9 Good Things

1. 15 month old Maggie.

Occasionally cranky, but mostly the actual sweetest thing I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with. My favourite bit of this good thing? When I chase her down the hallway to her SHREIK’S of joy! The other two just roll their eyes at me and ask for food. Squealing is much more enjoyable.


2. 2 year old Frank

Also occasionally naughty and currently in a regression of puppy like behaviour, but a delight. The laziest dog in the day time pretty much sleeping all day unless Maggie is awake and playing. They are adorable together.


3. My morning walk

I forced Rob to go to the gym this morning and he forced me to go for a walk when he got back. So off I went for 35 mins, 4kms and it looked like this. Wondered why I don’t do it every day?


4. Flowers from my garden

Nothing brings me more joy than picking flowers from the garden. Even though it has entirely nothing to do with me or my skills, I can’t help but feel proud when they are on show!

img_8992 img_9018

5. Full cupboards/fridge/fruitbowl

I went to the fruit shop yesterday and all bowls are now overflowing with a rainbow of colours and fruit. They will all be gone by tomorrow, but right now I feel a smug sense of achievement.


6. New earrings

These bad boys arrived in the mail on Friday and I am in love. I mentioned them in a post last week (not sponsored but in a community service kind of way). After a day of wearing them I can report that they are the comfiest earrings I’ve ever worn (dangly ones that is).


7. Good quality hair products

Also in the non sponsored but community service kind of way are these new hair products I bought when I last visited my hairdresser. I struggle to keep my platinum hair white, but these are very good if you have dyed blonde hair. And they are Australian made! And recycled packaging! And they work! That volume spray is the business – whack it in when your hair is wet then a spray after blow drying.

img_9008 img_9010

8. New TV series

Speaking of Eleven, we joined the bandwagon last week and watched Stranger Things on Netflix. 80’s goodness right there and well worth a look it lived up to the hype that surrounds it. On the plane a eek or so ago I watched the first two eps of Nashville and I was hooked. Was devo to discover that it’s been taken off Netflix Australia, but ponied up for the series on Apple TV. Riddle me this though: why foes Netflix work without any pausing and Apple TV acts like a douchebag and takes forever to load and watch? Nashville is crappy and wonderful and I know we are going to be very happy together.

img_9021 img_9024

9. Spring

No need to say anymore really, what a delight it is to see all around – not to mention that we can let the fire out in the day and not light it until 6pm at night. Game changer!


Tell me one good thing you have done/got/seen or enjoyed today?


  1. Im on the flip side, I quickly devoured the Nashville series on Netflix (the episodes they did have) and we are now just starting to watch Stranger Things. Must not watch at night though, anything untowards against children gives me terrible dreams.
    And how gorgeous are those earrings! must get me some!

  2. Thank goodness you didn’t want me to think of 9 good things, it is one of those days where I am hard pressed to find one. My one is seeing Maggie’s sweet little face at the top of this post, the first thing to make me smile today.

  3. Love the earring pic – you and Maggie look so much alike!
    Isn`t it wonderful how a new pair of earrings can bring out a childlike sense of joy!!

  4. I have started using the Go-To skincare based on your review I love it and skin is thankful! I already use Eleven hair care for frizzy hair it’s the bomb and if you use as instructed not expensive.

  5. Love your earrings. We are away on holidays at present so everything is awesome at present. I can even handle the tantrums. 🙂

  6. Spring! Spring! Spring! So happy that the cold is mostly over.

    Have just had Stranger Things recommended so we are about to start that. The same person recommended Bloodline and we LOVED that — so that is my recommendation if you haven’t seen it. So much suspense that I sometimes got a sore stomach watching it.


  7. Just stumbled across a Country Road sale today – picked up two pairs of tracksuit pants, a pair of jeans, a winter coat, two puffer jackets, the cutest jumper in next season’s size for my eldest and a hooded towel for my youngest’s birthday in 2 weeks for $180! That is winning. Especially seeing as the majority of it will be worn again by my second and probably my third {if it’s another boy}. WINNING.

  8. I love Nashville!!!!

  9. I’m obsessed with Nashville and completely in love with the Deacon/Rayna storyline. I’m so excited you’ve discovered this. Tell everyone! Let’s chat Nashville 😉

  10. Too hard to pick, today was get things done at home day. Windows shutters finally installed (only 1yr and 1 day after moving in!), an attic ladder installed and new garden bed planted. Still so much today but today I choose to cheer about what is done.

  11. You will love Nashville. Came to Nashville because of Connie Britton. If you haven’t seen Friday Night Lights you are in for another treat. (Second series was rubbish but it was overall fantastic)

  12. all good thanks beth!
    even though, fridge died but we have another one!
    I have two clean fridges! winning!
    also i’m playing mother to a baby magpie that fell out of it’s tree!
    don’t know where that’s going! it was wet through! what was I to do!
    I did leave it outside though … I might bring it in tonight! it’s freezing here!
    love m:)X
    must go and check on baby!xx

  13. Love your lists of lovely things. I need to do this every Monday – some good things to remember from the week before!

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