Windy woes

Friends, you know the expression “don’t cry over spilt milk”? Well, can you cry over tipped pots? And the weather? And pre-mature old age because these kind of things matter to me now?


You see, this week has really brought out the old lady in me. It was a couple of days ago when I was getting dressed to take the kids up to school when I looked at myself in the mirror. The hair might have been looking messy, some may even say edgy as it’s starting to get dark roots and it hadn’t been washed in about a week so it had lots of volume. So, yes, the hair was OK. But then I found myself putting on a spencer, tucking it into my jeans and then zipping them up, OVER my guts. I looked at myself. Well the lower half of myself and I saw this MUM, this old lady MUM staring back at me. One with a MUM tummy, a MUM jeans. And a MUM spencer. Man, I need to start exercising again, this won’t do.

And then! Well THIS.

I’ve taken to talking to myself, outside, about the wind. BECAUSE IT WON’T STOP. WHY IS IT SO WINDY ALL THE TIME SOMEONE MAKE IT STOP.

I’m becoming quite obsessed with it, given that I am a general weather tragic. Some people have their social media apps that they flick between. For me? It’s these ones.

Oh! What a surprise! It’s windy today?! Huh.

IMG_7435 IMG_7436

I spend probably way too much time checking what the OTC is. Outside temp check for those not in the know. Everyone in my family is the same, we all have weather stations, will constantly text each other re: the weather and don’t get us started on a weather event such as the one we had on the weekend! My biggest disappointment in our last car was that there was no OTC option. I can pretty much tell you at any time what the min and max temps are and I say to Rob waaaaaayyy too much “What’s the weather doing?” And now that my sister is here we can discuss the wind conditions together! In fact, when I asked what I should blog about, she said, the wind! So here it is.

Friends, I’m ageing prematurely here. Between the spencers and high waisted MUM jeans with a gunt that sticks out and the windy conditions, I fear I’m on a slippery slope. I think I need to get out, or away from the wind for a while, because it’s making me crazy. Or something.

Anyone else a weather tragic like me?
Lamenting these unseasonal winds?
Is anyone doing anything interesting in their lives that they could share with me?


  1. Totally get the weather situation checking! I am a bit ocd with weather apps. I feel that hormones are windy too Beth xx

  2. I am a BOM site addict, so no help here!

  3. mrshanksy says

    I get it but the plates on the wall was the start of your slide Darl… just surrender to it! I have grade 2 tear of my hip flexor from doing the limbo. .. don’t even talk to me about old… combined with my shoulder injury from touch footy last October! !! My body is clearly trying to tell me something but my mind is terrible as well, so I obvs keep forgetting!! OLD!!!

  4. Emmasbrain says

    The weather destroyed us on the weekend. The wind is making the clean up harder. Wish it would piss right off. Poor Picton. Xx

  5. I completely get this, I’m a weather tragic too, mostly in summer though where I freguently get very grumpy at the sun, you could imagine how pleased I was that nature decided to forgo Autumn all together this year in favour of more heat.

  6. Thanks for the reminder to get my washed sheets into the WIND!
    See I have a rule with sheets, boys I will wash your sheets whenever I find them in the laundry! (Not often!!) I figure this, their bed, their smell, their responsibility to recognise how minging they are!
    This is fine until they randomly decide on a fuck off busy rainy/windy Thursday to BOTH strip beds for the first time in weeks!
    So today and only today I welcome the wind! Xx

  7. Haha, I am work today, wearing a nice, suitably lawyer-ly long sleeved dress. Which I adjust regularly so you cannot see the neckline of the white woollen spencer I have underneath it. And this is in Perth!

  8. I am also guilty of the weather app on the phone and I only watch the news at night to see what the weather will be doing for the next week. And I am also guilty of MUM jeans but as I am a mother to a 25 and 23 year old I figure I am entitled to wear them.

  9. I love looking at the rain radar on my phone. Yes, the wind makes me crazy. I have to dye my hair every 3 weeks to keep gray roots at acceptable levels. Finally, I managed to give myself a groin strain by reading the Saturday paper while sitting on the floor with my legs crossed. Talk about getting old!

  10. Bahaha – my Mum and I are obsessed with the BOM and the weather apps that can tell you the exact play out of the weather throughout the day. Don’t tell me that it will be a top of 20 degrees if the whole morning is only going to be 14 degrees and then the sun ‘might’ pop out at 3pm for a top of 20!

    And Maggie is only one – you’ve got to remember that it took 9 months for you to grow a baby and your tummy doesn’t bounce back over night. I give myself at least 9 months after I finished eating cake every day because – BREAST FEEDING { and I breast fed my first for 12 months and my second for 17 months}.

