The one constant: change

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Early next year I will be entering my 10th year of parenting. That feels like something, I’m not quite sure what, other than the added wrinkles, years of sleep deprivation and endless stretch marks that I now have. What a ride it has been, still so much to learn every single day, all these years on.

The arrival of Maggie last year has put me right back to where it all began (but with a whole lot less stress, guilt and worry) and while the bubble of a sweet, cuddly newborn and baby has well and truly burst, I now have on my hands a feisty and fiery 1 year old who is more determined than both her sisters put together at this age (which actually terrifies me). Oh yes, this, I remember all this.


One thing I do know about this gig is that nothing stays the same for long. One problem that you may have, like the baby that suddenly forgets how to sleep when they knew how to do it perfectly well for 11 months, but now just completely forgets. Or the 6 year old who decides that she actually doesn’t want to do an activity that she previously adored to do, because you know, the wind is blowing in a certain direction that doesn’t take her fancy. A 9 year old who thinks that she knows what’s best, about everything, and will tell you as such at every given opportunity. These problems get identified, lamented and worried over, worked on and maybe even solved, and then as quickly as you think PHEW, another one takes its place.


Parenting for me at the moment is a like a team sport where I am playing about 10 different positions against the opposition who are all throwing different things at me, sometimes at the same time. I’ve got a 3 kids, all at different ages, all with very different needs, all NEEDING something from me and I have to try my best to remain calm, patient, understanding and giving. Just the other day I had Daisy point out to me (she’s very good at this) that I am nicer to Maggie than I am to her and her sister. While I might get it right for 2.3 seconds a day, some days that’s it. Add to that tiredness, guilt over someone always missing out on something and very little left over for me…man it’s HARD.

But with a good sense of humour, a decent G&T at night and some occasional time to myself (you know, doing the weekly shopping) I am trying to get a balance between the 3, working together to try and make everyone happy. Harps loves praise and attention, so if she helps out with her baby sister and gets undivided attention from her, and then thanks and acknowledgement from Rob or I, she’s happy. Maggie is happy. Daisy is great with the baby and loves to perform little shows and concerts, so she gets to help me out each night with nightly performances and long standing plays that occur between the bath toys. I’m happy cause the baby is being occupied AND cleaned, and Daisy is happy with her audience for one.

We’re getting there.

One thing that has started with Mags recently though, is the keeping up with the bigs. Whatever it is they are doing, LET ME AT IT I CAN DO IT BY MY SELF-ES. Oh it’s going to be a long road ahead! Lucky for me I have a new trick up my sleeve. A SmarTrike bike that she can be in now and until she is 3.


SmarTrike is the best selling and most awarded trike in the world and much more fun than a stroller when your sisters are scooting beside you. Brrrr! Baby red nose STOP IT MAGGIE YOU ARE KILLING ME.


In case you were wondering whether or not to have a baby may I suggest to you beanies with pom pom ears exist…


Because with scootering bigs it’s not OK just to be a pram now thankyouverymuchMumDER. This bad boy is some serious wheels for the littlest lady that can be changed and adjusted as she grows and changes. One less thing for me to think about.


The Explorer 5-in-1 is a clever model that transforms in 5 different ways growing with your kid from 10 -36 months. It’s comfy for the little ones (even at their littlest) with a padded seat (can also be washed), canopy to cover from the sun and a toy phone & cup holder (but of course!) with easy steering and a seriously good storage bag on the back.


And I am STOKED to have one of these to giveaway to you guys! Worth $249 you could win one of these great little inventions to help you in one small way on this parenting caper we are all on.

Just let me know one way that YOU change things up with your parenting. How can you turn a situation around or come at a problem with a different angle? Competition is open to Australian Residents only, open from Tuesday 5th July 2016 until 9pm Tuesday 12th July 2016. You can read the rest of the T&C’s here.

You can read more about SmarTrikes on their website here or follow along on Facebook here. They are available for $249 from Big W, ToysRUs, Target and online.


Leave a comment below (telling me one way that YOU change things up with your parenting. How can you turn a situation around or come at a problem with a different angle?) for a chance to win of these great trikes for your little one!


