One thing: A WORX giveaway!

This giveaway is now closed and the winners have been chosen. Congrats to Jo, Tess, Shannen & Merilyn!


I tell you something for nothing, my #onething list seems to have gone to shit as I have on my hands one very busy baby who has me running around after her. Gone are the days of a sitting baby, content to play with a toy while I got the washing hung up or folded, it’s a Christmas miracle if I can get anything done when she is awake, and when she is asleep I am running around like the road runner getting everyday chores done, attempting a little work so my new #onething has been, you know, life.

For those of you not playing along, #onething is where I do just ONE THING from my to-do list, but not your every day to-do list. Oh no, this is the list of non essential items that sort of kind of need to get done but it’s no biggie if they don’t get done until next week, or next month, or um, next year. Those things. Just one. Every week.

I can tell you the list if growing by the day…but it will pass. In about 4 years.

But! I do have something a little exciting that I know will help us ALL with our ever-growing #onething lists. A giveaway! The good people at WORX sent me the sweetest little cordless drill (can a cordless drill even be sweet?) a Slide Driver…the first fully loaded automatic screwdriver that you can automatically change between bits.

As Kimmy would say…KUTE!


Easy to use with one hand and a little light too!


You will totally be able to do all those #onething jobs you have all by your self-es!


And lucky for you guys I have 4(!) of these bad boys to giveaway! Worth $79.95 each! All you need to do is tell me what #onething job you will be able to get done with your new WORX slide driver. Easy AS. Entires are open until Thursday 7th July 2016 9pm AEST. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here. And you can check out the rest of the WORX range on their website and on Facebook.

So tell me…(for a chance to win)

What would you get done from your list with this screwdriver?

And otherwise, what was your one thing this week?
Anyone else paralysed by normal life to get anything else done?
Go choose something, right now, just have a look around and there will be something waiting…


  1. Fix my kitchen cupboard door that keeps coming off the hinge!

  2. I have had two prints to hang in my daughter’s room for about a year now. They are sitting on her book shelves, staring at me daily and each time I think, I will do that this weekend. Or not.

  3. I have been putting so much on hold lately. My one things are also out the door. I’m blaming busyness at work combined with not much day light. Also we are beginning an extension and reno next month, so I have kind of not bothered cos I’m going to have to pack up the whole house soon. Speaking of packing, that screwdriver would be super useful to help pull apart furniture for storing while we move out. There’s a bunk bed, a couple of Ikea wardrobes, bookshelves, and several other things as well… then once the reno has finished, I need to put them all back together again!

  4. I have some very cute upcycled (diy) kitchen cupboard handles-come-wall hooks that really need hanging. This would be the perfect tool for the job!

  5. Oh I’d put the shelf up for the DVD player and remotes to live on. Stop the toddler hiding the remotes.
    Best hiding spot to date… in a never worn boot in the back of the wardrobe.

  6. savannah says

    Omg! I so need this! I have purchased 4 crappy $20 drills over the years. Thinking they’d do my little jobs. But no, they have all been duds and i have ended up doing all of my jobs with a Philips head screwdriver. So nothing is done properly. I’d love to win this so i can go and tighten all my handy work!!

  7. I love this drill already! I’ve got 6 ceramic hanging planters that need hooks installed & I’m planing some Spring pallet projects so this drill would be perfect!

  8. Making new curtains for our house and swapping over the rusty curtain rods. So rusty even the curtains are stained orange at the top and not in a fashionable way.

  9. Carly jay says

    Finish my family picture wall. That is currently missing two of my children age 2 and 1 and has on,y a baby picture of my nephew who is now 13 ?

  10. Sallyann Silver says

    I’ve been banned from using the “good” drill due to not charging it afterwards. I have been waiting about three years for the man of the house to put up some prints above our bed. I would also hang some prints for my girls now they have just moved into their own rooms. More than anything, I just want hubby to be jealous that me and my drill can do these things and he may just become obsolete in the handyman department!!!

  11. We have just moved house (again!) and I would get happy hanging all our art up. This is the last thing to be done and we can’t seem to get to it! We do have the excuse of a newborn baby #3 who keeps demanding delicious snuggles and cuddles.

  12. michelle says

    Ok I kid you not but 13 yrs ago my husband sent me off to Bunnings to buy him a cordless drill and the man at Bunnings talked me into a electric cord drill and I still hear about it to this day that I should have got a cordless drill!! Needless to say the drill doesn’t make an appearance as often as it should and we have a tonne of jobs to be done . First would be to put up the frames I have sitting against walls everywhere.

