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I’m writing this post somewhere in the sky from Brisbane to Mount Isa off on quite the adventure to the middle of this very big country. I’m travelling with two good mates Styling You and Mrs Woog as well as Amanda from Cooker And a Looker to head to the Barkly Women’s Day which is held every 6 months by another fab blogger Miss Chardy. We are heading to Barkly Homestead which is, well, I’m not sure exactly, but somewhere in the middle of the NT, but it brings together women from the outback for a bit of fun. Once we land we will be hopping in a car for a 5 hour drive and I do believe a severe lack of 3G service. I will be sure to report back with a picture of Nikki on top of the hire care Nissan X Trail with a Camilla kaftan flowing. Watch this space.


I also wanted to share with you guys some details of a workshop that I am hosting with a couple of very good mates in December. Mrs Munro will be creating some woven Christmas delights, my beautiful friend Zoe will be showing you how to make some fabulous home made Christmas candles and I will be doing a little tablescaping and canapé action. There WILL be laughter, and Prosecco and treats to eat PLUS lots of goodies to come home with so be sure to book in now.

Speaking of Mrs Munro, she hosted a fab lunch at her new farm this week trotting out a homemade pastry and quiche that was seriously good. And dessert? Well she just had a simple bowl of fruits with some natural yoghurt but on top? I tried to watch what she was doing…I think a little butter and pistachios fried up before adding some honey that was drizzled over the top. Next level! Will be 100% stealing that for desserts over the summer.


Speaking of which (summer), I asked on Instagram last week how to wear boyfriend jeans and I got lots of helpful suggestions from you guys. And you know what? I’ve finally got it! Low and hanging. Well at least I think I do. And dead set, these jeans are comfort plus. They are from Bohemian Traders. I’m not entirely sure I will be wearing anything else this summer.

img_8804 img_8978

A special thanks for all the bids on that gorgeous rug from Winton House, raising money for Julia from Five Fairies and a Fella who is very unwell. We managed to raise a cool $1175 for her family which I am so pleased for. Plus! Sarah the winner has one seriously hot rug in her possession now. Thanks to Sarah at Winton House for generously donating it for me.


Rose season is here! How good is that?! I have managed to pick a few new blooms from mine before the rain same the other day and look at these beauties that I saw at a local café during the week. It really is the BEST time of the year!


So I hope you all have a great weekend. I know that this one for me is pretty out of the prdinary and wonderful. I can’t wait to meet some fabulous women, see some of our amazing country and get a better understanding of just how big this place is and how much of an effort it takes to live out here. So until I have 3G or WIFI reception again, it’s over and out from me.

Have a great weekend friends!


  1. I’ve seen you post about Bohemian Traders so often and I’m considering those jeans (low and hanging looks awesome BTW). Do they give readers a discount code? Maybe I missed it in an earlier post ….


  2. Beth your Christmas workshop sounds like bliss in a satay stick except it’s in de.. Booooooo please please do one in vic – we Mexicans would be super keen and j would buy my ticket in an instant!! Have a fab wifi and 3G free trip!

  3. hope you guys have a fabulous time!
    now that is the outback!
    at least you can bring out your summer wear!
    much love m:)X

  4. Thank god you had phone reception at the Bark Hut… as if I would take you anywhere without phone reception for that long… just the 5 hour road trip. So glad you made the trip up. xx

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