  11. Christine says

    Ah yes, the spencer…..don`t even start me on the spencer!
    I feel your pain, Mandy – so much of my time is wasted searching for the perfect spencer.
    A lowish, wide scoop neckline that doesn`t coyly peep above the top of the jumper ( high or polo necks are not a good look for me).
    Long sleeves – I`m cold for heaven`s sake – 3/4 sleeves do not cut it!
    Light warmth? See above.
    Wool or wool blend, preferably Australian.
    Does such a thing exist?

  12. Nic Wesley says

    There’s something about wind that makes you feel unsettled – I reckon it ruffles your personal ions or something (scientific I know). Apparently teachers hate wind because it sends the kids crazy – don’t know if it’s true or not but I once heard that Le Mistral blowing can be used as a defence in a French case because everyone knows it sends people nuts!

  13. Getting out of the car on Sunday, it was pouring with rain & blowing a gale. The wind caught my umbrella & I almost ended up doing a “Mary Poppins” across the carpark ! I feel your pain.

  14. Windy as hec here in Armidale. It drives me sort of crazy — like my brain can’t focus and I get hyper. Do not like it!!!

    UNIQLO heatech underwear. Not wool. Not Australian. But thin, wide-necked and comes in pretty colours so it doesn’t feel so much like ugly underwear.

  15. Gunt. Right. Thank-you. For a moment I thought it was the best typo ever. A quick UD search has informed me otherwise. Definitely a word I need in my vocabulary. Perfect Community Service Announcement.

  16. Moved to Melbourne, turned into a weather-checking machine. It’s tragic. I’m an OLD LADY.

  17. Beth – I don’t know you or your Mum – (follow your Mum on Instagram ) but I have to tell you – you look more like your Mum every day. Mind you that’s a good thing your Mum is super stylish and super talented.

  18. It is always windy here although it has been particularly bad today.

    I HAD to do the shopping today (I would rather hibernate on days like these) and one of the gates that we have to open and close when leaving the property (to stop the cows coming into the house paddock) just wanted to keep closing from the force of the wind. To make matters worse, the wind had bent the hinge so I couldn’t even strap it to the star picket to hold it open. I found myself swearing at the wind (the air was blue) and telling it to give me a break. It fell on deaf ears.

  19. Oh the weather….we’re obsessed with it here in Ireland….we might get a shower today, it’s a big deal as we’ve had about 10 glorious days of sunshine!! An official high of 14 might be forecast, but a definite 22 in a sheltered spot…but the car reads 19! So then it’s what to wear?….what do the kids wear?! The troubled 3 year old who’s not used to seeing his toes in sandals….I could go on & on?

  20. You remind me of Shirley Valantine…talks to the wall and the microwave…but the funniest was at the very end of the post it says……
    ‘Related Posts. No related posts’ can’t tell you why it made be laugh but it just did LOL…maybe it’s a new theme…not related to ANYTHING ?

  21. You said gunt. I love you. Gunt!!!?????????

  22. I’m a weather checker tragic, first thing I do while still lying in bed is to reach for my phone and check Weatherzone, because I like to know what’s going on for the day. Highs, lows, rainfall, WIND (it’s always windy where we live, it seems!) warnings etc. I also love analysing the clouds, having a father in law who is an ex-meteorologist has fuelled my interest in all things weather.

  23. I just don’t get people who don’t check the weather.
    ‘Gee it’s cold today, I don’t have a jacket’
    Yeah (I’m thinking), didn’t you check the weather??
    So glad to know there are others out there who do ??
    Interesting stuff I’m doing….mmmm…let me get back to you.

  24. Weather tragic over here! First thing I look at on my phone in the morning is the weather. I need to see how cold it is outside just to torture myself about getting out of bed. What’s the temp today, what should I wear, what clothes for the kids?! Then if we have rain OMG I’m on the BOM like a maniac! To make matters worse I put my nana vest on today and tucked it in to my knickers!!!!! The wind in Perth was freaking freezing today! I think I need an intervention!!

  25. Cheekiechops says

    I have a friend holidaying in the Greek Isles…it’s sunny and there are the most magnificent blue waters, she is eating seafood and souvlaki and drinking beer and champagne and I am in Melbs with a scarf on and an umbrella attached to my hand…yes, I am obsessed with weather. Wind makes me stir crazy, makes my dog go nuts, he smells the bagels baking and wants to drag me to the cafe…and I abide.
    Hang in there!

  26. ha ha ha ha ha, still laughing at “gunt” ha ha ha ha ha…..

  27. I am OBSESSED with weather app. Obsessed. I fear I missed my calling as a meteorologist…

  28. Windy weather makes me feel a bit crazy too!
    There was an episode of ‘Ripping Yarns’ (by the monty python crew) where this fellows parents ran away from home because all he would talk about was the weather and his obsession with rain gauges.

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