  1. Gorgeous little Pom Pom ears! My 4 year old had one of those beanies when he was tiny- they’re a mandatory baby item!!
    Between my two (and hopefully a third if it happens again) I am trying to stop when in the midst of meltdowns and yelling – mainly my 2.5 year old, who has a sassy little temper (read downright feral some days!) – and call them over for a hug and a quiet talk. It’s hard to do when one or other, or both, have pushed EVERY button you possibly have and then some, but it’s a MASSIVE game changer in this house.

  2. I don’t have any idea about parenting anymore beth!
    but mags on this trike is too cute for words hun!
    getting there! wherever there is!
    much love m:)X

  3. As much as I would like to lock myself in the bathroom and hide until situations of attitudes with 9.5, 8 and 5 ( mand one in the oven hence the desire for said trike) change…it’s not that easy….

    I try to stay calm. Easier said than done. We have the 90 min 9 year old melt downs with plans cancelled and devices confiscated too. It’s tough. It’s juggling all the balls and staying on top of your game.

    To be honest when all turns to shit, these little people need hugs. 99% of the time Miss 9 pushes buttons purely for attention, hug her, read to her, pretend she is the only one in the room and it really does change things up. All 3 of my girls are at their best and succeeding in life and happy to do their own merry thing when they think they are the apple of my eye.

    Yesterday’s breakdown ended in Miss 9 helping Miss 5 with her brand new birthday Lego for hours on end and I could not have been prouder. And, I told her. Because that is what she needed.

    Love your work Beth x

  4. I have a 1 year old, a few weeks younger then your Maggie. He is my first, so we’re still figuring our this parenting gig (Do you ever?).

    I watch in amazement at the changes happening. Every week is my new favourite age as he does something new.

    Change is very my theme of 2016. We moved back to Australia from London in February, because FAMILY! We both got transfers with work to Sydney, which was to be our base with a vague plan of getting to Melbourne by Primary School as they is where our extended family are.

    The day I started work in Sydney – whilst the husband was still in the UK awaiting his visa – hubby’s work offered him his dream job in Melbourne. How’s that for a problem?

    We went for it without thinking it though. He now works in Melbourne, and for now, Bubba & I stay in Sydney. We rotate weekends. One in Sydney, another in Melbourne. The baby stays with me.

    Being my myself throughout the week with the baby, it’s hard work but nothing on single mums (How do they do it!?!). I’ve surprised myself and adapted well into full time work. I thought I’d resent going back to work and leaving the baby, but we found a awesome daycare near work and Ethan just loves it. Daycare I think my my equivalent of your two big girls for Maggie – he just adores the bigger kids and the amazing educators.

    I’ve been eyeing out the SmarTrike myself for us. As we currently live between two cities and I’m a little over dragging the pram around (Airports are much easier solo with just a baby carrier) so I am considering it as my solution for weekends in Melbourne.

    Meanwhile – back to problems in parenting. My theory is just to jump in. There’s a solution to everything. Pre baby I used to worry about everything. Now there’s not so much time for this, we just have to get shit done.

    My next problem – getting to Melbourne on a permentant this side of Christmas. Chatting to my boss today. Wish me luck!

  5. Micaela C says

    I have been a mother for a total of 18 days, so changing up my parenting has so far consisted of changing from the left boob to the right boob and trying different burping techniques. Oh there’s so much fun and games ahead!
    Maggie looks super cute on the SmarTrike!

  6. Louise H says

    A smartrike would be rad! I have a similar dilemma as you, the three year old rides without training wheels so flies. The 13 month old tries to keep up, but tires quickly. The pram doesn’t cut it either. He can ride like a wild thing, has no interest in walking so can’t yet. I’d like to think one would help so I can get back into running (I may be delusional though).

    As for mixing it up I’m actually quite consistent with our routine. The kids thrive on it and so do I. Nap times are at roughly the same time daily etc. The big thing for us is mixing up our daily activities, with the aim of us all keeping our sanity and wearing the little darlings out. I’m always looking for activities to do that cost next to nothing as I’m home with them four days per week and daycare days are only half days. We go to libraries, museums, country shows, find new parks, new places to go riding, find creeks to play in and generally try to get out as much as possible. We have our favourite places as well.

