4 things I’ve learned this week

1. Hosting an event is really fun and really exhausting

lunch IMG_6049 IMG_6047

Wow! What a hoot last weekend was. It was so lovely to see and meet and hug and kiss and have photos with and laugh with and borrow lipstick from and chat to so many lovely people OUTSIDE of my computer, but dear lord, it almost broke me! I have been literally exhausted and flat out from last weekend (as well as being sick with a cold and looking after Mags who is sick too). There will be a full post to follow on the lunch in time to come (when I can process it all and get the proper photos to share).

2. People are very kind and generous and lovely


I’ve met so many wonderful women over the past week and every single one of them EVERY ONE has been lovely and warm and kind and fab. It’s restored my faith in human kind I tell you. A warm story, an email, a present, a card, a chat. Between my lunch and an event I spoke at on Wednesday, I’ve been filled right up with human goodness. And don’t get me started on all the cute little people. Babies born right around the same time as Mags especially – I’ve met some very sweet ones.

3. Some time off line is a good thing

IMG_8361 IMG_8364

I have been so sick of the sight and sound of myself this week (as well as literally being sick) that I have barely been able to look at myself in the mirror. It’s been really nice to just be at home, not giving one shit about getting anything done. It’s very rare for me to be like this, but it’s been nice too. Just being, rather than doing and showing and talking. Man, I really need to do that more.

4. Old and real friends are the best friends


I went to a funeral last Friday of one of my oldest mates from Primary & High School’s Mum. What a sad event it was, but how beautiful to watch my friend and her siblings pay tribute to their gorgeous Mum who they loved and adored. They spoke proudly and warmly and honoured her life in the most amazing way. I saw so many old faces, and even though it was under such sad circumstances to see them, it was so good to see them, hug them, talk to them. It’s so important to connect with old friends, people that really know you, love you for you, and don’t expect/need anything from you other than just being YOU. I don’t do it enough and I’ve vowed to make more of an effort to do it more often.

So that’s it from me. Time to hit that couch again and try and get over this sickness and exhaustion once and for all.

What do you have planned for the weekend? I hope whatever it is you do, it’s a good one x


  1. natalie arditto-duncan says

    Hi Beth,

    So sorry to hear you are unwell. Just hit that couch whenever you can and stay warm.

    I’m really glad your lunch was a success (I knew it would be!). A little bit of human goodness is so good for the soul isn’t it !? I hope to get a ticket for the next one (hint, hint).

    Take care.

    Natalie xx

  2. Make sure you try & rest this weekend. Stay warm & cosy & hopefully you will be feeling better soon. My big lesson for the week was ….. never give up. My cousin from England posted on facebook this morning, his wife gave birth to their baby boy yesterday. He told me months ago she was pregnant but then in was never mentioned again so I was hesitant to ask in case I stuck my foot in it if there had been a problem. This was their first baby, they had been trying for 11 years. When I saw the photo of him holding his newborn son I cried

  3. Sometimes it takes us by surprise that we women who do it all and want to be everything to everyone actually get sick because we too are human. Glad you are resting up and looking out for you. Your post IS a timely reminder of what is important in life. Being loved. Being remembered. Being us. Xxx

  4. I like reading that you’ve been taking it easy, shows you’re normal. You always seem like such a busy bee, getting shit done, so I’m happy to hear you are creating because you need to. Take care Beth & get well soon xx

  5. Fran Drew says

    Oh Beth, not surprised you had to take to your couch after such a mammoth weekend. My 3 girls & I had such a fabulous time at your luncheon, we are still in hysterics over Wendy Hamer’s speech & just loved meeting your fellow bloggers, Nikki & Mts Woog & putting a face to Mrs Munro). Had a lovely chat to your mum & sister ( who it turns out worked with my daughter Lara @ DJ’s- small world ). Take care, I’m sure you’ll be on the rebound soon
    Love Fran ( the blonde Kadashians)

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