Here, have some daisies


Oh man, I’ve woken with a heavy heart this morning. And I know I’m not the only one. I sat transfixed to the TV yesterday, getting more and more anxious and woozy as the US election results rolled in. I listened to my kids and their questions, I sat and watched Maggie fall asleep last night in her cot and wondered what all this means for her, for us, for the future.

I don’t have any answers to my questions, concerns and worries. It’s the unknown right? I do know that I can keep sweeping my verandah (something I always do when stressed). I can teach and guide my own children to always have hope and equality for them as females. I can continue to show them kindness and love and safety and to choose to have an open heart and mind, even when you don’t understand the way some people act or believe in something completely different to them. I will show them that being a bully isn’t a good thing, that choosing fear as a way to get attention is never a good thing. I can remind them that we are lucky to live where we do, that we are all privileged to experience democracy, whatever the outcome.

And I can keep picking flowers and putting them in vases, because although meaningless, they make my heart happy, and remind me of the simple things in life that truly matter and how now more than ever we have to focus on these good things, not get swept up in the madness and confusion and work hard to be better people ourselves. It has to trickle on somehow.

So here’s some daisies for you. In case you might need them x

I also found that gin worked last night too.
How are you feeling today?
As a woman/Mum/human?


  1. Think ‘Yes Minister’ meets ‘West Wing’ … Not sure what that means?… just ask Peter Garrett.. there’s a reason that lawyers train for years to become politicians… and successful businessmen rarely bother… Donald, be careful what you wish for… Everyone else, remain calm… It will be ok.

    • Yep – I don’t think he actually wanted to be President he just wanted to prove to people that he could and that people WOULD vote for him. I think he was actually sitting there thinking “Oh Fuck” with the rest of us. He has NO idea what to ACTUALLY do… but we must #bethelight.

  2. I am also a bit stunned. My children have all expressed shock and concern about what it means for the world and for my 2 adult daughters what it means for them. Is society more sexist than racist because an African American man was elected but not a woman? Or is that a sign of the political cycles that occur not personal about either of the candidates? I think the most interesting questions it raises are about the mood of the US that they elected Trump and the UK voting for Brexit. There are clearly a lot of people who dont feel that the current political powers are working in their interests. Lots of echos of that in Australia too.
    I cant think about it too much or it is distressing and my antidote right now will be getting dry washing off the line. Control the aspects of life which you can! Keep thinking, listening and contributing to the conversation. Cant wait to see what others have to say

  3. I’ve let my 13 year old wag school today as he is so distraught “I’m not going to school as the world sucks and nobody cares about the children and our future”. I’m attempting to study for a uni exam tomorrow – waste of time really. We are lucky to live where we do and yep, flowers show some brightness in the world.

  4. Thanks for the daisies, I really need them at the moment with all the shit going on in my life right now.
    I think I’m in a state of shock at this election result, I just can’t quite believe it’s really happened.

  5. Whitney Sigler says

    Thank you, I was up after 2 am. Then still, sleep was difficult. When stressed I like to cook and bake, roasted chicken and bread. All I can say, Im baffled by the outcome. I my just leaning on my faith and,family. I’m still proud of being an American. Now we need,to unite and be stong. Its going to be a bumpy ride.

  6. I can’t quite believe they let that happen… I felt the same as you, looking at my 7 month old and wondering how this will affect her life. What you said is right though, we have to show our daughters and our sons the respect that women deserve and teach them how to do this. It’s just hard when this sort of thing happens. God help us all…

  7. I’ve decided to retire from the real world. I will listen to my music, read my books, cuddle the cat and tend my flowers. Thanks for the daisies!

  8. God help America and God help the Americans that voted for Trump. My son has just landed an entry level job in Finance and has been put through the wringer to ensure he is not a criminal or of unfit character. Yet a bankrupt who has admitted to cheating the tax system (besides being a vile, sexist, racist narcissist) has been elected President of USA! Go figure! Something is very, very wrong with our world. And we certainly can’t look to our leaders to fix it because they are a huge part of the problem.

  9. My son who lives in NYC told me months ago to not be surprised if Trump won the nomination and then the election as well. For some reason, lots of Americans don’t like Hillary Clinton. After Brexit, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised. Hopefully, none of his harebrained schemes will ever see the light of day. As a woman and mother, I am disturbed that his sexism didn’t seem to matter. Men don’t understand the sexual harassment issue, I don’t think. I look back to the 70s when I started working and the stuff we put up with was unbelievable and would not be tolerated today. I think Trump is still living in that era. God help America.

  10. Well I say, the world is not ending. Don’t believe everything that the media says, it will rot your brain. Instead, go check out Wikileaks’ stunning revelations on Clinton’s illegal use of a private server to send emails as Secretary of State and what those emails are all about, why Hillary was the subject of two FBI criminal investigations, how the Clinton Foundation only spends 2% on charity, and how it accepts millions of dollars from countries that fund ISIS/ISIL. How Bill Clinton has been accused of rape by many women and paid tens of thousands of dollars of settlement money to women who’ve accused him of rape. And how Hillary cheated Bernie Sanders out of the DNC nominations. How the media fed their questions for the debates to Hillary. And ask yourself why the media doesn’t report on all these things. Yet everyone believes everything that the media says. Anyway, some people might say, so what if Hillary is guilty of all these things. Which proves how they’ve lost all ability to have critical and objective thought, they’ve been brainwashed beyond belief, because to believe that a person who’s guilty of treason and war crimes and money laundering and corruption could be seen to be the President of the USA is just plain NUTS. LOL. The End.

  11. Karen March says

    I read something from a woman who lives in the US and it really resonated with me, she said: ‘I feel like I have been slapped in the face and told to get back into the kitchen where I belong’.

  12. As a woman, mum, human and Muslim, the heart is very heavy indeed 🙁

  13. I couldn’t help thinking I was watching House of Cards..but it was real! I too cleaned the whole house, put new sheets on the bed and bought a bug bunch of flowers!

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