BabyMac and Show+Tell

You might remember a few months ago now that I got to sit on Monty’s couch for a little while and have a natter about blogging, and my life etc? Well guess what?

Those videos are now live! And despite the fact that my perioral dermatitis was at it’s WORST and I look like a slug on a couch here they are!

Make sure you head on over and check out the series (there are 4 in total).

I love those gals at Show & Tell. SO pretty and fresh but more than that: FUNNY. And sharing some great stories about some great women. I feel very privileged to be one of them. Thanks for having me girls!

Check out the videos here. And the rest of their blog here. So many wonderful interviews to trawl back through.

What did you think?
Do you love their blog too?


  1. Loved the interviews. Very entertaining. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Khali Whatley says

    I watched them last night – so great! And you look gorgeous, you can even see your dermatitis.

  3. Favourite part? Hands down the reality tv special… how could Monty NOT like The City?!

  4. Ha my 24 year old daughter had the words from the hills theme song tattooed on her ribs when she was 18.

  5. Love the chatting and hearing about how and why you started blogging.

  6. That was a lovely way to start my morning! And how good is that Natasha Bedingfield song?! A feel good tune every single time.

  7. Hey Beth! Lovely to see your spunky self having a couch chat πŸ™‚ You are real and lovely, and it’s always great to see you on FB live or hearing you on your poddy, even though I enjoy reading your blog words too of course! Keep being you Beth just as you are πŸ™‚
    Luv Liz XO

  8. you are very good at that hun!
    love m:)X

  9. Lovely real girlie chats. Although there was one bit about kindy Mums & how you gain more friends…yeah! But one of the girls on the couch mentioned she didnt have any more room for new friends..well excuse me!

  10. Love Show and Tell and you On the show and tell couch is just the best thing ever!!! And you looked gorgeous Beth!

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