What you reading/watching/listening to?

I’m always looking for inspiration of things to watch/read and listen to so I thought I’d share with you guys what WE are doing in the hope that you will share some good stuff too and we can all have a mid winter burst of inspiration. While the sun is shining out there today and the weather is unseasonably warm, I always find this time of year a little same same and mundane. So here’s a round up of what the Mac’s are up to!


I have completely lost my reading mojo and actually spend my time reading things like this in my spare time (why do all the bills come and once and why did our central heating have to pack it in?!)


I did actually start a book in a recent black out and took it on holidays with us but there it sat, on the bedside table, only be brought back home and moved to another bedside table to be neglected. I’ll get there one day. Rob is still reading a book from last holidays too but the girls have new ones from Byron. Daisy (9 and a half) loves Tin Tin and Harper (6) who is a very good reader for her age is loving this new pick. Mags is rolling a traditional Play School number from a few years ago that never gets old.

Beth, 38


Rob, 40


Daisy, 9


Harper, 6


Maggie, 1


Listening to

The recent road trip to Byron saw a whole lot of time in the car which meant that I got to listen to new some new stuff that Rob recommended to me. If I had my way, we would have listened to Dire Straits radio on Apple Music the whole way because 1987 is so comforting, but I did listen to both these albums which were both excellent. I particularly love Christine & The Queens and if you can look her up performing you should, lady can dance!

maxresdefault christinequeens


I am completely behind the times here but we just discovered Chefs Table on Netflix. Have you seen it? Oh it is just SO good. The most magnificent shooting of food and stories of chefs and some of the best restaurants in the world…I am LOVING it.


And we are still trying to catch up on Orange is the New Black (still haven’t finished last season) but are slowly getting there.


So that’s full reporting from us, but now I want to hear from you! What’s something good you are…

Listening to?


  1. Surfacing from baby land with added virus factor thrown into the mix:

    Reading: Coles free magazine, BabyMac

    Watching: YouTube baking channels including My Cupcake Additiction and CupcakeJemma. Omg. Also downloaded the TED app and watching lots of talks which make you feel incredibly smart at 2am.

  2. I’m currently reading Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica. I just love books like this (similar to Gone Girl & Girl On The Train)

    I’m a bit behind but I just watched the entire 5 seasons of Six Feet Under and am now onto Scandal.

    Music, well I don’t usually get a chance to choose what I listen to anymore. One of my four sons always takes over in that department and it’s not always good might I add lol

  3. Just finished Peaky Blinders on Netflix and The Girlfriend Experience on Stan. Both were fabbo. Peaky has a lot of hard core violence, but my god, the leading man makes up for it. He is mesmerising.
    TGE is for adults eyes only (useless fact – the star is Elvis’ grand daughter).

    • Oh, and have just downloaded A Little LIfe by Hanya Yanagihara (tome), and The Other Side of the World by Stephanie Bishop.

  4. Ha, I too am reading the Coles free mag! And also some business blogs, trying to get my mojo back on that one.

    Still have this week of school hols here in SA.

    Saw BFG yesterday with the kids, gorgeous movie, thoroughly recommend it.

    Watched Offspring on catch up TV as I missed it last week, and apart from that I’ll be trying to survive this week!

  5. Binging on all the British Crime drama we can find: Luther, The Fall, Broadchurch, Grantchester, Marcella etc etc. Also recently watched the three part adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None. Excellent!
    Can’t wait for Poldark season 2- we love a good period drama in this house.
    Reading: Back Roads of Great Britain (about to move to the UK!).

    Collectively this sounds like the recommendations of my nearly-sixty Mother. But, I’m actually 27 and an incurable homebody who would much prefer to be in bed eating ice cream at 7pm every single Friday night!

  6. Crazy Rich Asians is next on my list. Currently reading ‘Britt-Marie was here’ by Frederick Backman for my book club. Half-way through and enjoying it. It’s an easy read.

    Currently listening to the Indie Mixtape playlist on Spotify to get through the work day. Loving Broods new album Conscious as well. I’ll check out Christine and the Queens.