  7. My sister gave me this advice and it works every time with my 16 month old:

    When all else fails, put them in water

  8. mrshanksy says

    My friend is preggers with her 4th….. BOY!!! Cannot even imagine what keeping up with the BIGS that will entail, cos they are all very BOY!!! This would be great for her…. I’m in the “teaching the 16yr old to drive” stage and I know I just have to suck it up and get her out there more but manual and very northern beaches narrow streets with cars parked on each side makes it HARD. So we are coming to visit my sister in Bowral in the holidays, to break the back of it and get her going good and proper, on all those nice WIDE country roads that still have intersections and roundabouts but not much traffic! Hopefully my shoulders will unclench by then!

    • Speaking as a local, keep your poor learner driver far, far away from the Main Streets of Bowral – Bowral drivers are the worst!! ?

  9. It’s true, every “stage” ends. That’s my advice to new parents… This hard moment, difficult obstacle will end and in turn sometimes be a lull followed by another.

    My miss 8 (2nd child of 4) seems to be over flowing at the moment with emotion, everything’s un fair.. No one listens, there’s grunting, crying, arguing, and door slamming.

    When she starts there is no negotiating, or talking she’s just to upset and no sense can be made. Calming down is the first thing we had to tackle so we started “chill out” she’ll go to her room were I’ve set up drawing, there is some paper with blank faces were she can draw how she is feeling. It’s made clear I will not come into her room till the crying/screaming has stopped.
    I then ask her if I can come “chill out” with her. I’m honest and tell her I’m quite angry too or quite sad too because …. Blah blah and we talk then we look at her faces she’s drawn. It totally works. She has a better idea of how she’s feeing and why. If I feel I did something wrong I apologise and in return she apologises for her behaviour. It’s working! Next will be working on the ole. you get what you get, And you don’t get upset!!! Lol

  10. OH MY GOODNESS – that beenie! Maggie, you are too cute!

    I guess the way that I change up my parenting style is that I keep adding children into the mix. My first was born in 2013, my second in 2014 and my third is due Oct 2016. I think that this bike option would be tops for me when I have my eldest wanting to ride his bike and my second not quiet at that stage…and baby number three will be safe and secure by my chest as we let the older two burn off some steam.

  11. Oh Beth, I just needed this post…and the comments. Once again (often happens when I’m reading your blog and comments!) I’m in tears. Just reminding me that THIS is parenting, with all its challenges and rewards…and nightly need for G&T’s! I have 22mo and 3.5yo boys, and I’m fond of routine and order, and not great with change!! However, I’ve learned that this doesn’t work with small people who LOVE to grow and change…and in most cases the best solution is to get out. Outside is best, but if that’s not possible (Winter. Melbs. It’s been raining for 2 days straight!) just out anywhere. Playground. We LOVE the museum. Playcentre. Shopping Centre. My 3.5yo was thrilled the other night because instead of putting him to bed at normal time, when he wasn’t tired, I took him to the car wash with me. Such a fun outing for a small boy.

  12. Annaliese Taylor says

    It’s hard. I have a 5 year old that’s finally figured out how to sleep through the night but my 14 month old still insists he’s a newborn and wakes up over 10 times a night (yes, I said 10).
    Now, I’m not a morning person, unless I’m woken up on my own accord (ha..ha) so you can gather my mindset in the morning.
    I find it extremely hard to shake the negative “funk” of a mood which develops with little to no sleep.. And I admit, it’s easy to dwell on your own problems and sit out the couch all day but it’s a little difficult when you need to actually be a functioning adult/parent for the day.

    I’ve found a generous cup of coffee with a double shot of course, acts as a placebo to help me think that I’ve actually got my s*** together followed by some fresh air.
    I choose to walk my daughter to school because it forces me to get dressed for the day and actually look somewhat presentable rather than slack off in my PJ’s or trackies but with the added bonus of getting the endorphins pumping.

    I used to walk frequently before I was pregnant with my son and i found that it really does clear your head. It also helps that your little one is strapped to the pram and within constant reach so your mind is safe to wander.
    When I walk I feel as if I’m claiming back a little piece of me that gets lost day to day. I’m doing something for myself, which is key. So, whatever it may be at whatever time of day, you need to find something that makes you feel good and do it for yourself. You spend your entire day doing everything for everyone around you, so why not?

