Catching up with an old friend again

I’ve just arrived back in Sydney after a whirlwind trip to Melbourne for BUPA to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of their Blue Room and attend a quick workshop for bloggers and of course an excuse to catch up with some old mates. The timing was not great with so much going on at home at this week, but I had the opportunity for a quick 24 hours away from life as a Mum. From dealing with the kids. And School. And you know, normal life. I’d have been stupid not to take it.

Drove out the door at 7.15am and arrived in Melbourne at 12. Pretty much spent the entire time talking non stop with this one, we hadn’t had a proper catch up in forever. I scrunch my nose up like Maggie.


Oh it’s good to not worry about anyone else but yourself for a change. Will I have a coffee and toasted sambo? Yes. Will I have a salad for lunch? Yes I will!

Arrived at the hotel (Langham, fancy AS) there’s nothing like a grand old hotel is there? Marble and the like? Quiet music piping into the foyer with nice arrangements. That’ll do.


We had some great workshop sessions, caught up with some bloggers I hadn’t seen in a while and then hightailed it to an event in the evening where I may have rolled a few glasses, ahem, of champagne. I face timed the girls from out on the balcony overlooking this!


So windy but SO gorgeous. What a view!


And then? Well the very best bit of a hotel stay of all. Shoes off. Room service ordered. A closer in the room laughing and chatting with mates staying up way later than I should have but unable to sleep because HOTEL! NO KIDS! ADULTING!


I just will never tire of the mini Berenberg tomato sauces that come with room service. Not ever.


Kayte and I hopped into our jammies, snuggled into our twin beds next to each other that were the FLUFFIEST, FRESHEST, COMFIEST and after reading some old posts from when we were in New York again (oh man I loved reading this one again) promptly started snoring without a care in the world until morning. Did that trip actually happen?!

Oh the goodness of it all. Filled up with a little bit of me again.

It’s been almost 2 years since I found out I was pregnant. A whole 2 years of being me of course, but a different version of me. Mostly tireder and fatter and grumpier, and those 24 hours I felt a little bit like catching up with a version of me I haven’t seen much of. She’s sweary. And loud. Inappropriate but mostly funny. She definitely drinks more than she should, but man she was fun to catch up with again.

We checked out of the hotel early, flew back to Sydney (I spent waaaay too much time looking and playing at cure kids at the airport I MISS MY MAGGIE) and have just landed back into town (QT Bondi HELLO!) for another night away for our annual agency conference. I can’t wait to see some more friends, do some learning and hopefully sleep more. One more night of freedom…time to soak it up!

Do you love those Berenberg sauces too?
What’s you irresistible room service order? Club sambo? Chips?


  1. Sounds like a wonderful couple of days.
    Filling myself up with a little bit of me is why I booked tickets to PB again this year. I always leave feeling recharged from a few days of chatting with humans who know their widgets from their plugins – so far removed from farm life!

    Have fun tonight,
    A x

  2. It was ACE meeting your face to face yesterday, Beth. You are every bit as friendly and approachable as you are online. To use a phrase I learnt from the workshop yesterday, you transcend seamlessly from URL to IRL (IN REAL LIFE!!)
    I only had 4 hours away from my three kiddies and I LOVED it. I did feel a touch of envy reading your post about getting into your dressing gowns and ordering room service. How fun. I intend to do that with a girlfriend very soon. How good is room service???!!
    Enjoy being back with Maggie and your others x

    • So lovely meeting you too – great to see some new and old faces and try to learn something too! Can’t wait to give Mags a squeeze tonight x

  3. Filled your SOUL

    YAY!! Much Love xoxoxo

  4. Sounds. Like. Heaven. I had little butterflies in my tummy just imagining the excitement of it all!

  5. good for you hun!
    enjoy the moments of you, that you’ve missed!
    love m:)X

  6. Catching up with friends, letting your hair down and a hotel beds are the BEST therapy. Was fab to see you xx

  7. I felt a bit full up just reading about it! Sounds glorious! And how good is The Langham?! We stayed there once and it was just glorious.Those robes score very highly on the fluff factor! Enjoy Bondi! x

  8. OMG Club sambos and chips!!! Yes! Or nachos. Or whatever, because ROOM SERVICE! Enjoy 🙂

  9. It was so lovely to see your spunky self – so happy you got to have some ‘you’ time – you deserved!

  10. Was all things fabulous to see you both and catch up. And your nose wrinkle is almost as cute as Mag’s. Almost.

  11. Oh man, love seeing it all play out on your social media feeds. Totally jealous of all your ‘adult’ time away from children {although, as soon as you have a little time to yourself, you always miss them}. Can’t wait until we open our new business in Bondi – we shall be in the same building as the QT {where you are staying}.

  12. LOVED your live video last night!

  13. I remember being at PB when I was preggers with Lyddie. I was giddy to be on my own. But then I FaceTimed Charlie to say goodnight and almost started crying because he was so dang cute and he kept saying I love you mommy…I swear kids are cuter and more loving when you are not there. But then I ordered delicious (and massive) nachos from room service and ate them in bed while wearing a robe. And I felt much better.
    Enjoy the freedom!

  14. All those condiments are making me giddy!!! Oh a whole night away to be yourself! How freaking WONDERFUL!!! So glad you got that opportunity 🙂 Did everyone survive you being away?

  15. Fab to finally meet you, Beth. Catch up soon. Allie

  16. Oh Beth, isn’t it just the best – ALL OF IT, EVERYTHING YOU JUST SAID! Yes!!! Nothing beats a get away with a good friend, a fancy hotel, a comfy bed, pj’s, room service, wine….. yes yes yes!!!! What a great trip.

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