Mothers Day stuff you’d actually want

I wonder when the rest of the world will catch onto the idea that all any Mother wants for Mothers Day is to wake up (well rested) in a 5 star hotel bed to see her children for 7 minutes before they disappear and she can have a bath, room service, a nap, watch a movie and then go to a spa treatment. I mean really, how hard can it be?

But for the rest of us, Sunday will bring a home made pressie from School or Preschool, 3-4 minutes of pleasant children before someone knocks over something or fights with someone and if you are lucky, a pressie or two from your other half who may have been organised.

I’d be sending them this link of good shit that you might actually want. This is all stuff I want, or already have and LOVE and think you would too. Now copy link, open email, add in partners email address, paste and send. Done.

PicMonkey Collage

1. Bohemian Traders Penny Shirt with Contrast Tie (from Styling You Shop) $129

I want to get my paws on one of these…they look fab dressed up or down and I love the monochrome look (basically my whole wardrobe). Add to cart here.

2. Frankie4 Ellie Sneakers in silver $229.95

I wear these shoes in black dead set every day. While the price may look expensive, think of cost per wear and the value you get from a quality shoe designed by a podiatrist that is ACTUALLY good for your foot. Once they are worn in (there will be blisters but fight through them) they are magical, hot slippers. Add to cart here.

3. UberKate Ubercircle extra small ring $99

I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of these (generously gifted) and they are so fine and gorgeous. They fit into the bigger circles or are a perfect way to get started on your collection. Good price too! Add to cart here.

4. Stephanie Alexander Cooks Companion App (full bundle $19.95)

Most kitchens would have this original book on the shelf somewhere but I reckon having it all on your smart phone is pretty handy. Perfect for travellers or when on holidays too. Add to cart on iTunes here.

5. Bottle of Tattinger $59.99

You know why I like Tattinger? It’s one of the few (if not the only) Champagne house still owned and run by the original family. And who doesn’t like champagne. Don’t ask Mum to share this with anyone, it’s hers. All hers. Add to cart here.

6. Leo Blazer from Feather & Noise $79

You just can’t go past a good black blazer. Mine is currently missing in my little sister’s wardrobe…and I am contemplating getting a good Country Road one I have in white dyed (has anyone done this before?). Love the price of this one and the long line. Whack it over a t-shirt and jeans and it’s classic chic! Add to cart here.

7. Oxfam unwrapped Veggie Garden $52

For the person that has everything and doesn’t want anyone – do good and donate something on their behalf. I love these Oxfam cards you can choose from $10 for a chicken to $98 for water for a school. Add to cart here.

8. Bras without wires Marly non padded bra $79.50

My friend Steph has created this amazing range of non-wire bras that are stylish and have awesome support. AND she has a bonus for you guys for Mothers Day. Use the code BABYMAC16 for 10% off until midnight 8th May. Check out the full range here.

9. Liam sneakers from Witchery $129.95

I know I am rabbiting on about these sneakers but they are THAT cute. Or should I say KUTE? Loving myself sick in them. Add to cart here.

So what do YOU actually want for Mothers day?
And what do you reckon you’ll get?
Got anything special planned?

Disclosure: I’m not being paid to spruik these products they are just stuff that I like. I have been gifted the ELLiE shoes from working with FRANKiE4 as well as the UberKate Circle and one of the Bras without wires but they are all excellent and wouldn’t tell you to get them otherwise if they were a bit shit.


  1. I know that you like the Frankie footwear and I don’t have any so can’t comment on their comfort factor, but breaking them in with blisters? No thank you. I highly recommend Skechers, they are the most comfortable sneakers from day 1. I bought a pair in NY and put them on in the shop and took them off 6 weeks later. (pretty much) Nearly every nurse I know and see wears Skechers. Not affiliated with them but they are comfy.

  2. merilyn says

    thankyou beth! … these all look ab/fab!
    the first suggestion for mother’s day is the winner though!;))
    love m:)X

  3. Wow thought that opening paragraph was awful. Moderate me out, or don’t…whatever but that is so rude, selfish and totally un-mum like.perphaps use the day to acknowledge your three healthy girls, to wonder how all this worked take a moment to acknowledge your blessings. Bliss. Not everyone has it so god damn easy. Poor you had some sick kids for a bit….sick? you don’t know what that is. Enjoy your MOTHERS DAY, not your “get them away after a few minutes day”. Show other mums some respect

    • Gaye if you would kindly take the time to read the rest of Beth’s blog you would see that she delights on telling us how amazing her girls are, I think the phrase “Thank God for babies” is what is often a caption on a Facebook or Instagram post.

      We all have our own trials and tribulations… so kindly take your mean words elsewhere – because I know for one, I wouldn’t wish whopping cough on anyone.

      If you don’t like it, don’t read it.

    • Oh Gaye I was just being silly…bit of tongue in cheek and all that. Of course I acknowledge all I have and do daily, have a read of my blog any time and you’ll see that. Motherhood shouldn’t be without humour though I don’t think. And you’re right, whooping cough is nothing compared with real sickness people have, I never claimed to have it harder than others. Enjoy YOUR day 🙂

      • Gee Gaye
        Lighten up a bit. If you can’t have a joke life is just going to be way too hard for you and everyone around you. Sometimes a light moment or joke is what helps you be able to parent. Beth was just making a light moment. She wasn’t saying she didn’t want to be a mother or that she wasn’t fortunate every waking moment to have children.
        Maybe her blog isn’t for you?

    • Kellbell says

      Come on.. I adore my two under three years and soon to be three under three! But seriously…. If I could spend the day at a spa I would bloody love it!
      Doesn’t mean I don’t completely adore them. Geez, lighten up a bit.

  4. Yes please to all of this Beth…I am a bit partial to Tattinger too x

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says

    I know what I’m getting from one child new ugg boot slippers from the guy on the highway in Katoomba that I asked for ,that is my daughter so she is organised! my son not so much I’ll Maybe get a card with $ to buy my beloved Dermalogica barrier repair as I have stupid sensitive skin.
    I hope Rob reads this and you get something you actually want Beth and not an electrical appliance they are not accepted Xx

  6. Argh these Frankie 4 shoes look amazing! Think I need a pair in my life. Goodbye thin soled ballet flats that give me food cramps Every. Single. Time.

  7. You nailed it – that is all we want, I mean how hard could it be? I wonder how I can check myself into a 5 star hotel on Sunday. Instead – I will be travelling to Mt Isa with 3 kids and checking into a cabin for the week. Nearly as glamorous …. Right? I will get to have breakfast with my friends because we have Barkly Women’s Day on Sat and then I guess we can have something yummy for dinner in town. Have a great Mothers Day Beth!!!

  8. There’s a Stephanie app? Oh Beth, you don’t know how happy that makes me! Thank you!!!

  9. Liam sneakers added to cart! And 25% off – bonus!

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