel better when you exercise. Why do those smug fuckers have to be right?!

What was your one thing last week?
Anyone else trying to get back into the swing of things?
What is my new #fatmole hashtag going to be?!


  1. My #onething (and I thought of you as I was doing it) was cleaning the top of the kitchen cupboards. Great sense of satisfaction once that was done.

  2. You have to come up with a good # really, otherwise does it count?? Good on you getting back to the gym! It will be first week of term for me, and I am going to give getting there more than once a week a red hot shot. We need a “getting through til Easter” hashtag – I know you’ll come up with something good!

  3. I have walked for an hour every day this year and feel so much better for it. It’s excellent for mental health and of course for fitting back into clothes you are too big for. x

  4. Oh yay for you! I am still trying to get myself moving. Luckily I only had a break for less than two months so I am hoping this means I won’t die when I start living healthier again! I really fell off my #kezgetsphysical wagon! Oops!
    Honestly, I think the biggest incentive is the ‘me time’ factor!!! Enjoy!

  5. #Onething became two things for me: clear (and keep clear) the dining table for dining, not family storage area ? and keep up with the reformer Pilates every week. The ‘me’ time is definite incentive, whether I feel like the 5am wake up or not!

  6. You’re doing REALLY well Beth!! It’s very hard fitting in regular exercise with an energetic toddler (I found little babies easier ‘cos of the whole pram thing), be kind to yourself! Enjoy what exercise you can get when you can and enjoy the stage, it will pass so quickly, then like mine they’ll ALL be in school and suddenly routine happens! Liz XO

  7. #notafatmoleforEaster ?
    #notafatmolefor40 ?
    #notafatmole ?

    Or how about just #metime ? 🙂

    Time to get off my arse and jump on your bandwagon…

  8. I went back to the gym today too after a couple of months break which was preceded by a very patchy couple of years. My gym going decline was triggered by a very sick husband which I know was understandable but it’s taken me too long to try and find my groove again. My other health improvement activity is to have on weekdays (if I have alcohol) a gin and diet tonic which I like ways less than the real deal so therefore find it easy to only have one. Kinda perverse but it works for me!

  9. Hats off to you!!! Quite frankly the word GYM totally freaks me out (and like you with 3 little ferrets at home how do I even get there!?!) but I have started eating less Tim tams and more water through the day and have committed to participating in our local Park Run every Saturday … More like park walk while pushing 2 kids in a pram but anywho… It’s still exercise and my gosh I love seeing my husband and 5yr old smashing it out as they ran past me.
    Keep up the endorphins ladies✌️

  10. #moleonthemove

  11. I’m heading in to my 40th year too and it freaked me out when someone told me that “how you go in to forty us his you finish your forties and I’ll be damned if ill be a fat mole at 50! So, #fitforforty

  12. I am so unmotivated at the moment. I’ve not gym’d since Christmas and I am sure I’ve put on some kilos. But we’ve done lots of swimming and one small bike ride. I’ve not ridden since being preggas. I told myself when the kids get back to school this week I’m definitely (forcing myself to) going back. #onestepatatime Maybe #onekiloatatime for me #lovemyself

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