  13. Jess Dickson says

    I have a one year old and I feel you on the change from cuddly baby to the I CAN DO IT BY MY SELF-ES attitude! Seems like I blinked and that happened so a smartrike would be the best thing ever for an independent little boy. As a first time mum I’m new to this game of being frustrated and challenged by a little person but one thing I do when this happens is smile. Even if that smile is through gritted teeth, with the thought of a wine later on, I do it. It can defuse a situation and calm myself down for my next move.

  14. I’ve learned not to join the fight. I’ve stopped shouting and losing my sh*t with them. For the sake of an extra 5 seconds (minutes, half a hour whatever) I let them say their piece on one condition. They have their sh*t together. There will be no crying whilst talking. They are allowed to cry but we don’t talk until the crying is over. Kids can’t process knowledge and tears at the same time. When they are finished with crying we talk. 9 times out of 10 they come around to my way of thinking and occasionally I’m surprised and learn something from them. It’s a process, we try, sometimes we fail and then I’m told to finish my crying first ?

  15. First I throw caffeine at the situation. Then possibly a mint slice or if I’m feeling fancy.. An iced vovo.

    If all else fails, music. Throw on our bounciest, loudest & boppiest music. As the Taylor swift says.. Shake it off.

  16. I’m sure when my daughter was around 2, she thought her name was Self. She always used to say ‘self do it’

  17. Oh how I need one (actually 2 of these) in my life! With twin 2yo girls one thing I’ve learned in my short time as a parent is that for us it’s all about going with the flow. What works for us this week won’t work tomorrow. If we’re having a hell of a time with teething it’ll be over next week. Nothing is constant. What seems hard today will seem silly tomorrow. So we try our hardest to just adapt the best we can. For example if a meltdown is occurring in the aisles of Woollies we go home order Thai crack a wine (for the adults) and worry about it tomorrow. Works for us anyway!

  18. Bev Wowk says

    Beth, I really enjoy your blogs, so down to earth, open which no doubt helps so many out there know that they are okay, that what they are doing or experiencing is normal.
    I am now a grandmother to 4 beautiful grandchildren and oh how much more at ease I feel with these peeps. Every mother deserves to become a grandmother ( I know this doesn’t happen for everyone) it is just the best reward for the time, patience and effort that you gave to your own children.
    I love my daughters, their partners but the gift of the grandchildren is magic. We are fortunate that we are allowed to have them stay with us, spoil them sensibly that is.
    PS. I had 2 babies in 12 months and third baby 4 years later.

  19. Michelle says

    We changed from time out to time in and I try to employ this option as often as possible. I am a believer that kids prefer any attention, even if it’s negative because something is lacking for them. My son (3.5) and I sit with a Calm Down Bottle (water bottle full of glitter) and talk about what he’s done and how he’s feeling. We try to name the emotion, even give it a colour and location in his body. It doesn’t always work but it sure beats screaming and tears from everyone. My little girl is just like Mags and I know she would get so much out of a SmarTrike.

  20. Carly harrison says

    Great comp Beth!
    My only real was of turning those bad situations around with my 10 month old is to think that it won’t last for ever, and that the years are so short that they are little, they are adults for much longer ( writing this as mr 10 month old is sticking his fingers in the DVD player ?)

  21. I thought I had this parenting thing down pat(ha, no such thing!) when my daughter was around 1, then she turned into a toddler! We honestly never expected to have a child that would lie on the ground every time she doesn’t get her way. It’s hard at times, but I just remember that the storm will pass eventually and there will be my little smiling ray of sunshine again. I just remind myself when she’s having a meltdown in the doctors office or the supermarket that she’s learning how to life as much as I’m learning how to mother! (Or the 8 teeth coming through at the moment…!) And seriously, as cheesy as it sounds, Carpe diem, we’ll never get to experience this day again. And she will fall asleep eventually;)

  22. I’m a mum to 4 boys aged 7 to 12 and one 21 month old girl. Keeping up with the bigs is a ‘big’ issue in our house!! My daughter does not want to walk. She does not want to sit in her pram. She does not want to be carried. She wants to run with the big boys. She wants to climb the same steps, cross the same roads, go down the same slides. One of her first words was ‘careful’ because I am forever telling her to be careful!! This trike would make her feel like a ‘big’ while being ‘careful’ like a small!!

  23. Mia castrission says

    Ahhh I have loved watching your Maggie journey as I have a charlotte very similar age!
    With a three year old and now one year old when I feel the s$(t hitting the fan moment coming I put the wiggles on really loud and we all dance and sing! That is how I mix things up at our place! It has saved me many times especially when I am solo parenting for days on end!