  13. Man, I NEED this baby – I love it! I have soooo many jobs to do with it. My #onething list has a different name around here, it’s called “Man Jobs,” but really be called “Lady Jobs” because like all farmers’ wives, we are forced to be resourceful because we never see our husbands. I am going to… install our rain gauge, hang a bazillion things on the nekked walls of our new house (including a plate collection, you would be proud!), tighten up all of the loose door handles, install some hangers for garden tools in the garage, and make a trellis for my grape vines to grow up the wall of our house. In all the spare time that my 1 yr old and 3 yr old afford me… 😉

  14. I have a list :)))) The very first thing i’d do is a little practice as I’ve never actually used a drill!? Too many eager helpers on hand who insist they’ll do it…… just one thing list is long at the moment and they never finish a job, you can’t boss them into it when they’re being nice enough to offer. So post practice would be a kitchen cupboard thats hanging on a slight angle and annoys the life out of me the 50 million times I open it everyday. Then I’ve a major door handle project, every internal door in the house as horrible brass handles we inherited with the house, I’ve literally wanted to change them for years!
    Also an upcoming trip to Ikea is planned (planned as the only Ikea in the country is in Dublin!) to buy storage for the boys…..which is bound to require some drill action.
    So basically the drill would be well used, and very loved!! (and I can say things like – oh yes yes I fixed that last week:))))

  15. Drill an extra hole in the bottom of the swing: so the rain water can drain out, and I don’t get the sudden urge to pee every time I push the girls and hear the swishing-swooshing! ?

  16. Domenica says

    I saved my pennies for a long time and got myself a Dyson which needs to be drilled in so it can charge without falling! I also have 6 prints to hang!

  17. The dining room chair- you know the one with the wobbly leg?!Yep that, I’d totally sort that!

  18. Oh man simply having this baby will enable me to get so much done! I’d start by fixing all the doors which hang slightly crooked. I’ve wanted to get that off my one thing list for ages. The best part though is as soon as my husband sees me ready to do all these handy one things around the house, he totally won’t be able to resist helping me, because he’d think he can do it better, so he’d do a bunch of one things of his own. Oh it’s genius!

  19. Was inspired by your #maintenancemonday on the last public holiday – I purchased a blanket box, it’s only just holding together but am in need of a cordless drill to pull it all together! And put up a few things on the wall that I’ve been meaning to hang for the last 4 years or so……

  20. I would hang the picture I got for my first Mother’s Day on my bedroom wall. Above the table it’s been sitting on for the last 4 years!

  21. Anne Jordan says

    So many things … but the first #onething I would do (presuming this puppy can drill into brick) is hang the two steel hose holders so that the two hoses aren’t just lying around on the garage floor …. then I’d move on to the kitchen where two cupboards have wonky hinges and don’t lose properly. Then I think a bracket to hold a curtain rod so that I could put up curtains in the living room (instead of the circa 1970’s brown hued blind) …. man I don’t think I’d stop …. 🙂

  22. Kathryn Leake says

    I currently have 2 framed prints leaning up against the wall in my daughters room, 1 beautiful print in my sons room = same and 1 massive print for my living room… Also on the floor waiting to be hung. By my husband. For about 6 months now. #onething

  23. Hi Beth. We have just purchased a new house with a little porch out the front. The house needs a bit of love but in the short term I would like to fix a few window boxes and plant some happy little pansies to brighten up the facade. That would be the first of many tasks for a new drill! Thanks for all of you home and garden inspiration. Tess.

  24. Put new handles on the wardrobe and draws in my daughters bedroom as they have gradually all fallen off. I ripped of my nail this week trying to pry the underwear draw open during the morning rush.

  25. I’d love my very own drill. Hubby doesn’t trust me and won’t let me use his. I’d use it to take off all our kitchen cupboard doors so I can repaint them. Previous house owners renovated the kitchen, but chose PINK cupboards. What the what??!! Thought I could live with it. Turns out I can’t 🙁

  26. I’m going to use the Worx to screw lots of stuff, no idea what, but I’ll find something. #girlpower #mumswithpowertoolsrock

  27. Hi Beth, I would use the Worx drill to hang a beautiful framed print of a Picasso that I bought for my 40th which my husband was going to hang for me..someday. Well, I’ve just turned 50 and its still resting against a wall unable to be seen by anybody.
    (I’m not allowed to touch ‘his’ stuff so I’m slowly building up my own ‘stuff’.)

  28. Michelle V says

    Our dust buster blew up about 5 or 6 years ago (possibly even longer), and I’ve been meaning to get a new one since! So if I won this wonderful drill, I’d be able to drill the dust buster on to the laundry wall. The kids all hate when I ask them to pick up the rubbish I’ve swept, but I’m sure they’d be more eager to use the dust buster! Win-win!!

  29. Cheryl Otten says

    I would put up a new curtain rod. The old one was ripping out of the wall and so presently we have no curtain in place and my handyman son went and got married 2 weeks ago, so I am the handyman again….sigh

  30. now that you mention it! … lots of one jobs around here being ticked off beautifully! thanks beth!
    just 3 weeks till we go to q for 6 weeks!!! yay!
    so it was on top of the fridge where baskets of onions pumpkins and dead stuff was lurking! done and dusted and ajaxed! … and inside of fridge!!!;))
    i’m good on the tools and would love a chance to win one hun!
    I once re purposed my daughter’s wrap around bedroom furniture with a jigsaw!
    much to my ex’s whatever!!! … all worked out well!
    thanks so much! love m:)X

  31. Yvonne Duke says

    If would be able to build my new tables that have been sitting in the box for ages !!!