    Currently watching … Finished the girlfriend experience. Loved it. Nearly finished the Affiar season 2. Haven’t got into Offspring but want to. I need something new to get into. I miss GoT. Hoping to be inspired by fellow readers of your blog.

  7. I’ve just finished The Mystery of Mersey Close by Marian Keys. It’s only taken me since xmas – a but meh for Marian, I usually love her books. Mostly read about my fav bloggers. You. Mrs Woog and Kirsten & Co. Listening to hip hop compilation I’ve made (I’m 46 but hay) up loud in the car. Watching Downtown Abby and Outlander.

  8. I last finished Is This My Beautuful Life …Jessica Rowes very honest and raw story.
    Watching Offspring and also slowly moving through Orange Is The New Black.
    Listening to podcasts..No Filter with Mia Frredman, The Nitty Gritty Committee with Meshel Laurie and Richard Fidlers Conversations. Am waiting for more Over The Back Fence with Baby Mac and Neighbour ?

  9. Katie Macleod says

    Beth, have you seen Outlander?? (hot Scottish man in a kilt)!

    Rob may also have a giggle……..

    • My sister gave me the first series when I was pregnant with Mags and I STILL haven’t gotten around to watching it. Will do!!

  10. I just finished the Neapolitan novels by elena ferrante which were excellent! (There are 4 books!)
    Watching season 2 of broad church
    And listening to aurora!

  11. This is fun! Lots of great suggestions so far, I’ve noted a few shows and books down, so thanks all.

    As for me:
    Reading: I’ve recently finished All the Light we Cnnot See by Anthony Doer and it was brilliant. Such gorgeous writing. Now reading My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante which came highly recommended. It’s great.

    Watching: can I put in a massive plug for Orphan Black? You can watch it on Netflix or SBS catch up and it’s AMAZING. Not my usual cup of tea as its kind of sci-fi/thriller but the acting and plot is next level. I am also half way through season 2 of Outlander. I’ve read all the books and am pleased with how it’s has transferred to TV.

    Listening: the Hamilton soundtrack. I haven’t seen the show – because I don’t live in New York not have all the monies, but my internet was piqued by the James Cordon carpool karaoke before the Tony Awards with all the Broadway peeps. I’m now obsessed. My 4 year old knows the words too!!

  12. Thanks for this Beth – looking foward to all that fresh inspiration!

    Reading: Just finished Richard Glover’s Flesh Wounds (brilliant) and about to start an oldie that was recommended by a mate, the Poisonwood Bible.

    Watching: The Kettering Incident on Foxtel … filmed in Tasmania and so so creepy but compelling.

    Listening to: The Lumineers’ new album .. think it’s called Cleopatra.

  13. Have just finished reading Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe and half way through The Beggar’s Opera by John Gay. Both texts are for uni however I am thoroughly enjoying. It’s like reading Mills and Boon written in 17th and 18th century prose.

    I have rediscovered classical music so I have put all of my cds onto my ipod. I find it much easier to read (and take in) with Vivaldi or Handel in the background as there are no words and therefore nothing to sing along to.

    I love food/ cooking shows however my Husband doesn’t. He has been away a lot with work so I have been enjoying a couple of shows on Food Network.

  14. Reading: like a maniac! This last week I’ve finished The Paper House, Chocolate Cake for Breakfast & started The Silent Inheritance.

    Listening: to many podcasts. The Slow Home, Short & Curly, MamaMia Out Loud, Spilled Milk, Jay & Silent Bob Get Old, Sweet Teen Club

    Watching: KUWTK OF COURSE ( & how’s about the Kim & Taylor smack down happening across Snapchat & Twitter ?) & a few weeks ago I finally started on Heart of Dixie- I bloody love it!

  15. Reading: Other people’s awesome blogs (yours included) because writing my own content today would mean spending time in my head and it’s just not worth the anguish – maybe next week!

    Listening: To so many things on Spotify. I love Throwback Thursday playlists they put up weekly (and lip synch badly to them on Snapchat).