    I would LOVE the trike for my little one to mix things up even more! 😉
    Thanks for your posts!

  24. Kari hughes says

    We have 4, (10, 6, 3 and 9mths) and I think my standards have slipped with each one! Before I always matched socks, etc, now I consider it an educational exercise for them to find their own matching socks from the constant pile on the couch! It’s also great for the older ones to help the little ones, my 10 year old is teaching the 6 year old to tie her laces and somehow the 6 year old has taught the 3 year to write his name!!
    Motto: if everyone is happy, then ignore the mess! Enjoy the moment 🙂

  25. I have a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old and the only way I know how to get through an eruption of sensors (mainly hearing) is to get outside! Luckily I live in Brisbane so outside is super simple to do and our backyard now has all the things I was so anti about cluttering it with, to keep the kids amused.

  26. I’ve recently tried to change one thing. When I feel like I’m about to yell and they’re standing there waiting, I make a really funny face and sound and say (in a fun way)… Juliette. .. you’re driving me crazy! Cracks them up every time. Works for my 3 and 5 yo, helps me calm down too.

    As for the smart trike, I’d love one for my 3rd child as I gave my last one away. I need whatever I can get to stay mobile with 3 kids at home.

  27. For me (1st timer to a glorious 10month old) it’s not so much about change, although change is a complete understatement in terms of parenting, but it’s about acceptance. I have had to learn to accept all the situations, scenarios and shit storms that have come with the baby.
    I accept that I have put on a thousand kilos and now have to wear jeggings. I accept that despite the three state of the art expensive bassinets, co sleepers and cots I have bought baby would rather and only does sleep firmly next to me in bed. I accept that breast feeding was not the natural, easy, idyllic experience my mother fantasies thought it would be and I also accept formula is also a gift from God! I accept that my sex life has become stolen moments on the couch reminiscent of teenage make out sessions. And I accept that I am deeply and irrevocably changed as a result of parenthood. And I accept that I much prefer the new, less polished and certainly less self assured, person I have become. I accept that from now on I will be serving the tiny human I created as I’m pretty sure he’s got it all figured out. I accept that I follow his lead as he is the boss!

  28. Three boys, 5, 2 and 9 months.
    Go outside and throw things. Rocks, balls, sticks. Anything. Kids love it and great for mums head space.

  29. I have a 3 year old and 1 year old and dinner/bath/bed time is hectic (as everyone knows) especially after long days at work and day care…so when sh#t gets hectic: we dance! My husband and I, like big goofs, in our tiny kitchen dance around and bump into each other and be silly! And the boys laugh and laugh…and while it might gee them up a bit at the wrong time of day, it breaks all tension and crankiness and let’s us move on with smiles on our faces.

  30. I would love to win this for my new baby. I try to change it up by turning fractious situations with my four year old into jokes or little games. 2/10 times, it works x

  31. Oh, I’ve learnt to put MYSELF in time out! My daughter can be a bit dramatic when something isn’t going right (aren’t they all?) and I found that my efforts to help sort her out more often than not ended with us both frustrated, me with steam coming out my ears and her in tears. Not helping, Mum! But I have learnt that when she starts to get frustrated with something, I offer an opinion, a possible solution then WALK. A. WAY. when I feel my temper start to rise. It’s not her fault she is feeling frustrated, we all get that, but as a parent it was quite revealing to realise and/or admit to myself that it was actually MY involvement that was escalating all the feels. So Mum? Off to the (naughty) chair with you! G&T if I must….. 😀

  32. Oooh Smarttrike looks like a good idea for next years prep drop off 100 metres down the street which I will confess now will possible be driven at some point…. Oh the shame of the 100 metre drive… Anyway, I digress. I have no idea how to deal with a 5 year old and a 10 month old. I ask myself every day. How did my mother survive this with 3!!! No strategy other than JMITB ( just make it to bed time)

  33. How cool is that Trike!!!! And all that storage space, unreal! Go Maggie.

  34. Jody Ward says

    I have a 10mth old baby boy and I think his main frustration at times is our small baby friendly play area in our small home so he can get tired of that…we do live on some acres so at those times I like to set him up a little obstacle course outside with cardboard boxes, some toys, his sandpit and cushions and he totally exhausts himself with SO MUCH FUN!