  32. Mrs Macca7 says

    Finally be able to change batteries in the kids toys that need a screwdriver to open.
    Kids will be so happy!

  33. We bought the most beautiful black and white photo at a charity auction a few years ago. It is currently propped up against the wall next to our bed. My one thing would be to get that gorgeous picture up and on display!! It drives me crazy seeing it sitting there and would love it to be my #onething!!!

  34. Debbie Screen says

    I could finally secure the skirting boards to the walls. I cut them to size months (eh – approaching years) ago. They look great but fall over if you accidently kick them I haven’t got around to actually drilling and screwing them into place – admittedly using hubbies big, heavy power drill is a bit daunting. The WORX slide driver would be perfect, light enough and small enough for me to manoeuvre and with a handy little light I could both access and see what I am doing along the bottom of the skirting. And as an added bonus when my daughter’s birthday comes around in October I am planning on giving her a cute Ikea day bed – think of all the screws that could be done up saving my time (and wrist). The list goes on – all those photos in frames I have on shelves or in cupboards with blank walls as I haven’t mounted them yet. Yay – let me get to WORX with it!

  35. Oh Beth! So many jobs here that are just not getting done with a 2 year old in tow and bigger kids (similar to you). I feel like I’m always asking hubby to help with things but he never gets to it. Recently I picked up some cute old windows that I want to fix up, paint and then hang on the wall as a decorative piece. Maybe when the toddler goes off to Uni it might get done ?
    Enjoy the holidays!

  36. We’re buying our first house!! Have to do lots of renovating ourselves, so this drill wold get used a lot! Im so exited to finally have our own home!

  37. Oh my list is also growing by the day, because baby Charlie is now crawling more, and sleeping less (a lot less-argh). I need to put the cute shelves I bought up in my older kid’s bedroom, I need to fix my droopy cupboard door, do my tax (don’t think a drill will help with that unfortunately) and change the batteries in the baby’s bouncer before we all go insane by the low level hum it’s producing because it’s run out of power……

  38. Probably hang the beautiful candle wall sconce that I’ve been waiting about 2yrs fkr hubby to hang for me. On my list this week is finally dealing with the mountain of clutter in my rumpus room…. I’ve called for reinforcement, my sister is coming to help.

    Oh and we might tackle the wonky curtain rod in there too!

  39. Kylie R. says

    We’ve just had MAJOR work done to our new house no thanks to the builder that didn’t construct it properly in the first place (grrr!). Had to pull down all the paintings on our walls before we moved out to make sure that they didn’t get damaged/dirty, and the lovely painter thought he did us a favour by pulling out ALL the hooks and puttying up the holes before giving the walls a fresh coat of paint. Um, thanks for that mate, but you didn’t need to do that! Anyway, so rather than waiting on my husband to put the paintings back up – which could take YEARS – I could do it myself with the help of this handy little tool. With the amount of work that was done it is almost like being in a new house, and I’m very keen to put our artwork back up ASAP so that it starts feeling like home again.

  40. The list is long. But priority numero uno would be another step in the cubby renos! I’d hang the little coat rack and shelves I bought – I an rumble blocking better homesing, not quite great designsing, that place up for my littlies … Be a huge help! ❤️

  41. Love this little baby!! I am currently using my high heels as a hammer so anything that can actually do the job it’s meant to do would be ACE!! This little baby would probably be used on an almost weekly basis to unscrew/screw all those little toys that need new batteries. Also to tighten things in the house that manage to always come loose (door handles, heads etc!)

    AND I could be independent and not have to wait for 10 years before Hubs decides to get off his butt to help me!!

    Thanks 🙂

  42. Jacqui Kidman says

    Oh dear, you are right once I looked around I realised I have a few things that need fixing!
    I bought cool funky hexagon shadow boxes for my 4 year olds room, likely 12 months ago!! and they are just sitting on top of each other. Every time he shuts the door they move and fall!!! So I really need to drill them to the wall.
    The kitchen cupboard door keeps coming loose so that needs a bit of love. Plus I need to hang the rain coat hooks by the back door, I’m in Melbourne so they are used regularly.
    Plus I’ve been creating a family photo walk for like 4 years. The photos seem too old now but this is #onething that I NEED to tick of that growing list!!

  43. My #onething would be to tighten all the screws on my Ikea furniture! Its been on the to-do list since the first chair swqueaked about 2 weeks after we put it together.

  44. Every time I sit down at the kitchen table, I am reminded that the chair legs need tightening….wobble, wobble, wobble! I reckon I could actually use this handy little gadget, which means I fix them myself, without having to nag hubby.

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