    Watching: NOTHING AS GOOD AS OITNB because I’m all caught up and I feel like I’m in a sad phase where I haven’t found anything as good since. In saying that, my ‘light’ filler entertainment is Gilmore Girls. I didn’t like them the first time around, but now I cannot get enough.

  16. Reading: Not That Kind of Girl – Lena Dunham (easy reading)
    Music: The Church
    TV: OITNB, Grace and Frankie, Suits

  17. Angela Davutovic says

    I love these types of lists. Just when winter has me locked indoors and I need some more inspiration, you provide! I have just finished Elena Ferrante’s My Brilliant Friend, the first of 4 books (which is always good as finding my next book is mindless) and I read The Natural Way of Things, which was seriously a page-turner and very haunting. I haven’t watched anything much since Mad Men and House of Cards, so I was happy to find a juicy dark twisted reality called UnReal on SBS (and I think on Stan) – a drama set around the making of a “Bachelor” type show – pretty messed up! Listening is a whole ‘nother story, with teenagers in the house it just doesn’t happen for me, but taking serious notes from this blog. Thank you all for sharing

  18. Reading: For escapism, about people who buy houses in the French countryside and renovate them. There are heaps on amazon, just finished some called, “Our house is not in Paris” etc, about an Australian couple with loads of money, no kids, and they fly to France for the summer and renovate their cottage in a village. Obviously, I am living vicariously…
    Listening: Passenger, Prince, Mark Knofler and by default through my daughter, Taylor Wift (she can’t say Swift) and Gabrielle Kaplin and Lisa (really good female artists)
    Watching: Season 5 The Walking Dead (it is so good!) and OK OK, The Bachelorette! (don’t judge me and I wont judge you ;-))

  19. Reading: Primary School Confidential by Mrs Woog (having a good giggle)
    Watching: Outlander !!!! Bloody love it – its so good
    Listening: The Binge Podcast (TV podcast from Mamamia)

  20. Currently reading: The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriatey

    Watching: The Affair (on Stan, which BTW I’m rating far higher than Netflix).

    Listening to: The new Avalanches album, which I’m not sure if I like or not yet.

  21. Reading – (taking me forever as well!) Jane Caro’s Plain Speaking Jane. Watching – finally downloaded season 1 of Offspring (so slow on the uptake)! Listening – Idea of North’s Ballads (beautiful, beautiful acapella!).

    • mrshanksy says

      I just finished Jane Caro’s Plain Speaking and went straight to Amanda Kellers – both are great but think I should have had something else in between – a bit of an escapism book, instead of back to back autobiographies!

  22. Beth, you have to catch up on OITNB! The latest season is fantastic, such an emotional roller coaster.
    Reading – all the light you can not see
    Watching – Mr Robot. Don’t judge it by its name, it’s really good. Highly recommend!

  23. Michelle says

    I’ve recently started a book blog, so if you are ever after any recommendations, you’re more than welcome to check out my blog here: http://inthegoodbooksblog.blogspot.com.au/
    I am currently hosting my first giveaway, so feel free to enter! 🙂

  24. New season OITB definitely, hello diversity and lots of skewed stuff t laugh at and now I have heaps more stuff to look watch with all the cool suggestions.

    Oooh I like the feedback re Ferrante books but stumbled upon a copy of Of a boy by Sonia Hartnett and love it, gone ol school and reading Women’s Weekly, Country Style and Marie Claire (have been on school hols and went berserk at newsagent, ol habits die hard)
    Listening to silence, too much noise sometimes or Cat Stevens

  25. Love these posts and reading other readers’s comments, I get so many good ideas, thanks everyone!

    Reading: ‘A Secret Kept’ by Tatiana de Rosnay (my bookclub book) and also reading ‘Pearl in a Cage’ by Joy Dettman.

    Watching: Offspring, Winners and Losers, Barracuda, ABC on Monday nights.

    Listening: Vance Joy and whatever is playing on my iPod, but definitely keen to hear more of CATQ after googling her. Wow!

  26. We LOVE Peaky Blinders on Netflix.

    I haven’t watched the Chef’s Table yet but have heard amazing things.

    Books wise – about to get stuck into the new Harry Potter!

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