  35. Michelle Patterson says

    Maggie you are delicious ?

    So, how I theoretically change it up, or how I actually change it up?
    On a daily basis I strive to be calm, to meet my (5, 3, 11 months) wild swings and determined personality with a calm and safe place to express themselves.
    But, as I know you would all understand, some days they push and push and push until I feel like sitting down on the floor right there with them and joining their wailing chorus.
    In those times, the best medicine for us is an immediate change of scene. Whether it’s outside into the sunshine, inside for some quiet book time under a doona together or the loudest music and silly dance moves we have.

  36. Lately I’m trying to practice more of what I preach (like stopping in the middle of screeching “talk nicely to your sister!”) and turning a telling off into a silly joke or competition (like “come on, I bet I can dress the baby faster than you can put your shoes on!”) It doesn’t work all the time because nothing does, but sometimes it turns the edge on my mood, which gives all of us a fresh edge.

  37. I have a threenager at home who loves to count. Won’t get dressed? Let’s see if we can do it before I count to ten. In tears? Let’s learn some new counting numbers. Works like a dream at the moment. I’m hoping my days of counting calm aren’t numbered!

  38. Oh your Maggie is so darn cute onboard her Smartrike!
    I read something about a year ago that resonated with me and totally shifted my attitude when I’m having a hard day. Instead of saying “have to” do something, say “get to”. “I have to make dinner” becomes “I get to make dinner”. “I have to bath the kids again” becomes “I get to bath the kids again”. Isn’t that just the BEST?! That’s taking the ordinary, mundane, difficult, relentless parts of parenting and turning them around to be so much more optimistic. I don’t always remember to utter these simple 2 words to myself of course, but when I do it’s a total game changer. I hope this helps any other readers who scroll through the comments, as much as it’s helped me!
    I have a 4 year old, 2 year old and 2 month old by the way – my hands (and my heart!) are certainly full!

    • Congrats Angela! I LOVE THAT! So simple but so good…I just passed that onto the girls and they agreed that it makes everything seem happier. Congrats! Can you shoot me your contact details ([email protected]) and I will arrange to have it sent to you. Enjoy x

      • Oh wow Beth! Thank you so much!! I am so stoked to be the winner!! So glad the 2 little words resonated with you too. Will email you my details. Thanks again!!

  39. I’d love to win a smart trike for my *almost* 1 year old nephews, although if I did win we’d need to buy another…because you know fights haha! My advice? A good walk around the block in the fresh air fixes everything! And gosh did I pound the pavement when my babes were little…?

  40. Ermahgerd! I want this! My latest trick was to swap chores with my husband. He used to wrestle bath time whilst I tackled the dreaded lunch boxes – with both of us feeling we’d gotten the rough end of the pineapple. So we swapped. Now I get giggly splashy fun whilst he gets some quiet time, pottering in the kitchen making animal shaped sandwiches and everyone’s so much more chilled. Who knew?!

  41. Love the pom poms.
    My Maggie (nearly 2) changes all too often like every otger child i guess! Just when i have her figured out, Bam she’s figured me out and moved onto another tactic. I have 2 tricks up my sleeve. “Stop and be in the moment” good, bad or inbetween, its quite often my attention that she needs. Might be for 2 seconds or maybe for 40 minutes scribbling on the chalkboard. I give her my time if its possible..if its not i give her a cloth and ger her to wipe down the kitchen bench with me. She loves it.
    No. 2 trick “sing The Wiggles” works.every.time Hands in the air, rockabye your bear. Sssss sssss sssss. ??. ..too far?

  42. Bridget Wolinski says

    I have a little Maggie myself, just turned 9 months old. There is no situation in our house that can’t be turned around by Mummy’s rendition of Frank Sinatra’s ‘Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You’. It goes something like this –
    I need you Maggie and if it’s quite alright, I need you Maggie to warm the lonely nights, I love you Maggie trust in me when I say, Oh pretty Maggie don’t let me down I pray, Oh pretty Maggie now that i found you stay, And let me love you love you Maggie, let me love you.

    Now think jazz hands, a wacky Charleston step, the odd grapevine. Gets a smile every time no matter what the crisis.
    My husband tells me it’s not for outside the house – but I beg to differ.

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